: The reason ADCs don't want mage supports is because there are a lot of autofilled players who never played botlane in their life and they think they are too good to play support so they play a carry mage support and fail miserably. I have no problem playing with a mage support if they know what they are doing. The problem, it seems to me, is that you're playing tank/engage supports similar to how you play mages and that is not good. As a tank support, you need to force the opponents to focus you. Of course that depends a lot on matchups and everyone's positioning, how healthy everyone is, etc, but generally you don't want to be in a safer position than your adc. Especially when you have no reason to: you can win trades/all-ins, you are warded up/have info on the jungler, the enemy does not have sums, is on cooldowns, lower health, low mana, etc... I see so many tank/hard engage supports sitting in a bush waiting for a hook or just always 500 units behind me when we have the advantage and we can easily zone them off and instead I'm all alone getting zoned by a janna. Also, when you leave lane to ward, help other lane, base etc, just do an OMW ping so that your ADC knows what you are up to. Don't just randomly wander off. Also, when playing hook supports, the rule of " just because you can, doesn't mean you should" applies. When you're behind or simply in an unfavorable matchup, don't just go for any hook you can get and even if you do, you don't have to fully commit to it. A hook and stun from naut plus some damage from the adc on the enemy supp caught slightly out of position could lead to a good trade that allows you to turn the pressure game back around. Just take it and back off. So, to answer your question, it depends a lot on the ADC I am playing. If I'm playing an early champion who I know I can win lane with, then I prefer a hard engage support simply because we have more kill potential/snowball opportunity. If I'm playing a scaling ADC then I prefer a poke support that can keep pressure on them while I farm up and wait for my powerspikes or enchanter/healer/ranged cc that can keep me alive during the laning phase.
Agreed. I always try to say that support item is essential for the gold and vision to autofilled supports who start with{{item:1056}} . I still don't know how no one in team says them this and without cs idk how they this they can get gold they need. By safe positioning, I mean- I am constantly moving and trying to avoid their poke/cc when the ADC players are more or less stationary; opponent ADC also are same and easy to engage with Naut's broken Q hitbox. Some games the ADC follows, to get the kill or push them out of lane to get cs lead; but most of the games because they don't follow,even after lot of pings and writing in chat-opponents try to tank my damage and go 2v1 on ADC. Some games after I engage, damage and retreat, the ADC will engage putting themselves in 1v2 situation. If opponents have enough damage ({{champion:99}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:63}} kind of supports) they end up killing the ADC and just escape from me with low HP. After few such kills, they just repeat the same thing. _So, to answer your question, it depends a lot on the ADC I am playing. If I'm playing an early champion who I know I can win lane with, then I prefer a hard engage support simply because we have more kill potential/snowball opportunity. If I'm playing a scaling ADC then I prefer a poke support that can keep pressure on them while I farm up and wait for my powerspikes or enchanter/healer/ranged cc that can keep me alive during the laning phase. _ Nice-so I should have atleast 1 pick from 3 types of support right? I specifically checked for healer/shield based champions, because many games myself+adc were ahead-but like the issue with naut, sometimes the solo laners insta-delete adc in 1v2 situation against us and I don't do enough burst damage to kill them; they escape with low hp which could've been turned around if adc was alive for few more seconds. Even if it is like 1v1 trade, it is far better than giving them kill and getting nothing/a flash.
