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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Thank you for the reply! That makes sense. May I ask if you have any information about how much it usually takes for the box to ship? Is it a few days only, or should I be expecting months?
Said 3-5 workdays I think, I'm waiting for mine about week and a half, thats all I can give you:)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Does anyone know the possible contents of the League of Legends Wootbox?
I really hope there isn't riot fist bump ward. I bought it because it said there was gonna be content limited just to that box and I already own 2/3 of those as I attend events regularly. That would be disappointment.
: No world tokens for Twisted Treeline
It's not a bug, probably. It's been like this for past events too. I think it's final blow, they can't expect people to play it... But they also had bots issues on 3v3. So they chose the easiest solution, which honestly hurts me and they shouldn't continue handling things like this.
: Twisted Treeline Tokens
Yep, they gave twisted treeline final blow with this. It's been broken since release of kda akali.. and no announcement at all. Riot at least should have balls to keep people updated
JustTits (EUNE)
: Riot Game(s) saying that TFT is the most successful gamemode so far
If they rewarded players with icons and emotes for playing , let's say aram, guess what would be the most played game mode? They just don't want to put effort in saving other games modes, new is always better I guess. Never really understood why they removed event tokens from 3v3. That finished it off
Typhl0 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=kwimbik,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=xZfI5t5b,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-16T14:25:57.667+0000) > > A) the cast and everything in France? Not really cool for mostly english speaking community ... but okay > B) Releasing the tickets earlier than said, so they can be plundered by bots and now resold for like 450E? > Thats fun > > Also I dont really undrestand why arena for 20k people, when 50k would show up. But thats on riot and they probably didnt want to take a risk.. kinda get it, but its a shame. the is better places to do the world , but french ppl aren't not rly cool for english speakers , but most of french ppl dosen't speak english so when u speak to them in english , they can't answer and they feel embarrased
I undrestand that. I really didnt mean to offend anybody, but you see the problem.. when french people dont speak that much of english and you host World Championship there... its not disaster, but there are definitely some places that fit better. But as was said, cast in french is something we would overlook if other things went smoothly.
: In fact, the thing is not "France is not capable of doing that or that". For you all, know that in France, even for event like music show from a famous singer or anything else, there's always a "Very limited" quantity of tickets that are sold few hours BEFORE the public selling. BUUUUT, most of the time, organizers let people know about something like that, and moreover, they did that to "Make sure" the show is going to occur. But, the problem here guys, comes from both Riot & Ticketmaster: - First, even with a limited selling few hours before public resell, there was not even a single post / news from Riot. So on this point, Riot fcked up. - Second, tickets were not tied by ID or Names. So, on this part, Ticketmaster just fcked up a lot. - Third, it happened last year in another country, and yet, Riot didn't even told to the organizers from the AccorHotel Arena that it happened last year, and it would have been nice to tie tickets to ID or Name to prevent this. It happened last year, it happened this year, why would not this happen next year if Riot don't make sure of being able to counter this ? So in my opinion, this is not the "France's fault", but it's Riot / Ticketmaster fault. Because: - AccorHotel Arena is quite small for an event / show like this one. From what I've heard, there's 20k seats approximately in AHA, but in the "Stade de France", there's... approximately 80k seats ? That would have been better on an arena 4 times bigger. - They're another official re-sellers that are using ID / Name to prevent / supervise the resales (Like, it's with your name, but if you wish to resell them, you have to manually change the name directly from the website, then re-print them (but still with the same QR/Bar Code, so they can be used only once). Ticketmaster is one of the official re-seller that does not do that. By the way, they authorize resales, but only if it's at equal or lower price from the original price. But because tickets are not supervised / tied to ID / tied to a name, people can do whatever they want with them. Also, that was a stupid idea to not limit the sales to one person to only 4/5 max. tickets (If you want to go with friends as example)... I highly doubt peoples that bought 99+ tickets without the "group" option are going to invite 99 friends to the finals.. ------- Anyway, what's done is done. The only hope sparkles that left comes from a "very-limited last minute" sales, that can happen if some people can't come for any reasons, or if they kept a few tickets just for that. As for me, i was supposed to go with 3 friends to finals. When they heard that was no tickets left, we were so upsets and disappointed, because we knew that would happen. Even though we logged on the AHA website, ready to go, 1 hour before. Don't blame anyone, except people that are making business on events like that. Not France, not Riot, not organizers, they can only try to prevent that. Once it's done, they barely can't do anything.. Peace on you all guys, love, An upset baguette that is as disappointed and upset as you about what happened.
Thank you for your exhausting answer. I pretty much agree on everything you said. I know this is not France as a country's fault (if we only could blame government for everything right) but this is not the first they %%%%ed my my favourite event and I was trying to ventilate some frustrating while 3 hour nonstop clicking, hoping to get some tickets. I just didn't have enough will to put down meaningful structured text about why it sucked like you did, so I left it like this. I hope Riot will say something about this, for right now, they couldn't care less. I know it cannot be changed, but can you at least take responsibility and apologize? It really sucks though, I missed worlds in US because the date was just really bad for me, so I was hoping to catch this one. We, like many of you, planned on traveling as a group (didn't book hotel and tickets yet, thank god) + it's almost 18 hours bus drive, so last minute tickets in front of the arena is risky businesses.. still might give it a shot. This was supposed be my 20th birthday present, I Guess ill have to wait few more years.
