: Its a waste of time maining Qiyana
the problem with Riot is they have too many champs to balance, and too many of them have unique abilities, that's a nightmare to balance.
: ur p1 negative winrate in eune, meanwhile i have 2 d2 accs in eune and p3 euw. you are nothing to tell me about anything.
yea, yet you farm like Plat 4, i don't play on eune, barely have games on it.
: yes i saw the difference, the difference is eune plays at its own style, so players have higher iq mostly, but in euw people play like apes because they are pro player wannabes, they can just watch some montages of dopa and run down 0-20 with TF.
you aren't even in Diamond, idk what are you talking about, and you have above 7 cs per minute average on only 3 champs.
: "euw is better than eune"
yes it is, the difference shows in Diamond if not earlier.
: > [{quoted}](name=kubsar wannabe,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L9q1vyv7,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-12T02:43:31.151+0000) > > no i just presume that if you die you make some pressure, soo you will have high cs per minute, but there are no signs of that, you don't have big damage either. You wasnt there so how do you no what happened. I no because I was there people were trolling me in them games
Yea but the odds are against you, you are the one who had least pressure/damage in team and fed most in those 3 games, not them.
: Ye, haven't you seen the "early noble highrolling"
nah, i don't play TFT LUL
: Cheater in TFT
"The Magic of RNG"
: > [{quoted}](name=kubsar wannabe,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L9q1vyv7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-12T02:22:07.146+0000) > > on your 3 last games you had less impact than any of teammate and almost negative KDA, hardly would call them trolling xD. Yer ok bud you think that. You wasnt there so u have no idea what happend
no i just presume that if you die you make some pressure, soo you will have high cs per minute, but there are no signs of that, you don't have big damage either.
: 3 games played today and 3 game lost because of trolls
on your 3 last games you had less impact than any of teammate and almost negative KDA, hardly would call them trolling xD.
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: Different language.
many Arabs speak their own language instead of english, soo language should not matter.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: This means that you are in higher division than your MMR belongs. After winning enough of games, your MMR will catch up.
that or he will fall down from losing 5 lp per win and lose ^^
: sander
did you check your connection/ fully reinstall the game ?
KmSneaky (EUW)
: I'd just say that fun is supposed to be on both sides, hence, I don't play Yasuo {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
when I'm playing league i feel like fun is not on any side, especially in ranked ^^.
CJXander (EUNE)
: The way i feel about EUW and EUNE
Yes but, bigger playerbase means more competition and in terms of skill Euw is only behind KR and maybe Garena servers, lately we are getting some wave of Turkish Transfers, but other than those, yes Euw is more toxic, i haven't lost any game because of unstable servers in my whole S6-S9 history on euw, that high ping is mainly bcs of poor quality Network Systems in those said countries.
KmSneaky (EUW)
: Tryndamere/yasuo main, a man of culture, as expected {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
I play Yasuo for fun, and no, I'm not toxic in chat, unlike the people whomst i play with, telling me how simple my champ is or how lucky I'm.
Anoligarh (EUW)
: What champion(s) do you find genuinely fun, enjoyable and exciting?
Gay Daddy (EUNE)
: Riot client? (New Client Leak?)
yes it is updated client that riot is working on.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Uhhh... what? Since when am I telling you how to play X champion? I am suggesting and not obliging anyone to do Y or Z. A suggestion is there to take out of free-will, so no... I am not going to stop suggesting things. I also ask you to take your salty pants somewhere else. Thank you.
Hmm? People always say : you could have done X , bcs champ Y is good at doing Z, if that aint telling how to play Y champ then idk what is, and it's not salt, it's truth.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: One crucial piece of advice for all LoL players
Yea I've got another advice for LoL players: Stop telling OTPs how to play their champs, they probably have more knowledge on champ and know better how to use it, than average LoL Player.
: He's not tanky when he goes full AP. You need to ask the real questions though: Why is there a champ that makes everyone run that can destroy the backlane of your team without there being anything that stops him? And the answer is: He's not used in professional play, therefore he's balanced
well, tell that to those who complain about Tryndamere, he isn't played on Pro Scene either.