: Low elo it doesn’t really matter, your gonna do a hell of a lot better playing something you can play than trying to synergies with your laner... if your good enough with a champion then that’s gonna give you the best chance at victory regardless of what your ally wants. And people don’t like supports like Zyra cause they either feed or take all the kills, aka bad ones give the lot a bad name
Yes. I played {{champion:143}} for many games and she is great: almost wins the lane, even as 1v2-but late game I was building her wrongly; I was going for {{item:3157}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3111}} /{{item:3047}} and fell behind in damage. Have to go for full AP build on her.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: pyke? :D
Ya, learning him too. I am so noob that I channel the Q for so long but still miss it.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Let me know if you have any questions about {{champion:267}} , she's a really decent champion and probably one of the best enchanters. She's also very fun to play. Also, about hitting the bubble: If your opponent isn't CC-ed, they'll always be able to dodge your Q, so throwing blind Qs are not likely to hit. If your adc has no CC, your best chances of landing them is to first slow them with an E autoattack, and then throw the bubble, or you can follow up your ult with a bubble, because they'll be knocked up and then slowed. OR you can use your bubble to zone them, like when they're chasing you or when you're chasing them, then if you throw the bubble properly, it either hits them, or they have to dodge it sideways, in which case they waste a little time not going on the shortest path. So your Q isn't a thing you just throw alone if you want to poke them, you either use it for zoning, or follow a slow or a stun with it. Maybe in low elo they're not that good at dodging Nami bubbles that blind bubbles might also hit, but any non-CC-ed decent player could easily dodge a bubble, because it's just slow.
Thanks. This is really useful trick. Just bought her and will learn her in few days.
: Solo Q is random. In a random game you can try to play a support/support like Janna or a tank/support like Leona and fail coz your team fails to do good or even follow nice engages like CC Queen, so...As solo Q support try to play a carry support so you are able to "support" and carry what others don't, just like brand, lux, etc...
Yes. {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}} can carry, but they rely on adc not getting behind. Though I sometimes use Neeko passive and clone to opponent's abilities or Zyra's plants to block something like {{champion:555}} Q, it is not that reliable and when I play {{champion:111}} unless I bodyblock it, the adc players gets targeted and cc'd. This sometimes leads to adc not in lane or just soft inting because all these three champions don't have shield. I should play {{champion:99}} more, she has shield to mitigate damage and great overall. {{champion:63}} I am learning, have lot of trouble landing the stun(either I miss my Q or hit it too late).
Silent Note (EUNE)
: It really depends on the adc's preference. I climbed to plat playing Nami and Sona 95% of my games, and some adcs were happy that I had a strong pick, others would've preferred me playing a playmaker support, like Thresh, or something more tanky. Although for me, the fact that I have a lot of experience on Sona and Nami, know the damage outputs and know my limits, makes it more effective playing them than picking someone that my adc wants but I don't have that much experience on. A lot of the times it also depends on how good the support is with the given adc, and how much synergies they have, but I always played what I was the most comfortable with.
Oh! Nice. Ya, I am thinking of learning {{champion:267}} as she is great because due to 2 cc and heal with a buff; I am having hard time landing her Q(bubble) because it is different to the cc spells I am used to (morgana, lux, zyra, neeko, naut have cc spells that are easy to land). Many adc players don't want mage supports and tanks(I play {{champion:111}} ) sometimes can't do much if opponents ignore me totally. Sometimes I feel like if adc is a hyper carry like {{champion:222}} or {{champion:67}} I think keeping them alive as long as possible is better than peeling for them, because many games I had good adc players who literally stomp on opponents, but even in 2v1 we fail to kill opponent solo laners sometimes because they insta-delete ADC and I don't have the burst damage.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: go play your strongest and ignore what others say, plus never pick the champion your adc says because in all my silver games when i picked what my adc wanted we lost the game because the adc dont even know how said champ works (for example i had braum once with tristana, and she just couldnt grasp the concept of braum being melee and that i cant follow her when she jumps around like a madman...)
Yes. I had great trouble while learning {{champion:111}} because I would engage with Q, slow with E and root with Q-but they will not follow; later when my abilities are on cd, they dash in/flash in to go for kill and I couldn't follow everytime. Maybe we should try assassins as support, as they usually have multiple gap closers.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the supports that make you win the game without them
Aye. That is why I prefer mage supps in general, but seeing change in win rates and ADC soft(?) inting due to it, I am thinking of learning an enchanter/healer supp.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: What the ADCs want: {{champion:40}} , {{champion:16}} ,{{champion:37}} What the ADCs get: {{champion:99}} ,{{champion:555}} What the ADCs needs: {{champion:9}}
Rioter Comments
Jupimm (EUNE)
: Is the Matchmaking ever going to be Fixed?
