: Someone dies=ggwp ff15 go next
My top dies once : Open? %%%%ing annoying.
Nelzy (EUNE)
: Perma banned for flaming
Nelzy: thking hes tyler 1 Nelzy: while hes wildturtle HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lmao
Hydnoras (EUW)
: IP bans are not a thing.
I never said it was :/,should be though for people that intentionally ruin other peoples games cause it's not their day or something.
Rondö (EUW)
: *in every elo and normal games too (bcs people are sh@#$)
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Ìxeas (EUW)
: Reconnecting usually fixes it.
: 1 - I agree about the smurfs and boosters... it's kinda retarted if diamond player plays in bronze account to boost his newbie friend that will get carried let's say to platinum and then drop back in bronze while ruining people's games because he simply doesn't belongs there. 2 - About the flamers you can just mute them and play your game, in games where someone decides to feed or troll/not even try you should stop be trying too and move to the next game because there is no point to waste your energy in such games. 3 - About tutorials... really dude? You need tutorial for pressing 4 keys that have description which explains what they do? You must be special case... 4 - That's your own problem how you spend your time. If you are like me, being able to play only after work for 2-3 hours and whenever you got any free time left during the weekend then you shouldn't even try to play competetive. Play the game for fun and don't bother to play ranked. You can still improve playing that way and you won't get tilted of ranked lose streaks. 5 - About streaming people won't watch you for your rank but for the streamer you are. Theres many casual players that streams league and still gets visitors and you can also stream many other games not just league.
I agree but the 3rd one was kind of rude.
: Self peel on a champ with free flash evrey 6 sec xD rofl
Keep in mind his q is his only dmg ability apart from his ult,and it's a skillshot ability.
: The difference between IBG being used on say a {{champion:54}} against using it on an {{champion:81}} is Malphite actually has to get close to you to proc the slow zone. Ezreal can just spam his low ass cooldown 1150 range Q.
You have to remember ezreal is in a absolutely attrocious state right now,and ironically gauntlet gives him less damage and he's kind of obligated to buy it sometimes.But the slow is kind of annoying agreed.
: Bring back the "Unskilled player" report feature
Not only was this option useless,it sounds really childish.You simply cannot report someone for being unskilled,you can if he is obviously trolling/inting.MY OPINION.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Multiple mains? Or stick to 1..
Stick to a certain type of champion,maining alistar probably means you would enjoy playing thresh/leona or even tahm.About the multiple mains thing,I'm not too sure cause it's support.
: First of all try restarting your computer, if it doesn't works then try repairing or reistalling client. Could also be drivers issue so try updating video drivers if theres a new release or just reinstall them. If that still doesn't fixs your problem it's best to send a ticket to Riotgames and follow their instructions. (i know it sounds as a joke but have been helped about client and even my own computer's issues in a ticket)
Thanks for the feedback,but it's not about restarting my computer or even the drivers issues,cause I have asked my friend and he has the same issue,thus those 2 fixes are out of the question.So before sending a ticket I'll wait a little bit for other solutions.
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steef59 (EUW)
: dark harvest in aram
Yeah people,go %%%% yourselves for trying to have fun on a game mode that's made for fun.
L0rd B7 (EUNE)
: Why am I so HORRIBLE
Practice makes perfect.You aren't consistent and probably play for fun rather than learning the game.GL HF.
purde991 (EUW)
: cmon, be happy that you can play the game... I've got lag spikes and fps drops in every game. AFK players and such will always be and always were. Deal with it, move on, if you are good you will hit masters again... :)
Unfortunatley,that's not the case,becasue Riot sabotages me every %%%%ing game,and im not even tilted or anything at this point.I want those no life kids that wintrade IP banned momentarily,that would lead to justice.
Solash (EUW)
: Real Talk: Saying stuff like "Better jungler/bot/county mailman wins" is like the bronzest thing
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Everlon (EUW)
: Hey thanks for the tip. I tried to update the graphics driver but it the problem still persist :/ also reinstalled / repaired a couple of time. Not sure if it has anything with mac OSX to do hmm
aww man that's sad,hope you fix it soon!
roughvan (EUNE)
: Playing doesn't feel as rewarding anymore (New level based IP/BE rewards)
RNG lvl ups are "cancerous" ,I have no idea why not just give us BE after games...good post,upvote.
: Good luck to Maokais with last hitting, that shit is horrible without attackspeed and there is bunch of champions like that with these kind of little things that runes made bearable.
Well good,%%%% that super tank which could carry two whole seasons,time to get rid of him,sorry not sorry.
: By using your brain for once. There are MULTIPLE new key masteries that will give you more burst, there's even a fervor clone.
Thank you for that one.
: They nerfed AP champs in an already MR tank meta even more by removing early magic penetration. Overall gameplay seems clunky and only benefits physical damage champs.
The thing is,aps have way too much burst damage,though it has been "nerfed" in your opinion,their roaming potential has been improved and destroying towers is still benefiting them much,take into consideration ap twisted fate with blue cards and a few mountains,50% of the towers hp in one targeted ability,basically what this means is you can get an ace and literally almost end the game,the other option is splitpush. The one thing that is worse that you have to set your runes accordingly in this season in order for them to work,but the good thing is the new runes give us variety of options to choose from.
: P.S.: This all has already been reported to the Support Team, with uncensored pictures. May the banhammer crush those worthy of it. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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skinTDM (EUNE)
: Earning blue essence is a pain in the ass
This is kind of bullshit,true.
Walltr (EUW)
: 14 suspension because I got trolled mutipletimes
Meh,when I do these kinds of post I got downvoted like mad,so here have a downvote,well just cause,I love this community and it's hypocrisy,the system is clearly rigged.


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