M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: food luck banning 4 of them:D
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: one champ i will always ban. reason: i don't want to face him and i dont want to deal with his bullshit. I rather have him troll so i can report him for being a moron
yea im gonna op.gg your ass and ban your main too ^^, that's what i do to those who see me hover yas and ban him.
Ma0wsan (EUW)
: In game stats are lies
490 units per second vs 399 units per second lets say that lux has advantage of 700 units, udyr should catch up to her (if he is not slowed by anything or stunned) in ~7 seconds , her slow is around 45% at max rank 8 seconds cooldown (about 4.8s when she has 40% cdr), slows apply per tick if you're in area and lux hasn't hit the E again yet, some tenacity bonuses stack multiplicative , with that combination you would get 30% times 1.3x times 1.3x which is about 50% tenacity, concluding if Lux did have 40% cdr and kept her E as long as possible while you're in it then yes she could outrun you bcs her slow applies per tick, it doesn't have certain duration, only Q cc duration would be halved.
Laekor (EUNE)
your KDA might be high but your deaths average are also high and you have 4 cs per minute.
: has riot turned bronze into elo hell?
I have climbed from Bronze to Gold 2(current rank) and i had no problems with winning my games, https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=IntingWithYasuo
: combo recording
keyboard recording can be easly detect , key presses are always the same but spacing between them is different everytime you do combo , in case of recording the combo is always the same.
Guoo (EUW)
: What is your behavior (or speech) that your teammates can't stand in the League of Legends?
I'm a midlaner, I see enemy jungler ganking and our jungler farming , I'm getting angry by that, when you say "I'm hovering Yasuo" and then your teammates ban him even tho you declared intent.
: how is accounts that are reported for inappropriate name dealt with?
they give u Free Name Change i think (if it isnt some really offensive stuff)
rat is back (EUNE)
: Why isn't kench nerfed yet?
bcs he isnt broken in support role, you know his main role.
Laekor (EUNE)
: Darius was going solo
then this is not champ problem, that's problem with low skill.
Laekor (EUNE)
soo you wanna nerf champs bcs YOU are the one who couldnt finish the game before they scaled ? Yea that's some 200 IQ Logic.
: Interesting suggestion, thought he would get destroyed since he's melee but I'll definitely try it out since I do like trynda but sadly he gets very outpaced by other champs with better range
: Just going AFK against Mordekaiser every game now
: dont play this game, if u are a begginer
don't come to league if you're toxic newbie ty.
: Excuse me man but your are got the point of my Discussion in your second point: So you are basically telling me that is impossible to play ADC or Support in bronze ELO Solo Q, because of the players and you must play in a Duo... Is that not a League of Legends problem? :D Don't worry about me I'll get it out but we can't ignore the facts that Bronze Elo is a pure Hell Elo because of my points.
it's not impossible, it's hard to win with it, on support you're either helping adc or roaming to mid, you have less chances of soro carrying than if you played mid or jungle or top or adc, Duo'ing makes it easier, it's not necessary to duo, just it reduces down random people to 3, that's all.
: Is there really any way of defending yourself in league anymore?
you are not allowed to say anything bad to your teammates, if they say something bad to you , u mute them , report them after the game and eventually write the ticket to support, that's all you can do.
: TY I'll do that. But the system I put forward would be better for everyone. It is too comon. 9 out of 10 games there is a player first time playing a champ. And I should not wait or lose LP for someone else's mistake. He will just go into another lobby and do the same to other people.
yea my idea was to ban new/reworked champs from SoloQ/FlexQ for 1 week or 2 weeks
: But if I don't know if a guy is on his main or not? I can't check overyone on my team before the game starts.
you can multi search, copy paste " X connected to the lobby" on op gg, it's faster (smurfs have very high winrates and you can check their normal games KDA and such)
: Why is Bronze ELO full of AFK's players, Smurfs, Trolls that int and Iron 4 players?
First off, you have average 6 deaths on Karma and 8.3 on Rakan (your 2 most played champs), Second, I wouldn't play support in low elo if you don't have good adc duo, Third if you can't get out bcs of "Challengers" then idk what to tell you bcs smurfs are top 1% of the playerbase, that means you shouldn't get them every 2nd or 3rd games but like maybe once in 20 games, Bronze is vast enough elo to not get smurf for most of the games, Fourth, If you're better than most of this elo then you shouldn't have problem to get out of it with enough games.
: It's crazy how many afk's their are in leveling accounts
there are many bots leveling up accounts , i didnt meet any afk yet on both normals and bot games
: New champs in ranked
dodge if you see that guy, better to lose 3-6 LP than 19 LP AND MMR
Kazeotte (EUW)
: he died 14 times in 20 minutes because he wouldnt stop harassing me because i didnt try to suicide 1v3 at drake lol. and "oh look lvl9 sona gonna int" because he legit ran 1v3 into drake pit and died to jarvan because i didnt suicide.
you're still not allowed to harass him , you have to play the game , not afk and not flame, then you report the guy and don't face any cosequences if someone reports you.