It is because every queue has different ratings and yes, I agree that it is kind of unfair as well as not fun to have such games. Problem is how to transfer from mmr from ranked queues to normal. Imo there should be two options for queing: 1) current one, where finding games quicker is given more weightage; 2) let players have an option to set prerequisites (level, rank, number of ranked games, win ratio, no autofills,average kda, kp, damage,...) for normals as well as ranked. The second option may have increased queue times, but atleast we can check the fairness of the games with filters we set and this will avoid unfair games.
: Silver elo is an absolute mess. Here's why:
Yes, I have played in Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold, found Silver to be the worst of all. Especially when it comes to chatting and wasting time, like they miss cs, get killed or waste their summoners only because they chat. Game-play wise it is even worse-because there are many players who just chase kills without even farming; forget about objectives, they miss all cs to try to get a kill-end up feeding opponents and miss even more cs. I was in Silver for long time and have picked up many of the bad habits like wasting time in chat, spamming surrender and giving up easily. It is actually hard to change these because, chat can be muted and avoided, but seeing lanes going like 0/5/0 in first 5-10 minutes and continue to feed opponents mean its game over and hard to stop the giving up mentality.
Xplosion101 (EUNE)
: Why do I keep getting players who feed a lot in my ranked teams? How can I carry better? [No names]
Imho your second part of the question is probably what you should emphasize more. I am not a top main, but let me give my suggestions: 1) Top lane is mostly islanded and don't expect your jungle to gank/camp you. Just try to snowball and many top laners can 1v2(in case of opponent jg ganking/camping you). Don't try to 1v2 from start, at start try to survive opponent ganks and once you're strong enough you can punish them. 2) Try to improve your CS/min. Anything in range of 6-7 cs/min is good for climbing and remember that around 15cs is worth of 1 kill. Champs like Kled and Morde are hard to kill and once you get good cs lead, you can solo carry. 3) Try to stick to 1 role and 2-3 champions; if you're good with Kled and Morde, just play them lot. Kled is better because he is very strong in top lane now I guess; also players don't know how his mounting works, so you can abuse it to get lot of kills by baiting them. 4) Always try to get the rift herald before turret plates fall; if you're ahead it can be taken solo and if you get few turret plates due to it, it helps you to get ahead easily. 5) If you have TP use it to get to other lanes to help them get ahead; if not and if you play champions like kled, panth, sion use their ults to goto jg fights or mid to help your jg or mid. Having TP or such ults are also useful for split-pushing or joining fights faster. Also have a look at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixqka1eX0gk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB6HoOlS9NE
xFrosten (EUW)
: Why does so many people "report call" and why does riot games not do ANYTHING about it
If a player flames a lot, but carries the game-usually team mates won't report; but if a player feeds/trolls/afk and flames, team mates report. So which player do you think will get punished? I think the report system is made like "who gets reported, will gets his/her chat/actions reviewed"and as long as no one reports, the chat/actions won't be reviewed. Unless someone says report calling is reportable and punishable players don't know it; I myself wasn't aware of it and got to know it from boards discussions.
: idk cause boards hate me and u are maybe one of few people who sometimes write something neutral under my posts but even you will eventually hate me without knowing like others do
hahaha No. I don't hate anyone in game or on boards, because it is just an online game/forum, where we don't even know who is on other side of pc. In game I do flame at times, but those are always return flame and I rarely mark some player to hate outside of reporting them. I downvote shit posts only and if somehow you start shit posting, I will downvote yours :P
: still no ban for people who admit to feeding in chat
Even if someone feeds or afk after mentioning it in chat, it is somehow hard to differentiate it from having a bad game. This is why players are troll feeding and lol I don't even know why they downvote this post(as well as few others of yours).
