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i will admit that my negative scores are too damn high xD but he has a lot of fun!! i am also trying different things with him ( plays, build etc) but any pieces of advice for E or R? especially for R cause teammates' hate is on after using my R :p
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: How about *You learn to work as a team. *Stay with or don't stray too far from your team. *Don't play stupidly. *If your team wants to form up at mid, dragon or baron and there is a full 5 enemy there then warn your team that your going for split pushes (best if your Nasus, Twitch, Xin, Wukong, Fiora, Sona, Ziggs they are very good at taking down towers fast) *If your going to invade jungle at any point then go in as a team and becareful for enemy back up, try to deny/delay jungler's farm. *Kite and poke don't just go all in like a twit. *Your whole team should use your free ward and buy pink wards I even buy or upgrade wards even as an ADC. *Have a back up plan if your behind farm either from DC/Drophacks, died to enemy. *Look at your allies icons on the left side of the screen to check if their ults are up, they will have a green spot next to their picture if its ready. *Communicate with your team (if your on chat bans then only speak for battle plans only) *Go tank if your doing bad on top lane or jungle im getting sick of these Lee Songs still going AD when they keep on dying -_- you do know that lee sin tank is still effective. *Read what items do and use their active useage, pay attention to your ability information, passives and damage. Don't just go looking at your moves and go "OOOHHH LOOK DAMAGE!". *If you push to far and if your jungler is next door to you then go for a cheeky duo invade on enemy jungler or mid lane and screw the enemy over denying their farm, I do this all the time on top lane, sometimes mid and always if im Bot lane twitch. TEAMWORK OP and it needs nerfing. oh and there is another thing i need to mention. *STOP GOING FOR KILLS AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE MAP AND LOOK FOR OBJECTIVES TO GET.... THIS ISNT HOWLING ABYSS MAP ITS SUMMONER'S RIFT WHERE YOU CAN SNEAK OFF TO OTHER LOCATIONS FOR TEAM GOLD AND TO SPLIT THE ENEMY! Sorry for caps but I wanted this point to be more noticed.
i TOTALLY agree with you and you are right and i know all that tips you said. i will admit though that i am very salty recently and i am pretty sure i lose because of that....but let me give an example.....how can you deal senjuani with {{item:3800}} ???? opponent team has very strong engage
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: It was true before it was nerfed. Right now there is enough time to react unless the rengar player is good like me and builds trinity youmuu and mobility boots to reduce the time between ! and killing.
thats why i mentioned rengar cause many people know the <!> issue
: Get gud -> ->. Win
i will admit im not a pro player but i have reached gold 2 and i have some experience....but being salty makes me lose cause i cant handle the fact that someone is acting tough without even making plays and picking those champs i had mentioned before
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