: Yes
I hated urf but A.R. is so much better
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: it demands on your point of view If you like wining: This is not the gamemode for you If you like silly things like Ap Jinx or full Ap Maokai, than this is for you :3
God, I regret I wrote this.. I played urf just few times and had bad games... Now I did game and I never had so much fun.. I got to play Garen and basically I was unkillable spinning death... Never stopped spinning and it felt like im bladestorming in world of warcraft as best geared warrior vs low geared newbies.. SO GOOD btw I just drink coca cola not energy drinks they both contain caffeine but I think coke tastes way better, even though energy drinks give you way more energy.
: Perfect Friday
Am I the only one who absolutely hates urf ?
: > [{quoted}](name=klejdi unstopabl,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=b1mLdxJZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-23T13:00:01.518+0000) > > http://imgur.com/a/OBx4K > > I lost LP because of riot as well, multiple times. i am just afraid of that do i get banned because of client freezed etc...
you wont get banned for leaving champ select, you can leave it as many times you want but you will lose LP (first time 3, and every time after you lose 10 lp - also you wont lose your mmr, and if you dodge on 0 lp you go into negative LP). There was guy who went negative 100 lp once.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Which site to check my enemies rank?
op.gg and lolskill.net also you can record your games on op.gg (click on live game-> record while in loading screen, and then you can watch it after)
: Yasuo in a nutshell
yasuo is like shaco, in my team boosted bronze 5, in enemy team ArKdaTa smurf
: its not my fault
http://imgur.com/a/OBx4K I lost LP because of riot as well, multiple times.
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: riot should force you to rename since that 100% falls under inappropriate summoner name.
No it doesn't two things his name doesn't contain "hitler" there is lot of others Adolfs that aren't hitler and aren't guilty.
MadClown (EUNE)
: So every game of you carry, win, lose bla bla your lack of CS by lack I mean it's on a bronze level is because everytime enemy team groups mid? And you didn't answer any of my other question.
just look at players I get to play with 17 deaths in ranked xin zhao even worse amumu 18 deaths, leona 13 etc...
: As you get closer to your actual league it gets harder to carry, no surprise there, I never said you are bad, I said you can't carry ez because you aren't better than you are currently. Get some coaching lessons from LS
it's not that lol it's the people that have 17 or 18 deaths in ranked games.. haven't seen that since bronze 4 or 5
: yeah, you're gold, but your team are not. probs low mr having silvers and bronze still in your game. you sound like the token gold in a bronze/silver game. that aatrox is probs a 1 off, or his mr was terrible.
nop my mmr is 1460 which is exactly gold V I get plats in my or enemy team often, if not current they often have plat borders... http://imgur.com/a/Ktb2L (had 88% win rate until I entered cancer gold division)
MadClown (EUNE)
: So every game someone runs into turret to give enemy first blood? You play every game so perfect?What about that game where Diana shit stomped you, where you actually fed, that was your teams fault again?How about your lack of CS, teams fault again?
game where diana stomped me was the game where amumu went full retard with 18 deaths, lack of cs was beacuse of obvious reason, enemy team grouped open mid and I couldnt farm
: Maybe it's not that gold is worse but that gold is harder to carry because you aren't a better player.
I am not better player ? roflmao I got platinum on my main acc this season I remember I struggled through low gold cus players there are so bad and now on this smurf im fuckin stuck in gold V and dropped kata win rate from 87% to 78% in 2 days. im bad player cus I had 90% win rate with 50 wins 6 loses on kata
MadClown (EUNE)
: Why didn't you carry those other games?
Tell me how can I carry game where kid runs under turret to give my enemy first blood and then keeps playing bad and dying all game like bronze 5... I tell them that I will carry only if they dont feed enemy but they still go aggresive especially bot lane and I cant roam because of that When I was high silver people played Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than here, god I wish I never got promoted to cancer
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Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=klejdi unstopabl,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BLtVLeiO,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-21T21:45:00.459+0000) > > had 85% today but gold v cancer kids dropped it. > > You sound like you have done it already if not with kata then with other champ ? But if you have an 85% win rate how does it matter since youll climb
I know but kids in gold V want to drop my win rate today I had xin zhao top who went 2/18,,, I swear games in bronze were better than here
: > [{quoted}](name=klejdi unstopabl,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=izQlJqpE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-21T21:14:26.046+0000) > > should I link j4senovac i gr4diska st4ra ? This is league board not war board this is a meme not a hate thread. this vid is a parody loop of a serbian singer miro semberac "momcilo" who looks like an idiot in his 90s war military music video.
Rest of song is actually hate-speech against muslims ...
Kippiiq (EUW)
: 82%* With kata*
had 85% today but gold v cancer kids dropped it. You sound like you have done it already if not with kata then with other champ ?
: let me guesss, you deserve challenjour but you cant get there cuz bad teammates :((. get over it kid, shit happens.
85% win rate kid PS. I just want my plat border on this acc I already have it on main acc but seems like gold V is something even plat 5 kata OTP cant go through 1 day like I went throgh silvers in few days ( took me only 5 days from silver 5 to silver 1 )
: Only way to cure Depression
should I link j4senovac i gr4diska st4ra ? This is league board not war board
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: What should you do if u get promotion for Gold 2 then u get such boosted team and u get Gold 5 0 LP?
