: let me in!
u ugly jokes aside, i just logged in, all working fine
: I'd say more underappreciated than anything else. There is so much that a good support player does that goes unnoticed by your teammates. Oh the carries always get praised for getting tons of kills but hardly anyone thanks the support who sets up the play in the first place.
: URF is no longer fun :(
> Everyone is tryharding and pushing to win first. i had to login just to do this what a bunch of losers i've seen so many players doing splitpushes, i am just now coming from a game where one player did nothing but a splitpush... like, what an actual duck?
: nunu bot here.... only i never play nunu (or jungle if i can help it)
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
: My 6 + 2 buttons mouse works perfectly. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
12 buttons here, no problems whatsoever
: I asked support about those 10daily rewards and got a reply just now
KyouCat (EUW)
: is it that bad?
i got some update, its all the same besides that first pop up when you start the game, its all white and shiny to the point that it hurt eyes... nothing special to say about that client
: While your overall winrate is higher, losing a considerably high amount of games will greatly impact your lp gain. I was smurfing a few days ago on a fresh lv30 account, i was on a 11 game winstreak with 35lp a win being gained. I then lost 6 games in a row and my lp dropped to 28 a win, making my overall win/loss 12w 7L.
yes but 17? for me it looks like really low...
: Loss prevented with AFK in team and more LP if you win with AFK
Reíner (EUW)
: Is the league of legends banning service fair ?
i got 14 days for giving one kill away :) and another one which is really doubius, i was 100% dead just refused to try to escape, so one can count that one too and make it two after not being punished ever for so many years, player flamed me hardcore for my pick, both in select and ingame, spam pinged me like maniac, i lost it, gave one kill, he made a replay and sended it to support, he literally said he will do it and two days after i received my ban got me 14 days banned, he is still playing i am not complaining against my ban, one might say it was deserved, i am complaining against fact that game is full of players like one described above and obviously they are not removed SYSTEM FKN WORKS :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
: Why do we have the ability to report people?
i recently played with someone named ''isis fighter'' yeah edit: take a look https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=isis+fighter
: {{item:3043}}{{item:3078}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3390}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3036}}
Rioter Comments
Copeaz (EUW)
: Star Guardian Event Reward Disappointment Page - Share Your 'Amazing' Rewards Here
i also got some ward and some essence but its okay, i am not refusing it... better than nothing
VikusVDM (EUW)
: It's like a vicious circle. Riot likes that because it forces the players to play more. And that's all they want after all...
and how one could make mmr better when we have no idea what mmr stands for?
: > [{quoted}](name=Sunney Drake,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MpcEiWQY,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-09-11T09:09:48.684+0000) > > Seems you answered your own question already. No. A lot of people on here seem to believe they have trolls in all their matches. While I do get trolls in my matches they are very rare, and often they only start trolling as a response to being flamed.
i agree to this, someone going to troll without any trigger is extremely rare, it happens in really low amount of games, so low that it almost never happens..
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Don't lie about Yorick, lol, you'd just spam all the ghouls you had available.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Anyone misses Odyssey?
how about some URF? Yeah
Kravixman (EUNE)
: People behaviour when I pick Yuumi
well maybe cause yummi is a shitty pick... just maybe
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Bot lane discussion: Low elo duo farm
mage supports suck, maybe thats why if you want to play a mage feel free to go mid and play where they are supposed to be every other game i get lux support and i know whats coming to me, late game is almost always lost btw i am playing only jng, so imagine how it feels to adc who knows he is on his own in late game ;)
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: I actually don't see why people downvote this. I personally probably wouldn't use it but being able to move the minimap sounds logical to me.
cause this boards are full of morons, thats why when it comes to map location, i would definitely like to have an option to move it
: Client crashes after i Alt+Tab while loading
i dont have such a problems, i do it as soon as game starts to load.. win 10, laptop
assembIer (EUNE)
: ***
thats a great thing to write on boards ban in 5,4,3...
iaapvper (EUW)
You were not punished enough. ;)
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Rephrase: Hi guys! Some of my skins are missing (locked and unusable), is it a bug? Anyone else had this? You sound like Karen that wants to speak to the manager
who the duck is Karen? :D
i was buying quite some amounts of rp but since riot started flooding game with buy this, buy that, i decided to stop and now it has been quite some time i bought anything in game for real money...
: why top?
i would agree on this one, top feels kinda weak.. adc's are shiting on tanks big times, fighters are not doing so great either, maybe some champions like irelia, fiora or tryndamere are not so bad right now but other than that... hm, i cant name some strong picks...
: Bot lane always weak lane. They have to run relic shield and fleet footwork to even keep up versus hard damage bursters. Most of games when I run a hard damage champ that pokes, they do nothing and lose lane or we get ganked by two others, turning the lane to a 2 vs 4.
a week or two ago i played few games as adc and i must say adc now feels really strong, like.. insanely strong so, i disagree..