: Why took mine Honor Away? hmm
"I said in game Report Ashe + some random guy" what could go wrong, report calling? what could go wrong.
: Message to toxic preplat players
that's kinda common thing, that low elo players (that includes myself) look at other gameplay instead of looking at your own gameplay.
Kattau (EUW)
: You forget riot isnt a small english mobile game. It's morning where most riot developers are :) Aaaand there is shifts for developers lol obviously, this company is HUGE.
umm it's like late afternoon in U.S unless most developers work in China.
athrx (EUNE)
: There's seriously nothing that can be done about smurfers in 10 years of this game?
well, what do you suggest to make people stop smurfing ? Riot doesnt endorse smurfing but it's not against the code either, everyone can create acc in free online MOBA.
Kattau (EUW)
: For a game like this, yes. You have mods and support taking shifts :)
cool, developers can still go to sleep it seems.
Kattau (EUW)
: Riot, where are you? Ghost games are still here
I didnt know Riot Support works 24/7 in any day of week xD
Wouldn't suggest you to post this on League Boards, since most League players are biased against Trynd, bcs if we go by rank then 90% of boards are below Plat, and everyone has access to them, besides you lacking some skills, doesn't make champ bad, especially point 2 and 3.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Sadly that's not the issue here. They have a high mmr, but Flex Q matches you with people of the same flex mmr, even though their highest mmr might be way above.
Yup, they are different MMR systems, Normal MMR, Solo Ranked MMR, Flex ranked MMR (at least the main ones), and matchmaking is matching by either of those 3 (depending on game mode you're playing).
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: I get it Riot, you don't want me in plat.
: well, until we are shown whose players are doing better than us after a game or until we get an official response from riot (completed with data and VERIFIABLE scores) i guess both of us are only speculating
the problem is : to smurf in gold you need to be plat at least, there are already stats out there on op gg with percentage of people being in certain ranks, just because one person got nice score in one game doesnt mean he is smurf xD.
: this board is 100% useless
: meaning smurf accounts are devastating to this system :(
no? Smurfs are like 5-10% of whole player base, would say that low elo people bring down the requirements more than high elo is bringing it up.
: No Sense
What if : I don't steal any camps from my jungler (I usually farm enemy jungle if im ahead) and then I get this jungler who takes my cs, why should be he allowed to take my cs if i didn't take his Camps? Often junglers don't know how to manage wave soo they leave the farm in bad spot for me.
: Just a game in euw plat elo
the difference shows in Diamond 4 and above.
: Petition to make a client update, that will punish people who intentionally trolls in champ select..
Then people would abuse it, on anyone who picks offmeta or just pick their main when they got autofilled, people can't instalock in ranked.
kubolok (EUNE)
: trynda main club?
maybe you should ask on subreddit r/TryndamereMains, league boards will just flame you for playing this champ ^^.
Lozrael (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Milee17,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E6lgEBPR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-14T12:02:23.753+0000) > > its not pathetic but smart actually, no one wants to play against a broken champion or see their teammate go 0 5 on lane cuz he has no idea how to play the champion Is it though? Because that's a lot of dead time you waste just waiting, if you can't handle someone playing a new champion, just ban it then? Questionable argument.
speak of Questionable arguments, your teammate will most likely troll if you will ban his pick ^^.
Lozrael (EUW)
: Increase the penalty for dodging games when a new champion/rework is released
I want to be able to dodge because my teammate thought it was good idea to first time pick an champ in SoloQ.
: Oh really? I'm pretty sure that there was no warning pop up but it's probably my computer because it's old and client is laggy. Well that's sweet, thanks.
in the client you can click the blue/yellow/red "thingy" to check if anything will be happenning to server/game, right next to play button.
: a silly question
uhm there was an warning in top left corner of client that they will be disabling the game for maintenance/update, but yeah you won't get leavebuster bcs the game did not happen.
