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: I like to try and figure out the builds for myself. I usually dont look up how to play for most games. as figuring it out is part of becoming good. Thanks for the advice tho. Morgana cant do that much damage anyways. like most supports they cant kill anything, and their abilities effect dont get affected by ap or ad as much as top laners and mid laners. And I like to have 1 or 2 items with health and movement speed on them on most champions.
actually, morg is the lux type of support, she have great ap scaling, and provide a litle bit of shielding (but cause the shield she is tiear A support), you would be surprised how much full ap morg can do. but even if you dont wanna build ap, you suppose to build cdr and support items (zekes, redemption etc)
Kimmaz (EUW)
: Its impossible to not feed, yet ppl say "report for feeding" and "wow your feeding no wonder we loose" ect.. This game I was the one who died the least amount of times tho. but i am still feeding. I only died one legit time, I would say, as in the end the enemy camped our nexus and killed everyone who left spawn. and I did die once there just minutes before the game ended. one on my team died 11 times tho so i was not the worst player. How do you prevent dying when the enemy camp spawn? everyone seems to die a lot in that scenario. (I left out the other players in case its not allowed to share their names.)
bad build in this game, with the build you have you suppose to play frontilne with ingage, but the thing is that morg is a bad frontliner, cause she have no escape, no build in tankines, nothing that help tank in the kit. so, considering you rarely died, i would huess you didnt engage fights, and didnt stayed in fron, htat mean, you stayed behind, and considering you have no ap at all, all you did was being a cc machine, from back line, with no dmg at all. reconsider this, there is a reason why champions build in certain way, tank morg is really hard to made it work, you may have good kda wit hthis, but i dont think you will get wins. gl
Kimmaz (EUW)
: How to not feed/die and improve in lol
first of all, if that your gameplan, play late game champs (no point in playing the passive game if you play champs that will stop the scale at 2 items) second of all, not dieng, isnt mean that you shouldnt go agro, it mean that you should know WHEN to no go agro, learn to watch out where the enemy jungler is, learn the dmges of you ad your enemy, know when to go back and thirdly, to stop falling behind, you need to learn controling the wave. you never wanna b in a state where the lane is slow pushing to enemy, cause thats mean you will loose exp and gold, also, if you forced to recall before your enemy, you prefer to do that when the upcoming wave is a canon wave, shove the current wave asap. thats the basics, it takes time to learn not to die (and btw, dont hope that much that you will have 0 deaths every game. that imposible, even pros die in pro play right?)
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: Wth is "Hextechnician"
its new system riot trying out. basicly, they take players who are in the game for a long time, in high elo, and have high honour lvl, to help the support system, and answer on some of the questions. as a reward they get RP


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