: > [{quoted}](name=kwimbik,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=HJfjqvm0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-16T15:38:23.286+0000) > > Not 100% but i doubt there was some effort to prevent that, even though we knew this was coming.. hard to say who to blame, but we can all agree its far from ideal. I definetly blame people that buy just to resell, those are just pieces of shit.
well yes, but it was just taken out in second by bots.. and even BEFORE the tickets were suppose to go on sale.. they were gone. I know this is not riots fault, but dont let crappy companies to take care of your worlds Riot, this is what happens.
: Pretty sure people used bots to buy all the tickets, already read that they are sold out. Not really 100% the sellers fault.
Not 100% but i doubt there was some effort to prevent that, even though we knew this was coming.. hard to say who to blame, but we can all agree its far from ideal.
xOsi (EUW)
: So tickets are gone now? I am still in queue for 54 min (30 min ago it said: estimated waiting time 5 min). This is so sad.
Tickets were gone probably even before 4pm, or minutes after :)
: On how you say this looks like you have a problem with France, but no matter what country will host the event the problem will be the same. I didn't do researches (just what this post have) and sounds really stupid. Hope is just a misunderstanding and the event will gonna be in English (not that I will watch it anyway).
The broadcast, of course in English. But at the stadium, fully in french. I dont really have a problem with France, just with the way they handle things.
: tf is that
Thats a site, where the tickets are resold for around 450E
kwimbik (EUNE)
: Worlds in France
A) the cast and everything in France? Not really cool for mostly english speaking community ... but okay B) Releasing the tickets earlier than said, so they can be plundered by bots and now resold for like 450E? Thats fun Also I dont really undrestand why arena for 20k people, when 50k would show up. But thats on riot and they probably didnt want to take a risk.. kinda get it, but its a shame.
: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information I ll just leave this here.
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: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information
ARE YOU FCUKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS? riot why cant you manage your worlds tickets.. if you cant event make the event in English speaking country. Not only we would have to listen to french, but those monkeys started selling tickets like .. when? Not tat 4pm, thats for sure. Such french bullshit
DutchPro (EUW)
: Worlds 2019 Finals shoutcasted in French???
It's apparently a really dumb arrogant law. We have been waiting for 4 years for worlds and now we get to hear it broadcast in baquette? This however, is really unwise decision from Riot. The finals could've been held somewhere else. In Berlin for example, they get LEC and everything but never the main event, even though it seems most "viewers" friendly. The location does make sense, but.. it really does feel disappointing. At least radios with alternative language would be nice, if you decided to have finals in language only tiny fraction of people understand.
Iakovia (EUW)
: ''Legacy Skins are skins that are only available for a limited amount of time upon release, after which they will become unavailable for purchase and be placed into our Legacy Vault. Some, but not necessarily all, Legacy Skins will be re-released from the Vault for limited runs in the League of Legends Store'' Championships Riven 2016 is Legacy - it does not exist in store permanently but can come back every year during the championship events. That's what makes something Legacy. Limited however, should be (and I realise Riot has crossed this line before) available only once, and then never again, which is the Original Riven Skin. It is not false advertisement as they never stated which Riven skin it is, and you can't presume either. It's pretty obvious it would be the 2016 one in my opinion.
Thank you for your opinion. I realize the 2016 skin is not avalible throughout the whole year, but the fact it isn't labeled legacy in client confused me. I know it is pretty obvious, and to be honest, would be pointless to enter contest for other skins you can regurarly purchase. Also not really fair for original owners. I just think you should include the actual name of the skin you are giving away, thats really all. False advirtising may be a bit strong word, I admit, but i don't see this as much of a truble and it would spare people unnecessary threads like this one.
Shamose (EUW)
: I mean it should be pretty self explanatory. 2012 Championship riven will never return, that's the whole reason why the 2016 version exist. > The championship riven 2016 does not hold "legacy" title Yes it does. There is no false advertising here. You just assumed that you were getting a rare and limited skin.
I didn't really belive I was getting the old one, i though thats what would make the contest.. spicy. Anyways, you said it does hold title legacy. In client, if you run over championship skins, most of championship have legacy on, 2016 doesnt, am I missing something then? And yes, it is true that they said 2012 riven shall never return. But that has happened few times and they gave people a chance to obtain normally limited and no longer purchasable skin. My point is, there should be a clearance. Writing Championship Riven 2016, which is the actual name of the skin, instead of plain Championship riven wouldn't hurt anybody.
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kwimbik (EUNE)
Hi, thanks for the advice. I was talking about world championship, which I didn't stated because I was mad. The tickets went on sale one hour ahead of a schedule and by the time I noticed, the best ones were gone. We were planning on going for quite a while and now I'll be alone. I'm kinda glad I got at least some tickets, however I'm interested in how something like this can happen. Like did you mistaken CET for CEST because that seem most likely to me.
: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information
tickets will go on sale at 3 pm CET... tickets going on sale: 3pm CEST (hour early). Wp riot
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Kashiro (EUNE)
: They consider games only before the announcement so anything people play now won't count toward the reward.
Okay, my bad. Havent seen that one.
Jasuo (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline has to stay
I love twisted treeline and I was super sad when they announced that tt will come to an end. If they give us some "rare" icon for 100 games someone can play within last week just for the sake of the icon.. thats BS reward. They should at least put efford in making the reward special and worthy for people playing TT for years. The TT might not be the most played mode in league and i get it.. BUT: Every since riot has announced a new mission pass for event (for how long now, year?) They have excluded 3v3 from it! YOU CANNOT GET POINTS FOR 3V3, HOW CAN YOU EXPECT US TO PLAY IT, when we paid for the pass and we are basically wasting it on 3v3? Riot kinda killed the mode themselves. My humble opinion


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