Nylithium (EUNE)
: Stuck in spectate for ever
hi go on riot support, now you have chat and there you will probably get more help than here best of luck
: Dear Riot Its been 4 Years.
{{champion:429}} would have something to say
: No you don't get any bonus XP by upgrading it. In fact you get the same bonus XP as with just one of the starter jungling items. You usually upgrade them first because they are really cost efficient; however that depends on the champ you play, the meta and the game state. E.g. before Conq was a thing Hecarim would usually go for Trinity Force before upgrading his jungle item. Shaco used to go for Duskblade before upgrading his jungle item (idk how it is right now). Certain junglers go for Tiamat before upgrading the item. Ivern never upgrades it because he doesn't get any benefit from doing it. Best go to probuilds.net and check build paths for the champion you are playing.
JustClone (EUNE)
: If xp is what concerns you, you are good to go with machete. However, here follow some complications... The most important of all is that you are playing with a single summoner spell. Smite enchantment is very important, and everyone who dares to say otherwise, has no clue what League is. I see no reason to avoid upgrading your jungle item... Warrior's enchantment is one of the most useful and price efficient. Cinderhulk is a must, and scales really well late game for all tanks. Bloodrazor is sick for every champion that makes good use of rageblade. I rarely play ap junglers, and when I do, I play something like amumu or sej, and I build them tanky, so I cannot say if the mage enchantment is worth it... but I'm sure it is not that bad to skip it altogether...
yep, my question was only about exp, thanks
: Can't login
lol i thought someone stole my accounts, i have no idea on which emails i made them, so much money spent, thought was gone..... gosh :D
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: 10 year aniversary idea ?
Hexa XV (EUW)
: Riot can you disable banning champions that someone picked?
: I did, also didn't get a punishment. But Anivia is also still playing happily. I just call bullshit on insta bans for hard flames, as if noone reported her
riot will get her, sooner or later, they dont get to do that for long ;)
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey all, Apologies for the delay, we've spent the day trying to track down what may be causing this and think we have a lead. Can you please let us know if this issue persists? Thank you!
yes, its still happening
Mad Titan (EUNE)
: Error code 1B
relog untill it gets fixed riot support just told me that and its working
AzijanBoy (EUNE)
: i actually just relogged like 5 times and its now working Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr
yeah, i just talked with support they told me the same thing, relog as many times as you need untill it gets fixed
: What skin is it? Because Battle Professor Graves had this issue last patch. I dunno if i would reinstall the game over a wrong skin border. But if you have the time you should give it a try. If not it's probably a bug to do with the game
reinstalling helped it was my rank border wrong and skins for multiple champions
Rioter Comments
: All skins available in the Practice tool?
logged in just to upvote ! this should be done !!!
Sad Lad (EUW)
: Good old Rito
i dont understand why is your post downvoted so much... this is slightly spammy but not toxic... i disagree hard on this punishment...
Sad Lad (EUW)
: This ban is so ridiculous. Can anyone help me out here?
this is, i suppose first post where i will write that ban was not justified, yes, i do know there are others game which lead into this one but this is not a ban material ! RIOT ?!
: > [{quoted}](name=l FeederCastro l,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=i4cqVLby,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-07T22:35:36.005+0000) > > are you sure you didnt ult champion plus spirit at the same time? NO, I get 2 tentacles for Spirit only. I tested this on practice mode.
ok, guess its bug than... cheers
: GAMEBREAKING Illaoi bug.
are you sure you didnt ult champion plus spirit at the same time?
: exactly >.> btw, could I add you too? i'm already on lvl13 but i still feel as though i'm a noob lol i've been playing against bots mainly because you win there either way and people don't flame at you, but i'm trying to play normal more thanks uwu
well, you could but as far as i can see you are on EUW and i am on EUNE.. p.s. i am not so active lately, real life strikes again :D cheers
: How Can Twitch jungle still exist.
i must admit that twitch jungle is one of the most annoying junglers, i mean.... people just dont know how to stop him and it escalates so quick... not to mention how twitch is super strong right now, or atleast it felt so in last couple of times i met him
: Please give examples of me flaming from the chat because I really dont see it ?
you are abusing chat option with your SPAM There is absolutely no need for spam, like i told you before, you deserved it, now stop trying to be smartass and learn something from this.
: > [{quoted}](name=l FeederCastro l,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6P4IolTE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-24T00:05:49.550+0000) > > well i guess you can if it amuses you > > but from my perspective, i wouldnt beg you > or better said, depending on how you would say it, if you meant for real > all i would see is a douche and nothing else, not interacting with them anyways > > cheers Wow... What a douche.
lol what u expected, that i will support your need to feel somehow special? who the duck you think you are, faker himself? i would never beg a douche and a reason is that i wouldnt let you to feel that power you people apparently need to feel for whatever reason you need to so, like i said, if it was for the fun purposes, i would always accept the game but if it was to make you feel special, only thing you could get is an answer go %%%% yourself was that clear enough or shall i elaborate myself more?