: because this is not the active account i am using in game lols
Oh! If you're playing ranked, from Lp gain and loss, we can somewhat estimate in which range the mmr is and ofcourse this can change with winning/losing streaks. If you're gaining more LP and losing less, your mmr is higher than the current rank's mmr range(by few divisions); if LP gain is slightly above the loss, mmr is nearby the current rank's mmr-slightly higher like 1 rank. if LP gain is lesser or equal to LP lost, mmr is lower than or equal to the current rank's mmr. Imo ranking is pessimistic, so we will always be placed in ranks lower than our mmr. With 100+ games it usually gets to the actual mmr and after that it is slightly difficult to climb faster unless there are constant winning streaks and high win ratio.
Zedaholic (EUW)
: Riot should start punishing the people that AFK instead of focusing on bad words being said in game.
I think you got chat restricted for things like: Zedaholic: you are all bad lol wtf Zedaholic: dipshit Zedaholic: stfu feed more And not for saying silvers. I agree that afk players should have real punishment and if possible it should be treated same as being toxic. Although I too flame at times due to afk players, it is better to not do so.
It is really annoying and just play custom games with friend (surr at 8 min) or play bot games(intro-can finish by 12 mins). They are more interested in releasing skins and TFT, probably not at all interested with fixing the client.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Matchmaking is bad due to it being inclined more towards giving games faster and don't worry about fairer games this myth is made by ppl who are bad and cant win games... matchmaking works like this: lets say you have 1500 mmr, so when you join the queue the game tries to find 9 other player with 1500 mmr = fair match, but if it cant do it in a reasonable time then it starts to find players between 1400 and 1600 mmr, then if it still cant find enough ppl it goes for between 1300 and 1700 and so on until it finds 10 player to start a match, which means the shorter the queue time the more fairer the matchmaking... there is a different issue though, which is why ppl say that matchmaking is bad: its the trolls.. they have nothing to do with matchmaking they are just jerks who think that ruining the game for others is funny/entertaining... and you can NOT make a matchmaker that can filter out trolls, because noone sees the future
It is not a myth and many players complaining about how bad it is have games that are totally unfair; it is because matchmaking prioritizes queue time and not fair match or position(autofills). Shorter queue time doesn't mean fairer matches, because it tends to give team mates who are totally not in same mmr range and autofills so that every player gets the game fast. If it is the case, there is no need to hide mmr; even if there are valid reasons to hide mmr they can have some sort of visible metric for showing how each of the factors for matchmaking are weighed: 1)queue time, 2)fair matching, 3) position. I agree with trolls part, but it is not always them who ruins the games; for example in your last played ranked game-your opponent team had 2 unranked players who were new and duo and 1 unranked player who was old player; now is this fair matching to put a team of G3 S2 G4 G3 S1 vs U(d) G4 U(d) U S3? The game for team B isn't ruined because players were trolling, but simply because they were put in a game where they couldn't do anything. Draven player's first game and Talon player's 8th game, with Talon going 2-5 till that game. Consolation comment of mmr being same doesn't apply here and we can come up with many such examples from going through match history. This is simply because matchmaking didn't want to wait to find a fair game, where every player's mmr is nearby and overall teams' average mmr are nearby and wanted to find the game faster; in promos, it gives unfair games so that player in promos have to carry trolls/afk/feeders. They can be good, but can't win games because matchmaking gives them unfair games. It is a team game and asking players to solo carry games is just stupid.
: I had 60% winrate on trynd on normals
MMR isn't visible and any site giving mmr is just an estimation, not at all accurate. I don't see any game history op.gg or league of graphs.
: promotional games
Matchmaking is bad due to it being inclined more towards giving games faster and don't worry about fairer games; in and around promos, it seems to give players on losing streak or who get reported for afk/feed/troll/griefing to make it hard to win and promote. I remember that I had to play Silver 1 to Gold 4 promos 5 times and I know it is frustrating with such team mates; there is not other way-but to just keep playing till system decides to give good team mates for promos. And, it isn't "play good to climb" and lot of times it is like RNG for luck; if we're lucky we get good team mates/bad opponents.
