TpT Sanity (EUNE)
: Riot destroying low elo players urf experience
I dont think urf is balanced by mmr You actually have 2 options in this case: 1 (easier) dont play urf 2 its just urf (fun mode) dont care about wins or loses
TeknoTel (EUW)
: Can i make mid only custom (using new client)?
I dont think you will be able to force bots mid at start but if you push fast they will go there eventually ;)
: Black screen in champ select
Riot Eambo wrote this about the issue: Hey everyone, We are currently aware of issues resulting in some players experiencing a black screen or delay in getting to champion select with the new client. This is believed to mainly affect players with a high number of friends. One potential workaround is to collapse all your friends folders - some players have been able to work around the issue this way. We are continuing to investigate this issue for a longer term fix.
: A very serious topic...
There isnt even any challenger or lcs player who playes perfectly they just make less mistakes (bcs of their mindset and experience)
: Autofilled after someone Dodged
Well probably that someone who dodged got autofilled in that game ;P I fully understand dodging if the one doing it accepts the punishment for it he must have a good reason
: Banned
Wellcome to the club xD my other (only vs ai) account was just banned for some reason I was only playing vs ai games with that as it was my first account and i loved the mode never got a warning never even said anything in chat (i dont think anybody would report me in a bot game) sure i picked yasuo/zed/ekko support but vs ai the adc could 1/2 bot lane anyway... (and they didnt argue about my pick) I didnt get a message about anything just the your account was banned screen when i tried to log in i didnt even ask riot since i dont care anymore for that account got bored of vs ai after about 5000 matches xP
: If you have the bigger premade, you win...
Well i agree that writing "easy" at the end of a game is toxic and anoying but thats not exclusive to premades solo players do that just as often And mostly if the enemy team has a premade your team has 1 too ;) I agree that it would be better if premades would q with premades but than 4 man premades werent possible ;/ Also try solo/duo ranked or go 5 man premade yourself ;P Normals are just normals i dont even understand your logic to "punish premades" as they dont break any of the rules simply by going premade
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: is it normal that i get boosted asf team mates in my promos?
It happens ;/ sry can happen to everyone Just for the record you are playing solo/duo and duoing with your support correct? :)
: Is Normal Draft feel harder than Blind?
It never occured to me blind feels "faster" for me but in draft i dont need to argue for roles xP in draft and blind you have the same mmr so you could have gotten that plat player in blind too i dont think the oponents would make blind easier On the other hand in blind your champions are not banned i play with a premade friend usually who only plays yasuo (legit NO other champion) so blind is the place for him ;P In conclusion i think when you a blind game its not garanted that you will have an easier time than starting a draft both can be "relatively" hard and easy to win But you could get the feeling like an example: your mmr got high you had smurfs playing by you and stuff in blind than you go some draft you lose them terribly feels unfair like a 10 game losing streak (just an example) so your mmr goes down and you change to blind and you are faceing players with lower mmr so it feels "easier" to win could happen ;P
Lørs (EUW)
: Carry low elo
Hi Lars! Could you tell us your main roles? An if you have a duo partner or playing pure solo (and if you even want to duo)
karolmo (EUW)
: Low elo games are messed up. (TLDR: Autofill and Placements need a fix)
You dont really need to win many games to get a good place in placements I lost 7 and won 3 in my placements and got into silver 3... im not an expert now but i was really new at that time (about 6 months ago in an other profile that was banned i still dont know why but i dont really care ;P) as this was my first moba ever and i still had a huge problem finding which character i controll in fights so u can imagine xD I wanted to get an elo as all my friends were already put somewhere but i didnt enjoy thoes games 30% win rate should be pretty terrible and i dont think my silver friends are terrible at this game xP so i think silver wasnt where i belonged (i got flamed less than in normals so that was a + xD)