: Remake system
if he bought items then you will not get remake, and he wasnt dc'ed until 1:24
: he only complains about duoQ, because he doesnt have a duo to play with. There is little argument why duoQ would affect the game overall. In my opinion, trolls and smurfs are far far more impactful to games than enemy duoQs.
smurfs aren't against the rules tho, they are not endorsed either, Trolls, well, depends who you ask, for some people going Teemo Jungle or Tryndamere Mid will be trolling (even tho some people manage to get above 50% wr in their elo), some people will just say that if you're trying to win, you're not trolling, soo as you can see part of "Trolls" is just subjective matter, another portion of "Trolls" are just people who refuse to play or run it down bcs they think it's over, It's hard to detect trolls in Automated matter in which everyone would be happy (if the automated tool will ever exist and it ignored low elo bcs people false report, then those who had real trolls in low elo will be unhappy, if the automated tool will ban based on score and champ played on x lane, those who pick offmeta will be unhappy) Riot has hard time cracking down on Feeders/Inters bcs they don't want to ban people who just perform bad and are reported by their not-so-happy teammates.
Cräfty (EUW)
: SoloQ: My suggestions on how to fix it
>Separate SoloQ from DuoQ First of all one person can't win whole game, especially in higher elos, that's why people duo to increase their chance of winning even more, bring back solo carrying or it will be major problem for people, second Duos are matched with people on enemy that have higher mmr. >Limit autofills per game and balance the autofills in each time I agree on that, I would rather have longer search than get autofilled. >Rework the MMR system from the ground Yup the MMR is system is old, which they "fixed" in 2019 (LP gains are associated with MMR), they should just re-work it completely. >Stop focusing on what's said in game chat and focus more on actual gameplay and its consequences The problem with it is that flaming is straightforward and can be banned automaticaly, feeding/trolling isn't, and many people just report their teammates bcs they had bad matchup/game.
: Being toxic is rewarding.
too small of a sample Eks Dee.
Akívo (EUNE)
: the rules say if you tell people too report or troll u will get banned , isen`t that the rule why is that jungler not banned !? and mind your own busyness and don`t talk from above , your not in my situation too judge I got banned couse 5 polaks reported me "Logic isn't your strong suit is it.." wich is not fair couse its a automatic system
if he didnt flame you and just said report x person, he will most likely not be banned .
: the line between playing offmeta and trolling
I'm glad you're not taking extreme situations /s
Akívo (EUNE)
: the jungler stood bot lane for 3 waves that is not against the rules ? flamed told people too report me and because all 7 of them were polaks aperantly they won I don't see the point of this , they also laugh from the start when I was 0 1 "HAHA ENJOY the permna , all whit new accouts prob alts couse mains are banned . so I don't see the fairplay in this crap , and if that idiot doesn't gets banned for telling people too report , for trolling botlane , never playing this game ever again
: The smurfs that keep on doing this basically have nothing better to do. - No car no wife. - still living with parents really common these days. - no full-time or part-time job. (Very lucky if they do get one usually likely fired tho) What else is new in this era? If the smurfs are bored on League heck they go play fortnite, apex legends, PUBG or call of duty simple logic for kids these days.
soo you have some sort of data on smurfs or just spew out nonsense ?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do something that keeps smurf accounts away from the general server
what's with this circlejerk around smurfs, lets say 90% of the people are Plat 4 and below and lets say that smurfs are 5% to 10% (to smurf in silver/gold you need to be plat level at least), that leaves us in one smurf in 10 games or one smurf in 20 games, not everyone who is better than you is "an smurf".
thwifo (EUNE)
: Riot's ban programs are disgusting
mass reporting doesnt do anything, 1 report is as valuable as 9 reports, people don't get it, you say an word that is "offensive", you get reported and you get banned, yes it is hard to tell apart people inting and people playing just bad, there was an tribunal system for some time, it didnt go good soo they removed it, I didnt get any sort of ban in my journey from S3 to S9 that proves i have my composure on check and don't just go and flame people.
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