: Current situation of fiora.
Well they nerfed her and then reverted some of the nerfs. I never liked her and banned her every game but I don't play any ranked no more so idk.
: How to get to challanger?
modyxasem (EUNE)
: Caitlyn or vayne
If ur looking to climb {{champion:18}} is better.
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: i honestly can't handle the flame anymore
/mute all /mute pings, jeez why do people even try to communicate these days when u know ur gonna get more harass then info-
: name change
13900 ip is much lul...
Erbík (EUNE)
: Punishment deserved?
You can be happy you didn't get banned. I don't recommend typing stuff like this since it will probably lead to perma ban. Your account is flagged now and will be watched how are you improving your behaviour.
: Does anyone know what happened to Ghost to lane - Youtube?
I'm glad he doesn't upload. He was supporting scripters and putting his felow bronze friends into diamond mmr games for content.
ItsRash (EUNE)
: Unbanning BakaPrase
HAHAHAHAH I was waiting for that ban for years. He's toxic EUNE player from Balkan region (Serbia) and he streams on Youtube.
: Im about to quit League, this is unacceptable!
Just wait. Next pack will be Rakan and Taric too.
: Key Fragments subtext needs change
There's nothing wrong with that. I still got one key frag after a game. They should only add that you can get them randomly while on client too or on login.
Treycos (EUW)
: Since I don't think that there's any option to lower the resolution of your highlight, better specs Or lower the game's graphic settings
I'll try it thanks for the info!
Deidaras (EUNE)
: Twisted Fate Rework
I really like that you put his W in passive because it really should be champion's passive rather than ability that does multiple things. Upvoted!
: no black market brawlers :< but still gonna upvote q-q
Holy sh1t! I forgot about that gamemode but seems like so did Riot because all the gamemodes in the pictures are all the Fun Gamemodes on the LoL wikia. So Black Market isn't even mentioned there, seems like Riot didn't like it :/
Treycos (EUW)
: Yup, recording your highlight, take a great percent of your CPU usage, that's totally normal The same thing happens when you start recording with fraps or OBS, or any other recording software
That sucks man is there anything I could do about it to somehow lower the CPU usage? Or need better specs.
29Freedom (EUW)
: Something is really wrong with League (and it is being neglected)
Nothing strange. This is the reason for about 65% people on why they quit league. I use /mute all and /mute pings at start of the game to keep myself cool because I dont need info when they dont even provide any but BM pings and flame. It will be like this until Riot gives permanent chat restriction to those who already got one several times and yet keep on flaming. No perma ban will stop them from making new acc and being even more toxic cuz they got permad.
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: Disconnecting with Low Ping and High FPS
Maybe u got ddosed did anyone else dc in your team?
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: My friend and I dont get honors anymore
Honoring your premade does no progress towards next honor level.
: Final mission
Is this mission in a Dungeon Pass? Because my last missions were win a game with Veigar/Blitzcrank on either team.
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Treycos (EUW)
: There's a difference between "unbalanced" and "unplayable" Sona and ryze made the game unplayable Just like veigar and fizz...
Why are Veigar and Fizz still available then? I played against them and could win. That means they aren't unplayable against.
Ravnir (EUNE)
: Sivir AA VGU
Then you could say how does Gragas throw his barrel but still has it in hand, or Nidalee's spear etc. There's tons of champs like that but League is not supposed to be realistic game so things like that will probably not change.
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: My thoughts on levels in the honor system.
If u read FAQ about honor system you would know that playing with ur premade and just trading honors with him every game makes no progress.
: For more than a year, i've been hardstuck in plat V-III. Recently...
That's great to hear because I had the similar situation with my nickname, and even tho I'm not a competitive player I improved since then.
Woozî (EUW)
: Toxicity won't go away with this righteous bann system
I agree. IMO they should get a perma chat restriction after few of them with a warning on the last one that the next one will be permanent.
: ARURF - All Random URF - Really?
Because they are on free rotation and most people dont have a lot of champs.
God of Seas (EUNE)
: - Did you fall from heaven? Because you look like urgot.
: Anyone else get Honor 4?
I saw a lot of ppl with it but I just got my 3rd.
: Riot is this suppose to happen?
Yeah it should not happen, but those are minor things that are easy to forget when implementing missions but it's good for us heh.
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Voidner (EUNE)
: No offence but can i not see this?
LMFAO I was just thinking this when I saw the Cringy faces pro players make.
xephio67 (EUW)
: Basically...Urf
Next thing u know. All random one for all
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: Cho gath is too strong
> if hes left open in solo queue hes pretty much free elo, you're kinda forced to dodge or lose mmr if that was true his winrate would be 100% but it's ~51,5%
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Where on earth are the actually fun game modes?
: What annoys you most?
Getting killed by a bad Yasuo player.
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Draft Pick: What should you do if someone steals your role?
Yo screenshot the champion select, go play your role, at the end report the player. That's what I do. Who do they think they are that they can take whatever role they want. It's literally like going home from class whenever you want just because "you feel like it". They need to learn the lesson and you can show them the hard way. They dont have fun in game and they get punished (hopefully) after.
hes getting vgu soon chill
: My main account got banned for "use of malicious 3rd-party programs"???
Hmm. Did you by any chance access some links which required you to "login" with your League username and password. There are tons of scams like that out there which get your password if you do "login" to their site. I hope you get your acc back.
Meriipu (EUW)
: Do not show "DID YOU KNOW" ingame
Only if those tips were useful and not lore related.
: FPS drop since the new 7.15 patch
: I quit ranked,this happens too much in my games.
League of legends is the most unpredictable game. Tables can turn at any point during any minute. Trolls/afks can be at any team not just yours, If you find yourself getting frustrated I suggest playing normals.
Shinvo (EUW)
: Client Logout option?
Raketistas (EUNE)
: This is NOT the champion I unlocked.
It's all in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You agree with every patch that you accept something you purchase can be changed in the future and there is no refund if you wasted your 3 refunds. Maybe Riot can make an exception for your case since it's not something you bought with RP but you will probably not get IP back so I wouldn't suggest.
: EUW players comming to play in EUNE
They wouldn't be playing on EUNE if they thought the ^ things listed about the server.
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