: > [{quoted}](name=legroszabjatekos,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ep7nr4tU,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-13T16:05:34.901+0000) > > Dude comon there is but its balanced towards premades there arent many solo players there and i really dont understand why are you so into flex as a solo player :/ > > I have played flex as a full premade team and i didnt check the enemys rank but seemed fairly balanced by plays really?? u are just another %%%%%% like those i m finding in flex
Whats wrong with my I still dont see why are you so fixed on playing flex as a solo player by this comment i guess you dont even like the flex community... But if this is flustrating you so much we better end this conversation now :/
: > [{quoted}](name=legroszabjatekos,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ep7nr4tU,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-13T15:52:35.547+0000) > > But why are you solo in flex? Solo/duo is balanced for that if you dont want to premade leave flex for the premades ;) are u idiot or what? it doesnt matter wheter im solo or premade. the point is there should BE a balance in match making even in flex
Dude comon there is but its balanced towards premades there arent many solo players there and i really dont understand why are you so into flex as a solo player :/ I have played flex as a full premade team and i didnt check the enemys rank but seemed fairly balanced by plays
: im solo. i dont have friends to premade with. and nor i do need them playing solo should not let the matchmatking place bronze vs plat anyway
But why are you solo in flex? Solo/duo is balanced for that if you dont want to premade leave flex for the premades ;)
: People keep banning my champs because its not meta
Dont tell them what you want to pick just lock when allowed Also players who ban can ban what they want if they want to ban lux their decision pick someone else ;) like Yasuo riven tryndamere jax thiese are all fun :)
: Flex que is just bad and broken
Are you playing solo in flex??? Just play with a full premade and who cares after many losses your mmr will dropp anyway ;P In full premade won and lost games are both fun :)
: Sick and tired of league
There is a way just play with your premades and block all chat they cant ping on you and your premades wont flame you Nowdays i only start up lol when there is a 4 man premade group of friends asking for a toplaner xP
: They removed it because the normal draft population was lower than the blind pick population. Not discussing whether they should have removed a queue, removing normal draft was the most logical decision if they had to remove a queue.
There are no bans in blind and we can have 20 yasuos in 10 games xP <3 the champ Also roles are not so strict in blind and i usually see no support and duo jungle or top x)
: I know the tam is picked by some system that goes after KDA but I want to get to gold or higher to have a chance to compeat in my countury's championship and thay dont give a dam about what rank u are at flex. so it wont really mean anything for me.
Erm... :/ your best chanse is to duo with someone than and just focus on your cooperation with him
: I don't wanna be Toxic anymore
Play with friends who dont flustrate you and go on skype with them even if you flame you will be flaming the enemy most likely and on skype so it wont matter xP Skype wont ban you for it xD
: I have spectated some of the pro players play, and nodis so many mistakes thay should not be making in the challenger tie. and the avrage bronz player is shit, I have had 3 games in a row as adc where FX suport refuses to get sightstone. jungle does not gank top even if enamy jungle is babysitting, players just flame as all %%%%kks becus u were outplayed at one point in the game, ally not knowing communication with pings, like my last game every time I jump in a group of 2-3 the tank and the heawy dmg dealer were 3 seconds away but thay just walk away when i lead the charge wich would have been easy kills and a turret. So bronz eint anything compered to gold and above, I have now been playing 7 years, had 3 acounts in total wich I have mained and the best season was season 1. this is my 3rd ac becus i did not apsect being gold when the new rank system got out becus then I found gold players to suck bad. so i made another one, got that to ranked, nono, silver so then i made 3rd and been maining that one for past 5 years. and I can tell u bronz dont know teamplay or even communication. So being a team based player in bronz is living hell.