: For me it will always be Bot (i play jungler), reason being, if they lose it's X2, and its snowballing out of control + once their ADC gets fed its quite hard to catch up. We all know the running alone at 400hp towards the turret ADC with no wards
heeeey i understand you completely !!
xFrosten (EUW)
: I think it's pretty ignorant of you to deny that people can be THAT bad. You don¨t know who is sitting behind the other players screen, and they do not deserve to get punished, just because you feel like they don't know enough about the game. Let me give you an example. The player in the world who has the most mastery points on Heimerdinger (8 million+) is actually braindamaged. Like legit braindamaged from an accident, he plays the game and of course his plays are insanely bad. But that's just because he doesn't know better. What is logical thinking for you, might not be as logical for other players and going 0 10 or the likes does not mean that they automatically intentionally feed. Intelligence is also something that varies a lot from person to person, so believing that there is no one more unintelligent than you, is just purely wrong. As for the scores, I checked your match history and you have 2 games that would classify as intentional feeding (at least with your logic). You played Ezreal both games scores: 0 7 5 3 8 5 It might not be as many deaths as them, but from 8 deaths to 11, there is not a huge difference. And also I don't know how long the different games lasted. Lastly if you feel like you deserve a higher rating and you play without tilting, then you will naturally climb, one game is not gonna ruin that for you.
Well said, sir. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Kayles True dmg is INSANE
hm kayle, i dont mind kayle.. but vayne WHAT THE ACTUAL DUCK
: It depends on which category you choose and at which time (not sure about the time). Not all categories have the live chat option
i thought so, well i sended them a request, will do the job aswell.. thanks mate
Rioter Comments
Mr Noh (EUW)
: What can be done for players literally boosting for the opposing team in ranked?
to your question at the end report system does work but it doesnt work good enough i vote for strict system which will punish much more, this is not enough, this game needs a purge !
: You can't. In the moment you buy the jungle item the support items get locked. You need to sell the jg item if you want to buy the support item.
yeah i thought thats the case but i wasnt sure.. anyway, thanks
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Just Cat,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ka3I43JJ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-08-11T17:12:12.859+0000) > > then you get banned RIOT does not ban trolls. It is almost impossible to get banned unless you start using 4-letter words or hate or racism. Besides that, you can troll all day long and never get banned.
Uruburus (EUNE)
: People constantly ban my Main in solo ranked for no reason even if im first to choose
when they do, you pick nunu and you go fast to the lane of a guy who did it together with double buff and you repeat that every time both buffs are up so you piss on them ;)
Yancer (EUW)
: Why are Yasuo mains often and more flamed than anyone else sometimes without reason too
when i see enemy yasuo i get fed on him, if i have yasuo i am forced to play around non stop fkn push machine
Satanță (EUNE)
: > And that's meant to be a reason for you to...not be banned? I'd ask if you were even trying any more, but that would imply you were trying to begin with. also you can't even read, then my question is how did you begin typing at all? I asked if the 14 day ban was necessary or just too brutal. i agreed to be punished, but with a mute
i think you were not punished enough :))
dún (EUW)
: In defense of the Treeline
i think riot is dying, look on the amount of sales in game, first they started just throwing skins at us, now they sell some passes every few days... or they just greedy af but they aint geting more money from me thats for sure
Schaq (EUW)
: hahahah its about your kda your farm and your damage all should be good. but i understand sometimes makes me angry too :D
oh, no.. i wroted it wrong, or better said i forgot one word lol what i meant to say is why we cant get TOKENS for grade S i suppose there are many players who play mostly or only arams and we just cant get our tokens, guess we are not good enough, fk u rito
: This game is awful. i enjoy 1 out of every 6 games and im keep playingm it cuz of that 1 game.
I spent some wild money on this game but not buying over a year, as long as they dont decide to make game better no money from me :))
Schaq (EUW)
: ranked aram
Nylithium (EUNE)
: Stuck in spectate for ever
hi go on riot support, now you have chat and there you will probably get more help than here best of luck
: Dear Riot Its been 4 Years.
{{champion:429}} would have something to say
: No you don't get any bonus XP by upgrading it. In fact you get the same bonus XP as with just one of the starter jungling items. You usually upgrade them first because they are really cost efficient; however that depends on the champ you play, the meta and the game state. E.g. before Conq was a thing Hecarim would usually go for Trinity Force before upgrading his jungle item. Shaco used to go for Duskblade before upgrading his jungle item (idk how it is right now). Certain junglers go for Tiamat before upgrading the item. Ivern never upgrades it because he doesn't get any benefit from doing it. Best go to probuilds.net and check build paths for the champion you are playing.
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