m0rc (EUNE)
: another fine example : [](https://imgur.com/a/TmFyQFj)
m0rc (EUNE)
: Nexus Blitz matchmaking is unfair
another fine example : [](https://imgur.com/a/TmFyQFj)
: >This takes the fun out of the mode and makes me turn back to ARAM, as at least that has a balanced matchmaking. Hah... That's a good one. >A diamond 2 player will win lane 99/100 times against silvers/golds, even if he's trying out a new champion. True but you don't need to win a lane in nexus blitz because there is no real laning phase in that mode.
I know there is no laning phase in a classic way, like in a summoners rift game, but you should get the point. In most situations, the high elo team will come out to be winner. Also the way you can snowball from some events, just make the mechanically good players exceptionally hard to kill and this even makes it worse.
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