But dude... if you are so flustrated about players being picked for you than pick your own teammates go flex with a full team of friends and tear s**t up just have skype or teamspeak on everyone and your engages will be followed when they should be ;) Of course pro players make mistakes too they are humans the only ones not making mistakes are the scripters :P
: I tryed it, but dont like the thought of it, its not as fair as the solo becus in flex u might get a full team and be the only one thay dont know and thay all decide to report u u might as well get a ban. besides its just noobish to take a teammate with u in game, if u want to play u should be able to play alone, I would play with frends in this game but I am the only one of my frend group not in plantnum or ablove
Of course its not that good if you are playing solo in flex play as a full team Noobish to take a player with you in game??? Im sorry but in lcs they pick their players why would it be noobish to pick your teammates? Lol But reports dont mean a thing if you done nothing wrong None of my friends q alone not even for a vs ai game and its not noobish nobody is stuck on others mistakes none are giving up no flame no blame whatever stupid mistakes happen bcs we are best friends irl So what if they are plat? The full premade we are playing is usually (last season rank) 2 diamond (mid+jungle) gold supp silver adc and me top
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Riot....why DRAFT PICK?
Rito wants more ppl to play ranked draft (i guess) so who want to play draft will play ranked There is a solution thou ;) play full premade decide with friends who goes what role flex q or blind it doesnt matter you always get your role you are even immune to autofill ;)
: Stop these godam a holes in normals -_-
The more ppl you invite in your games the less a holes you get just play full premade normals are more fun if you pick your teammates Im playing in full premade even vs bots most of the time xP
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Actually, most people in Bronze are pretty good. If you compare average Bronze players with people that just start out to play the game, the difference is huge. I think that ranked should be available right from when you make the account. That way, you will really have bad players in Bronze and better players higher up. The system will adjust better too, because right now, the average Bronze player it's not playing bad. He knows to CS, he knows to ward, he does have game knowledge, just that it's more limited by a Silver player. For a casual player, the game can feel frustrating, because it's hard to feel a progression by playing more. There are Silver players that can CS just as better as pro players and that can tell you something about the level of their play.
If you say so i have never been in bronze but if you are not satisfied with your teammates picked by riot pick your own teammates just play flex q its the answer ;) Its just better to play with friends :)
: EUNE Flex queue player limit
??? You can play 5 man full premade in eune flex my brother just played like that something might be wrong with your client
: Moved to new region and im getting reported for smurfing
Dont worry dude almost all of my friends have an eune and euw account too... in normals smirfing doesnt even matter so what if you lost a normal game against a better player? You most likely thought something to new players If you are worried thou you could play bot games
: Bronzyes don't know how to play competativaly
Have you tried flex q? I hear you pick your teammates there ;) Also most ppl in bronze are bad??? Lol wtf? That is exactly why its bronze... no offense i want to say that ppl who are not good in a game should also be allowed to play
FprodUaka (EUW)
: ranks 8 wins 2 lose bronze 5 joking ?
Lol dude... i got placed in silver 5 after 7 lost and 3 won i think i belong lower but i dont mind being in 1 game with better or worse players than me.
: How do you deal with being bullied out of your lane in champion select.
I would dodge and play metal gear till the 5 min ban :P This is just a normal blind pick game right? Trolling him is fair imo it just doesnt feel good for me :/
: Agree. But i dont have enough ip for buy all of them:)
efol00 (EUNE)
: Yeah that was my guess too. It just makes the game boring and pointless. It's like playing against the same boss over and over and over again. But i think it's not gonna change anytime soon.
Everybody plays even the same champ a bit differently
: what i dont like about this is /apply for new players for sure/: 1) you can learn how to counter them, but when you face yorick or quinn or anivia or jayce etc and you dont know how to play against them in first several games /also those several games vs those unpopular champs wont be in a row but maybe 1 in a week even+the player skills will make you wonder did you improved or not vs those champs/ 2) teammates dont ban even 1 of those popular champs and got exactly 1 of those who will stomp them early game and in low elo its ggwp 3) they fit in most team comps while other like vlad, warwick, akali suffer pre6 where those popular champs got fed /cuz not everyone learnt to play against them yet/ and snowball
The best way to know how to play against a champ is to try it i had no idea how to play vs yas till i played him :)
efol00 (EUNE)
: What about the other champions?