Kazeotte (EUW)
: This system is a joke
"oh look lvl 9 sona gonna int " "low elo vegetation" "hes inting" "report sona"
: what is the chance of getting tribal ryze in a chest?
if he is obtainable then 1 over all obtainable skins
GamedStars (EUNE)
: Changing servers to Japan from EUNE
try waiting , it should take around 15-30 minutes OR Full Repair
Blakex13x (EUW)
: need advice guys
Try to communicate with team, ping them help, if you're playing jungle then maybe find duo top/mid, your farm is pretty low, even if you're ganking you should be getting at least 6 cs per minute, pathing/watching the timers can help you with farming, you have average of 5 deaths on Jungle, i would try to lower that, you buy 2-3 control wards, make sure to place them in river, in bushes, that's all i can think of.
Haze97 (EUW)
: EuW has a massive problem with it's junglers.
they are "not skilled enough" that's why they are in low elo, try to ping them or tell them what to do (if you're soo Alpha and Omega) without "unnecessesary" flame
: Why do People have the need to smurf?
Because, MMR is more flexible on an "smurf" than on main account.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: just say it correctly. best thing to do is be a punching bag
best thing to do is to not let emotions ruin your gameplay.
Leps (EUW)
: thanks btw!
ay np, if you wanna climb easy, create an new acc, if you wanna do it hard way win many games in a row.
ßãnkai (EUW)
: Can you summarize in a few sentences what actually happened?
NB3 and Nubrac are in game, Nubrac uses off meta strat and goes to mid, to help midlaner and soak xp, doesnt work out, they get behind, NB3 and 2 of other teammates go afk and shittalk Teemo(Nubrac), NB3 talks with Rioter about Nubrac and shows him his point of view, Nubrac gets banned, NB3 didnt face any consequences for flaming or afking.
: Who downvoted this post and why? I love these people on these forums that just downvote but don't actually have any reason for it. What you don't like what I'm saying? Is that the reason why you downvote?
they don't like when someone shittalks Riot' system without any proof.
: What do you mean proof? How do I proof that? Any software that I could use to record the chat would get me banned. I dont have proof. I am _not allowed_ to obtain any proof. How would I measure the AFKness and Intness of other players? I can't. Not even riot can. But I do have many years of experience with this company. I have over 100+ banned accounts, I know exactly what happens when you start flaming.
you can always record the game instead of chat hmm
Leps (EUW)
: Problem with LP
LP gainz "probably" work like that : If your team has higher average MMR than enemy team you get less LP for win and lose more LP for lose , if their team has higher average mmr than your team then you're going to get more LP and lose less LP. (judging by your games played, and that this account is fairly new BUT you have played 200 games soo your mmr is less prone to change, you should either create another account or win 10-20 games to get better mmr)
WAVenom (EUNE)
: so is everyone gonna ignore this?
can't wait for any Rioter response on this.
ipv (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=kubsar wannabe,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=a0MqTL4d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-14T03:33:34.093+0000) > > watching how they "touched" Aatrox or Akali or Zac I don't want them to touch Tryndamere How to make akali useless, ask riot, they know.
her shroud is most cancerous thing existing in league, if they removed true stealth from her cloud or make it so she can't go invis when someone is attacking her it would be great, champ is weak but one aspect about it is OP
: blance is changing
watching how they "touched" Aatrox or Akali or Zac I don't want them to touch Tryndamere
: Riot s giving system is bad.....
it depends on how well you're doing compared to "average Joe" also 230 cs doesnt tell us anything, it could be 5 cs per minute.
Stk Nito (EUW)
: Call for Behavioral Punishment Reform
I've only read argument about 4 man premades , here is what i do if i get those kind of players, they are toxic > I mute them and don't talk > I send ticket to Riot Support as well as I'm reporting them in-game > Wait for case to be solved > don't get any chat-restriction/bans, it has worked for me soo far,(after reading further) yes i agree they shouldn't ban on IP, just highlight their IP and maybe if there will be enough reports, they would check them and eventually ban them, eventually make bans on hardware OR give them permament chat ban OR permament Ranked Ban
Yourddaddy (EUNE)
: Are u kinding me Riot
the only thing you can do to "trolls or flamers" is to A)Mute Them, B)Don't talk to them, and you can't give up ^^.
: My ping is higher than usual
sadly, my ping on eune used to be 39 ms in Season 8, since pre season it has grew to 49-53 ms, on Russia i used to have 40 ms before 2 months ago, then it grew to 47-49 ms.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: How do i make this permanent?
I would gladly take the chat disable option, in pre, in-game and post game ^^
Leebac (EUW)
: Wowowowowoeo.. Wait Riot, will u allow this shit? This kind of talk? This is a place for gamers, not for racist.. And what u are, albanian? And who are u here to allow anything in here or anywhere? Just another kid which didnt learn good manners from his parents..
Necromant (EUW)
: Was just an example. Japanese in EUW and more
yea but you can kinda force available languages (except Korean) to appear in other regions, heck I played on Russia with Japanese language, just have to modify config files.
: LOL dont you mean North Macedonia? EDIT: there was a huge debate for you to join Nato, two Countries agreed upon the name North Macedonia use it on public discussions or dont use it at all
Republic Of North Macedonia*
Necromant (EUW)
: i personally dont know, why languages are just region-wise. i mean e.g. u can be an russian and are currently in germany or france and want to play.
actually Eune's server is in Frankfurt Germany, Russian's is in Munich Germany and Euw's is in Amsterdam Netherlands
CJXander (EUNE)
: High expectation from low performance players
23 farm Trynd, aaand this elo is what ? Bronze/Iron ?
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