: idk, i totally argued with the two trolls, dunno if i used insults but wouldnt surprise me
ah! Thing is non-supportive picks aren't liked by many ADC players in low level as well as silver and below ranked players. I know that {{champion:35}} supp is fun and in normals it isn't a big deal(I play different picks like this for chests); my suggestion is to start muting if someone's attitude is negative and just to be on safer side,always mute the chat.
: Getting accused of "losing lane" when i got 3 towers and 1 inhib advantage. Then i get banned :)
Are you sure you didn't abuse others? if you just afk'd I don't think you will get a ban.
: Can you changed the suggested items on Naut?
Iirc there is an option to choose Recommended->Support for Naut. If not, yes it needs to be changed. I think it is better to have recommended items for support role to have {{item:3301}} {{item:3303}} {{item:3307}} automatically(just like jungler means {{item:1041}} {{item:1039}} and no need to search for the starting items). I am sometimes confused why many players (not just new players, but players who play for long time) just start with recommended items, though they're bad(like {{item:2033}} for Naut, {{item:1056}} for Lux).
: What is wrong with the matchmaking?
Normals, Ranked solo/duo and Ranked flex have individual mmr and ranks; while I agree that it is unfair and not so fun to play games where there is big skill difference, it is because of the separate mmr. Probably it is better to transfer solo queue ranks to other queues (atleast for normals) while finding a game, to make the games fairer and enjoyable. On the brighter side, use these games to improve your game.
: why don't they make support gain the same gold as adc?
While I understand that you're trying to make support role attractive with this, {{item:3301}} {{item:3303}} got nerfed(requiring an ally to be nearby for the gold) because they got abused by solo lanes. No farm {{champion:26}} or {{champion:117}} top with {{item:3310}} kind of strats were simply op, because one can manipulate and get lot of gold from it (as well as it gave extra vision). Also how could we give more gold to support? In theory support items are low priced and that is why support role gets less gold; champs like mage support or {{champion:555}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:22}} support need more gold because they build non-support items. I think the better option is to buff support items and enchanters+tank supports. if something like {{item:3504}} is buffed, I have no problem to switch to enchanter support from mage support.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: People who say support is the hardest role are bullshitting
Imo support isn't the hardest; it is jungle. Having to baby sit ADC players who are like positioning badly, cs badly, not trading, pushing blindly and feeding as soon as supp is warding or roaming or going to base isn't the "carry me" role. It is easier than Jungle, who has to babysit 4 other players and ADC, who have to scale well without dying; but it is harder than mid and top. In a 2v2 lane, where trades are constantly happening, it isn't just warding and shield/healing ADC-but more than that; apart from proper trading, vision and wave management in lane, they've to track opponents, communicate with ADC who may not even listen and make sure to get ADC ahead in cs/kills/both as well as ping/write in chat multiple times to stop them from blindly pushing and feeding. Especially in low elo, playing support is harder because ADC players are just bad and who gets fed first can snowball; so getting the first kill or first few kills to an ADC who is standing still and auto-attacking minions, not seeing map or pings or chat and not in VC is like finding a needle in haystack. I am not saying all ADC players are like this, but majority are like this. I have had ADC players who legit ks me, with flash/dash to get last hit when I do like 90-95% damage in 1v2 fight while they're and grief/troll/afk/feed when they fail to ks me; and if by anychance support ks ADC it is like activating the troll feeder afk switch in ADC. Forget about ks, I have seen ADC players who went afk or went on feeding spree because a support took some cs(happened to me 2-3 times). Still you think support isn't harder? Play mage support ({{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:518}} ) and right from champ select the ADC will grief or troll of feed. Idk if you've ever played support, but why not play supp in ranked from now and show that it isn't hard as supp mains say? Instead of shit-posting, I would like to see someone switch roles and do what they preach to others.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: There should be an option to choose a slower queue to avoid autofill in ranked
Problem is players completely avoid playing certain roles and that is why autofill was brought in.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: suspended for "trolling" in bronze :D :D :D
Are you sure it was a ban due to trolling? I mean what was the reason they gave in the ban notification? I am not sure there is an option to report for trolling, so just want to know it. If he was banned temporarily(which I assume is the case here as you mention as suspension)it isn't big deal, he can take a break and chill, play other games.