True but have you played thiese champs? Yas vayne and kha are so fun to play as x3
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Not so common in low elo
Not common in higher either they will most likely try but fail miserably My dia 2 jungle main friend is just prefect when doing jungle but he himself said most ppl in bronze play adc better than him xP
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Everytime I get autofilled with Support, I just pick Zilean. Tons of fun and that R can win a game alone
I picked the weekly free support x) blitz and zyra were my favs But that doesnt work in ranked ;/
: Considering what day it is, I am not sure if that making your day is good, or really depressing.
Some extra happiness thanks man merry christmas :D
Aseraan (EUW)
: Yes something needs to be done and i have an idea 1st every one who want to autofill to be removed get a god damn backbone and play some support its in the system cuz of u ppl from the start the midlane fanatics who think he deserv to play mid every time he que up nomatterwhat it would be a decent start
Forcing ppl to support is the reason they hate autofill... I would say duoing with a support is a much better idea to take autofill off your back
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Something needs to be done about Autofill and it's consequences
I know you are not happy about a yasuo support but not everybody has a character for each role i for 1 am a top mid main some of my top champs (aatrox or jax) can go jungle and i can play them there but i have absolutely no champions for bot lane if getting autofilled to adc or supp and cant dodge anymore might as well play the game out as ekko supp (buying supp items and not stealing farm from the adc)
skocc (EUW)
: Anti-fun,and you mention Nasus, Singed and Tryndamere? If anyone is Anti-fun its Yasuo and Fizz.
Meh zyra heimer and teemo are worse imo (even thou zyra is the reason i dont dodge anymore if i need to support xD)
: LP tied to performance
I dont think this system would be that good and the getting S system is so messed up i got S+ for first play blitz or for an average ekko game when bot lane carried me actually... But like cant seem to get a decent S Aatrox game even when winning even thou i main the Darkin...(lots of A+-es) And my premade yasuo is getting S+-es every game we play together There is a solution thou if you dont like the players picked for you pick your own teammates xD im doing that all the time go premade
: Do something to Ahri
Dude x) just pick {{champion:157}} like everybody does and she will feel so underpowered ;D I wouldnt dare to pick her bcs im seeing yas in every game i play nowdays (Not like im hateing it)
: can people get ban for splitpushing??
"Splitpushing" is neither bannable nor an offense BUT refusing to communicate with your team is. On the other hand its less punished by riot than swearing so... Idk i dont think they would ban you worst case scenario you get a warning message x)
: I would not recommend off-meta picks in Solo-Q. People don't listen or try to understand what you want to do. Perhaps you have to play with premades or normals...
Agreed its not the offmeta champ being the problem but if the team doesnt trust the champ (even if they dont say it) you wont be able to use them to their full potencial I would say premades is the best option
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Why would it be flustrating? You cant really "force" anyone out of the game and it wouldnt be worth its a game having a good time is better than winning xP
: Why is vayne. SOOOO op
Vayne is strong she has a chanse in 1v1s with her "overloaded" kit But she cant make the most of her true damage without enough attackspeed she cant build much resists she goes down pretty easy with burst (pl zed) or cc (pl lissandra) if you want to beat her in lane catlyn ;)
Adi Swidan (EUNE)
: It is getting really annoying !!
The dc is real :/ sometimes the internet just wont connect neither you nor them can do anything about it I would recommend for Riot that they should improve the ai in the game and the dcd player could be replaced with a bot for now it wouldnt work well bots make the same mistakes over and over but after some improvements maybe the advice and playstyle of some lcs players and the bots could become a 0 reaction time never miss a skillshot and never make a mistake beasts ;)
: How come that I get garbage, feeding, sh*t teammates in my ranked games?
Common rito already gave a solution: dynamic forever :D Just pick your teammates and queue together simple xP Im doing this all the time in my coop vs ai games and i got like 96% win rate ;) (vs ai)
: No effect of the auto fill bonus
Fill is still support as it has always been not many ppl play supp sadly x) But at least we appreciate a good support better this way right? ;P
mindemile (EUW)
: What was i supposed to do with such useless players ??
Nothing x) this is a team game some games can be lost bcs of your mistakes some bcs of others mistakes This game was lost bcs of your teammates mistakes not all games are winnable but you can always try ;)
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