: Can I tell people to beg for a role they want?
well i guess you can if it amuses you but from my perspective, i wouldnt beg you or better said, depending on how you would say it, if you meant for real all i would see is a douche and nothing else, not interacting with them anyways cheers
miintmilk (EUNE)
: Thank you! I'll try to be more chill, focusing on the fun and doing my best, not on the "if I do one thing wrong it's gg". {{champion:37}}
focusing on fun should be your main priority, if you dont have fun why bothering playing the game afterall, its not that you are paid to do that all those people who you see abuse others will eventually get banned, sooner or later, so.. just ignore those twats :) also, feel free to add me, i dont mind playing with newbies cheers
: I deserved to be punished for being flamed by my teamates for not doing well in game ? To be fair i could have just ignored them but its pretty hard to do when its all 4 teamates harassing you
you obviously replied, a LOT and also, this amount of text i dont write in 10 games, maybe 15 would be better number Have you ever thought that you are geting players who are like you? that is a fact also, you mentioned on start how you dont have chat ban anymore must be that you got your first ban for no reason aswell also, another thing continue, you will get permaban you will either calm down or you wont play this game that is rude but its true, if i didnt told you, someone else would now, you can either learn from this or you wont, that only depends on you its up to you to decide what you like more being smartass or your account btw, if you think i am rude too much, i said the same thing to my brother, you got it, you deserved it i would suggest you to be really careful after this one, as far as i know next one is 14 days and permaban, doesnt neccessary has to mean you will get 14 days before perma, so think twice how much and what you will write from now cheers :)
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dOMmA7gJ,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-12T02:18:43.309+0000) > > My experience in well over 2000 matches say otherwise... either I ADC or tank take the needed items or we lose, and more often we lose we if I am the ADC, not due to my lack as ADC ( I aint pro but I am not a noob) ... I even say take vision or lose and well you know what pugs are like. > Thats the issue pugs, and aram in all about pugs. Almost 6,000 ARAM games here if you want to play that card. Normally if someone hasn't bought an oracles, they tend to when someone types (and somebody usually does) in chat "just get oracles".
now i would really love to know how many games i have on aram but its not under 3k for sure, didnt check those numbers for a loooong time anyway, about teemo....... oracle does the job, about karthus, its not so hard to move back from him also, if you are squishy zhonya does the job, life steal if you are ad, also mr is your friend like someone above said, there is quite some champs which are far more stronger than those two... for an example, if i got yi, i would penta in most of the times, doesnt matter what their comp is, only what matters how smart they are usually my yi would escalate even before lvl 6, after six is a masacre tell me how many times teemo/karthus got penta on aram darius, illaoi....... there is so many champs who benefit from one lane and masive fights but teemo and karthus... well i disagree, thats it
indiomau (EUW)
PDL is lp? if so, you have much more loses than wins, that is why
: Why would i recieve a 25 game chat restriction when i am constantly getting flamed by my teammates
could it be.... that you deserved it? how come i have played 10K+ hours of lol and never got punished whatsoever :O
ryandub (EUW)
: Exactly, i don't mind the flame - I just mute. Thats enough in itself. What I do mind is all the AFK's that Riot is doing nothing about. 6 AFK games today and 3 yesterday. All still playing making other people's time miserable. This will be Riots downfall... not enforcing a proper policy around AFK. Leave Buster is a joke. They wait longer just to get into my game.
ye,ye they all w8 for you to sabotage that is extraordinary huge numbers of afks, i am playing actively for few days and i didnt had more than few (counting both teams) not more than 5 afks in few days of active playing
MrPing01 (EUW)
: Im fed up with this communuty
maybe problem is in you? i learned that not writing at all helps much, also when i see someone playing good but abusing others i tell them that making them talk will make them less focused on game and it will only make things worse, usually it helps if you are negative they respond negative, unless they are complete douches, than you have to tell others to mute him/her most of the time people do that that also works for me also, when someone is abusing me i simply say ''muted'' and i continue playing without muting him, since i need to see what is that moron writing in order to win that game but if you cant remain calm MUTE will do the job for sure it doesnt trigger me so they usually stop after few times me not replying but we do agree in one thing, riot should do more about abusers i want all players who abuse others to be banned :) for an example, i played with premade and my premade selected nasus, i picked zac mid laner wished us both nasty stuff such as cancer to whole family and so on in champ select what we did? reported it after game, not a word being said by us oh and yeah, ofc we hard carried that game premade of that guy said to me so many times gj that i was afraid he will make his premade ragequit :) cheers
Power Mac (EUW)
: The bottleneck is always GPU, not the CPU (unless your CPU is really, really old, like third gen Core or worse). A seventh or eighth generation Core could easily run a couple instances of LoL without breaking a sweat. I, for one, didn't buy a GPU because the integrated UHD 630 in my i5 8500 is more than enough for me. The true FPS killer is actually a single option: shadows. They're one of the most GPU-intensive tasks in LoL (and other games as well), so disabling them will do miracles: I play with almost everything maxed out and easily reach 100-110 FPS (though I prefer to play at 60 FPS, locked, given that I have a 60 Hz monitor).