: Explain to me this.
This is how bad matchmaking is; especially in and around promos you can expect it to give new players, trolls, feeders, afks and those with low win ratio or losing streaks. Don't listen to consolation comments like mmr is same, because it is stupid to assume that an unranked player playing 1st game surely can't have same mmr as gold 4 player. Also this can't even be checked and idk why players think that others will believe such illogical things. Because matchmaking is inclined more towards giving games faster, it makes unfair games like this. To avoid this there should be a better matchmaking system, probably with an option for players to check the fairness of the games made through visible metrics; better option is to give players a chance to set prerequisites for their team mates(like rank, kda, kp, damage, no autofill, number of games played, level, win ratio,...) though it may increase the queue timings. p.s: If you read how rank is calculated, you will know how it is related to mmr and why matchmaking is bad; unranked players having high silver /low gold mmr is how bad the mmr is calculated for them. Most of the players don't even understand what is mmr or how it is calculated and they blindly say "mmr is same" kind of comments.
0aties (EUW)
: Ranked toxicity
> It is needed because Riot does nothing about hate speech or toxicity but a 3 letter acronym has them slamming out a ban hammer so why can't toxicity and hate speech be treated the same? Iirc toxicity is the thing punished mostly; trolling/afk/feeding are (indeed) hard to detect and harder to punish, but if anything saying abusive words (not just the 3 letter acro) brings punishment (chat restriction, 14day ban and perma ban). Everyday there is atleast one player claiming they're innocent , but punished because of flaming posts on boards and it isn't correct to say that toxic players aren't punished. For inters and negative attitude, it is bit tricky as well as harder. Imo the players who write that they're going to afk/feed/troll in chat and then proceed to do so should be punished, because they themselves accepted it and idk why the system/support don't find this punishable or how it becomes bad game when they explicitly state that they're going to ruin the game.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: did you had more than 13 persons toxic in 4 games?? , i mean what's going on... , that 's the number of toxic people in my last 4 games of today. Imagine last game i had to suffer and to watch a zoe who can't land stunn over enemy , don't position anywhere , leaving me to take all damage ,while she wasn't taking any damage , not using skills at all ... like she was missing all and doing no damage ,turned to be toxic after all , of these you have to stay menthal stable , when you had hecarim 7 minuts afk on begin ... , and a mid laner lee sin vs veigar who ended 3 12 score + been toxic , not have to speak about top lane who was walking pasive near me not even eating me as tahm kench to protect me , and i could go and go and go and go and go and go ,but this will never stop , all toxicity is around is so high.
Agreed. Sometimes even reading player X flaming player Y is depressing and that is why it is best to ignore or mute the chat. We can't say that everyone will understand smart pings and stuff, but if we're going to engage or convey some information it is enough to just write it. Only consolation of the report system is that players will get punished for toxic chat & because there is no punishment for afk or trolling or feeding, the players will do it. In game toxicity can be avoided through mute option, but other things can't be avoided; even if we are genuinely trying to help (like how to land skills or what to build) players don't listen and this can even start the flaming. From my experience it is better to play during weekdays and during school/uni time to get lesser trolls and toxic players.
Yraco (EUW)
: Why frozen mallet? Slows don't stack so the 20% slow doesn't apply. Ashe's passive becomes 21% at level 7, and that's doubled if she crits or if she hits a W.
Oh didn't know it. Thnx
PzyXo (EUW)
: LoL season 9 in a nutshell
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Toxicity regarding the ranked games
Imo it is Jungle>Support>Adc>Mid>Top for putting up with toxicity in that order; Jungler first and then support, gets flamed more than others even if they're doing their role correctly, just because they're not baby sitting all laners(for jg) and adc(for supp). I have had games where adc players simply flame me because I play mage support and extreme cases they troll/afk/feed right from the start, even if it is my promos. Best way to deal with toxic players is just to ignore or mute them, report them after game.