: Champ select bug lost me 3lp!
but riot should refund LP for this because it's their fault
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: Im having a bit of a problem with the client. Just wanted to know if its only me or not.
Client problems (everything outside of game) still not fixed, happens all the time all day.
: "Smurfing"
Smurfing from lvl 5 to lvl 30 is really frustrating to play against ... but the fact that you play against better enemy constantly might make you better player as well.
Sayainji (EUW)
: is this even allowed in Gold?
gold 4 and 5 is WAY worse than bronze because those players are usually bronze 4-5 skill and they give someone else (friend, brother etc ) to do their promos and they get gold 4-5 and troll your games.
Sayainji (EUW)
: Finally made it!!!
: Did you know Yi also works the same way? And did you know Yi is one of the most one-dimensional champs in the entire game?
Yi doesn't work same way who told you that? First of all, yi is AD champ, therefore you can't make plays with zhonyas. second thing, he is basic attacker. Press right click to win. Katarina actually uses her combos, all yi does is tunnel vision and Q spam on every kill reset. Plus his stupid alpha strike dodges many important spells, while kata has to do her thing without any dodging
: She will not get a ˝rework˝ . First of all. She is only getting a few tweaks like Casiopeia did in the Mage update. If you were to follow all of the Riots posts on the topic you would have known that the only champion getting a decently big rework will be Rengar. Talon, Kata, Le Blanc and all champs with stealth mechanics are getting minor changes and tweaks to make their gamepaly more intuitive and unique. Kata will most likely have her ult and her jumps and combos basically unchanged. She will just get a few things mixed around in her kit to make her a healthier assassin and a healthier champion in general. Dont worry :)
but you see you wrote decently big rework " Rengar. Talon, Kata, Le Blanc" ... Kata and Katarina are same champs
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: Season 5, I was placed into S3. I failed my promos to S2 6 times (!!!). I won a total of 2 promo matches out of 12. Ended up S4 Season 6, went 2/8 in placements and was put into Bronze 4. Have climbed back up to S4. The struggle is real.
ehh m8 I went from b4 to s5 in 2 days playing only kata on this smurf you can check it on op.gg :) So you should try playing kata and carying your team every single game... Watch flyerbek and katlife videos and after 2-3 videos u'll learn how to do it :P
Eveninn (EUW)
: Meanwhile I was looking for this quite a whil enow... couldn't find it. Q_Q
ur so toxic for playing draven
: Don't f*ck up Kata
I think Akali deserves place instead of katarina in the upcoming big 4 assassin rework... It makes ten times more sense. Akali has big problem because of her pre level 6 weakness, pink ward counter, unhealthy gameplay, can build full tank and still stick to enemy adcarry and kill them. How is she even assassin if she can go full tank and be very viable?
: Dont rework zed , please.
Once kata gets reworked im done with this game.
: *cough* don't over do it. :p We both know you play Kata from just few years :p I doubt you play only and sololy only her since her release :D Here, have some eye candy for your efford douh. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/5b93j7db-rito-told-me-to-post-it-so-i-post-it
kata is so beautiful but what I love more about her is this: (smurfin tho) http://i.imgur.com/pS0fKDE.jpg
C9 Top Die (EUNE)
: I think the new fiora is more fun to play, the vitals and W give some more difficulty to the kit!
I get your point but I leveled up in league mostly playing old fiora and fking loved every single moment of it.. I miss old fiora :(
: you know what that means Kata kid mains + Higher skillcap kata = rage, rage, rage and even MORE RAGE :D
Her skillcap is greatly underestimated by league community Go first and you will die instantly... You need to have good positioning and what's most important about her is good timing. You have to wait for enemy to use their cooldowns before doing anything in teamfights.
: She's perfect as she is, no point ot make her into a new champ when we love her atm, why should we get punished because of kids?
^Exactly this. Kata is actually one of reasons why I play league.
Infernape (EUW)
: Katarina is getting reworked, partially because she does nothing in lane apart from spamming Q and hoping that she doesn't get poked. Also because her playstyle is incredibly feast or famine. Either she gets a kill and begins to faceroll for a pentakill or she doesn't get a kill and does nothing all game. She brings literally nothing to a team aside from her resets. The ward jumping is being removed because Riot are planning on making her more mobile and interactive. With the changes they have in mind, she won't need to jump to wards. Not to mention Riot want to increase her skill cap. Every champion Riot have reworked (either as roster updates or as full visual/gameplay reworks), have been reworked for a specific reason.
She isn't just spaming Q in lane you buy boots as start and q+e+w and then run after doing that combo .. but I kinda agree she needs better lane phase it's boring pre lvl 6 when you can hardly roam. But reworking rest of her perfect kit will ruin her.
: Dude, u haven't even seen her new abilities. We should wait for it. I understand that u like katarina so much but maybe after the rework you'll like her more. You never know :D
I don't think so...I can't look forward of a rework of a perfect champion that suits my playstyle. If they fck her up im fking done
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