well, i said i have no idea why but i know i had problems and i solved them with my nvidia control panel, just wanted to tell people what they could try i have no idea how those things works lol cheers
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Exactly what did you change in the Nvidia control panel, and how did you find the optimised settings for your specific setup? I think I could get more out of my GTX 1080 (or at least should do, given this game), though I suspect the CPU is my bottleneck. Also, given the new game client is very CPU reliant, some simple overclocking is worth doing as well. An Intel K-processor and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24075/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU-?product=66427 ...and simply upping the multiplier to let it run at the Turbo-clock (completely safe and no voltage adjustments necessary) really makes a difference. If experiencing stuttering (despite steady ping and apparent high FPS), it's worth trying. I only got a 3rd gen i7 (it's a 2013 build after all), but going from stock 3,50 GHz to 3,90 GHz really made a difference. I tried going to 4,20 GHz, which works fine under load (~70°C under load on air cooling), but randomly freezes at idle due to voltage drops. Which is why I personally recommends going no higher than the CPU's standard Turbo-clock for stability reasons.
i cant tell you much since i am noob for computers but this actually helped me ant its not like it helped me a bit, it helped me a lot i had locked fps on 60 with all on low settings and after i optimized games with nvidia control panel, stable fps with everything on high quality but i still locked fps on 120 since i belive i dont need more than that and when its not locked it goes 180-190, so i preffer to have it on 120 without moving from that number sometimes i notice 1 or 2 less but its stable, smooth also i have no idea why but that is how it is also idk what kind of proc i have, i can tell you only its i7 2,7ghz with turbo boost to 3,5ghz but laptop is bought brand new two years ago... if that helps EDIT: Here is proc https://prnt.sc/nfznj6 also i have nvidia gtx950m with 4gb dedicated vram you can see on this screenshot https://prnt.sc/nfzjht where i found it (NVIDIA control panel, or GEFORCE experience) hopefully this can help you, i was so frustrated with that fps problem... cheers
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I wouldn't bother, as Tryndameres tend to get early 40-45% CDR. His E isn't affected by your Mallet, neither is the fact that he slows you more with his W that you do with the Mallet. Besides, it shouldn't really be the job of an ADC to peel a Tryndamere.
cant agree more
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Rhynin (EUW)
: 1000th win with a rioter still a thing?
you cant see it anymore besides in after game screen
Sephiro (EUNE)
: Spectator mode EUNE (Region Norway)
: I have not once, in my 3 or 4 years of regular play. Come across with a scripter or a hacker. Yeah the anti cheat shouldn't be disabled. But is this the anticheat you want? It was recently added, it had to be. Apparently if you even google something that the bot doesn't like you will get kicked. Multiple people tested this. It kicks you if it detects it anywhere, your pc, chrome, hell even if you type in the notepad. YEAH. If you for example type in the notepad "Cheat engine" you will get kicked. Google it or go on youtube. Anti cheat is great, but this is too much. You don't even know if you get kicked.
yep, i saw that video too and tested it now i am afraid that i might even get banned cause system ''detected me'' also i didnt had a bug splat for years, one or two days after i did that thing i had it... i am also conecting that with the fact that i tried to see if lol is monitoring my overall activity, its kinda sad that i get disconnected from the game for cheating just because i GOOGLED SOMETHING should this be uninstall due to the fact that i dont like that riot is watching me while i fap?
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: Looking for> autistic lulu slave that wants to hit diamond
nice tilte u got there anyway, if yi why not zilean instead of lulu zilean seems to be much better combination
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Snowball and playing from behind
i've seen 6 levels differences.... anyway, just bought pubg, had enough of lol
: Ranked Border question
it will be the one where you finish the season
: Brand passive during sudden death = 4000+ damage
: I love this community but i have no friends from ingame :( friendly people feel free to add me :D <3
: > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WaTEEEW0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-23T20:07:20.796+0000) > > People try mocking others for all kinds of usernames. If they do, mute or try ignoring them. If they had no way of making fun of your username, they&#x27;d probably find something else that&#x27;s off about you and if all fails, they&#x27;ll just insult you. Ah oke, so it's some kind of tilting stratergi? Quite lame strat, I have to say. Who gets tilted for having their username insulted?
imagine what kind of stuff they said to me :D
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: League Of Legends is not a "Game"
league of legends is a game that is the part you got it wrong just because it is e-sport it doesnt mean it is not a game, meant to be played for fun
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