: ap ashe banable?
No. Today I had a game where an ADC player banned {{champion:90}} because I was going to pick him. He wrote that it is a troll pick and malz isn't a supp; this sort of behavior with flaming or feeding, because of not so supportive support picks are seen in silver and below ADC players. The player who banned malz was Bronze 1 player and I picked {{champion:22}} support for him. I play random champions for getting chests too and as long as you don't int or flame anyone and play to win, you can pick any champ in any role with any build. tbh {{item:3173}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3078}} build is better if you want to be more interactive, as it lets to spam her W and it is literally perma slow if combined with {{item:3022}} .
: > [{quoted}](name=maayonmaayan,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XegTrlAN,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-09T18:56:19.194+0000) > > Agreed. I play support (mostly mages) and almost 20-30% of games, I get this ADC player saying not to pick mage support and they play bad, feed opponents ,don't even cs properly -but keep wasting time in blaming support. Some games I have had players write that they're going to feed because I play {{champion:518}} supp and even if I report, there is no action. I am a bad player too and many times I don't like ADC playing {{champion:81}} (because they simply don't know how to play him.), but I don't go feed like they do. Worst thing is I don't know how hard it is for the system to detect the "inting" when the player writes and then feeds. > > This is not at all having a bad game and problem is the game owners don't even care about Quality of games; matchmaking is bad , they don't care to fix it. MMR/Rank system is forcing players to grind to climb or boost to climb, they don't care to fix it. Only way is to make the trolls/afk/feeders some abusive words and rep them for verbal abuse/hate speech; I think the report system should just remove all options and keep only these two options. > > Worst of all, making skins and TFT kind of modes is more important because it keeps players distracted from real problems. On top of it we have "nothing is wrong with the game" and "I didn't do bad things, but got banned" players who can spam posts on boards to distract even more. The reason they ask you not to play mages is because it's mostly autofilled supports who think they are too good to play support that play mages and they pick these champs so they can carry when in fact they are losing the game by not playing support properly. This is what comes to mind when I see my support picking neeko, veigar, lux, brand and more often than not they play like shit, intentionally try and get all the kills and then we lose mid-game because the enemy ADC has a shit ton of kills and a utility/peel support that allows him to plow through everything while I'm 1-2 items behind because all our bot kills are on the support that misses everything in all the important fights. That being said, inting because the support picked a mage is stupid and most likely that game was doomed no matter what you picked.
Yes. I agree with that point too, as I see that happening and still players start with {{item:1056}} on supp. It gives no gold generation and I don't even know why they pick it! is it because it is given in recommended set? Even then it isn't hard to find {{item:3301}} {{item:3303}}. And yes, they play like mid laner taking cs and kills and I guess most of the times they ks to make it worse for adc and the team; because they got autofilled they don't like to play as supp and if it isn't going well, they want to end game fast. I have come across these type of players and at times I have like 50-60 vision score while they have like 20-30 because of late quest completion. I know players don't check profiles during champ select and often I see {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:81}} players with far worse than average cs, kda, kp,... get away with selecting these champs, even if the players are so bad with them; in game they feed or fall behind cs a lot. If ADC players check my profile, they can see that I am supp main with good vspm, kda, kp and less cs and in game too they can see that I am getting them ahead in lane(through cs or getting kills). Because of their ego, these players ruin game for everyone in team and idk why they can't see simple things.
: Someone must dodged before and he got throw in your team.
Smurfs aren't same as normal players.
Εlin (EUW)
: Took a break from Ranked for a couple of days.....
If you have first dodge of the day available and if you see {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:81}} in your team, dodge.
iaapvper (EUW)
: Do you also believe RIOT should be more strict and perma ban trolls and feeders?
Agreed. Trolls/Feeders who write that they're going to troll/afk/feed and then do it should be banned; it isn't hard to understand that this is not a bad game and they're intentionally ruining game for others.
SinsanitY (EUW)
: Ranked is a mess, not worth the time, and the current "match maker"... I feel like i'm in a Casino
Agreed. It is no longer "play good to climb"and it is even worse for support players; the matchmaking is made to give games faster and like you say after losing games, there will be free wins to keep players in the loop of playing ranked. The promos are probably the best example to show that matchmaking picks certain players to make sure we lose the game and still in boards we find these "nothing is wrong"mentality players.
ChefGG (EUW)
: How is Riot going to adress the poor quality of ranked games in season 9?
Agreed. I play support (mostly mages) and almost 20-30% of games, I get this ADC player saying not to pick mage support and they play bad, feed opponents ,don't even cs properly -but keep wasting time in blaming support. Some games I have had players write that they're going to feed because I play {{champion:518}} supp and even if I report, there is no action. I am a bad player too and many times I don't like ADC playing {{champion:81}} (because they simply don't know how to play him.), but I don't go feed like they do. Worst thing is I don't know how hard it is for the system to detect the "inting" when the player writes and then feeds. This is not at all having a bad game and problem is the game owners don't even care about Quality of games; matchmaking is bad , they don't care to fix it. MMR/Rank system is forcing players to grind to climb or boost to climb, they don't care to fix it. Only way is to make the trolls/afk/feeders some abusive words and rep them for verbal abuse/hate speech; I think the report system should just remove all options and keep only these two options. Worst of all, making skins and TFT kind of modes is more important because it keeps players distracted from real problems. On top of it we have "nothing is wrong with the game" and "I didn't do bad things, but got banned" players who can spam posts on boards to distract even more.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: This is communication at its peak
: Trollers-Low Elo
Agreed. It will be really good if trollers/feeders are actually punished; the underlying problem is how to find who is intentionally destroying games. We all know that we get such players who troll/feed/afk and spoil our games, but for punishing how should the system differentiate someone having a bad game from someone doing it on purpose?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: What should i say
You're in game to play your champ, you simply can't control others. Either play with your friends as duo or simply ignore what mistakes others are doing. I know it is a team game, but it is how many players play. If you're playing ADC and if supp is auto filled or playing a champ they don't know, simply freeze the wave near turret and try to scale up by getting ahead in cs. Opponents will try to force fights and ask your jg to gank to get the kills. Or better, just play solo lane till you climb high silver.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Urgent Ranked Bug: Demoted With Positive LP in Solo Queue NOT in TFT
Probably not a bug; most likely that you didn't have demotion shield and directly demoted.
: What is best champ/role to carry game
imo don't play support. From my personal experience, climbing as support is probably the hardest role as it is relying on team and with how_ good_ ADC players are in low elo, getting out of laning phase without getting behind itself is a challenge. Jg>Mid>Top>ADC>Supp is how impactful/carry potential role wise. If you still want to play support, I would suggest you to play mage supports as they're not dependent on ADC being good and are pretty strong+safe now. {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:518}} are good and if you dont want to play them, {{champion:555}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} are the other options.
: Make promo games where you had an afk repeatable!
If we look at match history it is like promo games, the team-mates are chosen to make it like this; who had got reported for afk or int are given for players in promos and what's worse is even if we see this from match history we can't dodge the game. After game starts, the soft inter will feed and leave the game, which is not at all our fault, but we have to lose the game because rank isn't given based on skill-but how many games we play. Matchmaking being bad and promos being worse simply means that if our luck is good, it will be an easy climb. Better solution is to remove promos; why should 3 or 5 games in a rank be given so much weightage over other games in the same rank?
: How about removing promo games from league.
Yes; promos exist only to force players to play more games and if we look at the match history promos has high probability of getting afk, troll or feeders. With no ability to dodge sometimes it is straight up bad game and not at all fun. They should be removed and matchmaking should be made better so that rank is closer to skill. Already matchmaking is so bad and if we're unlucky in promos getting stuck in a division is even more frustrating.
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