Shamose (EUW)
: You have to use reverse psychology with them. If you ask them to come they won't, ping them back and they come.
Useful tip {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Yup, that bug has been ever since Zoe came out basically. I love how they dont even try to fix it or just simply disable it to prevent things or something :)
oh! rip So if we see {{summoner:32}} as {{champion:142}} it is better to never take it?
: It's RITO unannounced ANTI BOOSTER system. The more you win the less LP you get and worse team m8s like people with 30% win rate
But doesn't it inflate mmr? Playing with worse team mates with low win rate than those would've been team mates in solo means wins give more mmr right?
pXHoney (EUNE)
: Yay! Finally made it to Platinum!
Ah! That's sad, I was writing Congrats before reading the content. Albeit, it is just a matter of grinding back to plat and if you spend some effort to play more games you will be back there soon. Are you sure you didn't get the demotion shield(too lazy to check it on your profile)?
: Pre Game Lobby: DEPRESSED GOD: ii nEED normal support DEPRESSED GOD: yasuo is reported. DEPRESSED GOD: i guess there were players like this yas DEPRESSED GOD: pplay normals if u cant play all roles In Game: DEPRESSED GOD: they reworked it DEPRESSED GOD: better mid better top better jg DEPRESSED GOD: jg DEPRESSED GOD: gg. DEPRESSED GOD: u stfu DEPRESSED GOD: yasuo playe.r DEPRESSED GOD: dog? DEPRESSED GOD: reported. DEPRESSED GOD: useless top and mid DEPRESSED GOD: l2p kid DEPRESSED GOD: stop feed DEPRESSED GOD: is not bronze anymore DEPRESSED GOD: oh bronzers DEPRESSED GOD: u are boosted i guess DEPRESSED GOD: 0/7 DEPRESSED GOD: u tradewin buddy? DEPRESSED GOD: is not fun to play with boosted kids ik DEPRESSED GOD: ?? DEPRESSED GOD: u called me dog DEPRESSED GOD: twice DEPRESSED GOD: jax reported too DEPRESSED GOD: u dont have one jax. DEPRESSED GOD: more more DEPRESSED GOD: u will get that ban DEPRESSED GOD: be sure. DEPRESSED GOD: whit what? DEPRESSED GOD: whats toxic from what i said? DEPRESSED GOD: boosted? is not an insult DEPRESSED GOD: kid? DEPRESSED GOD: is that an insult? DEPRESSED GOD: check ur scored. DEPRESSED GOD: scores DEPRESSED GOD: u are trolling [All]DEPRESSED GOD: pls report top and mid DEPRESSED GOD: nah DEPRESSED GOD: im not toxic DEPRESSED GOD: u trolled DEPRESSED GOD: =))) DEPRESSED GOD: well see DEPRESSED GOD: boosted and kid + useless , not insults DEPRESSED GOD: facts DEPRESSED GOD: but u DEPRESSED GOD: u said some dirty words DEPRESSED GOD: ur jokes are like ur style of playing DEPRESSED GOD: 0
Strange. If anything report calling is the only thing I can think of as the reason for the ban; you can try your luck with a [ticket ]( .
takman FTW (EUNE)
: you must be trolling me
It is because there is no punishment for feeding/afk/trolling and that is why players do it repeatedly; I am sure atleast 60-70% of my ranked games are decided by which team has more feeders/trolls/afk rather than which team is more skilled. Also be careful to not even slip one or two abusive words, because that may get you punishment. Don't get frustrated and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: We need better instatfeedback and newly rules about being "toxic"
I am sure you got the chat log for which you got ban and was it just the words you mentioned here? Can you post it here. because these words won't get you banned.
: Today I reached Gold 4 0LP
Congrats {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Be ready to listen to "You're boosted' comments :D
: Garena is destroying league
Yes. Stop playing on it and play on Eu servers. Based on your location the ping maybe higher, but Eu servers are lot better and even queue times are shorter, there is normal draft pick too.
Waifu4Laifu (EUNE)
: Dealing with Toxicity
They're given chat restriction for that purpose and if their toxicity is too much, only then it goes to bans. This isn't freedom of speech, but two things I would like is: 1) Let the system go through chat in real time, replace abusive words with funny words/phrases, but punish the toxic players afterwards. This means that players won't have to see stupid shit written by others-iirc 1 or 2 games have this. 2) Treat trolls,afk,feeders same as toxic players; most of the toxic players I see get toxic because they lose cool seeing someone intentionally ruining their games. If someone is having multiple bad games in a row/having connection problems for multiple bad games in a row and not getting punished, it simply encourages them to continue. There are some players who are toxic beyond control, who get perma banned often and create new accounts, which needs to be addressed too; this affects most of the new players because most of them face these toxic smurfs who show the community even more toxic than it is actually.
: I'm Playing DarkHarvest>Sorccery even when sup
I like Dark harvest with Sudden Impact; combined with his Q it is very easy to stack DH in ARAM and will give it a try in normals first. Thanks. Also I see that you play glacial augment too-that should be annoying for opponents because that slow will be too much.
: Why do i always play vs gold people?
Fresh accounts are placed around Silver 1-2(average rank) and it is common for the matchmaking rating for new players to be inaccurate, so they're inflated at start. Placing new players in Iron/Bronze is kind of bad since it will be very hard to climb,even if they're slightly above the average ranked player; don't get frustrated, have a look at videos of this channel: Use this chance to learn stuff and then you can play ranked. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rFZfJEkx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-18T22:13:44.225+0000) > > I have to be honnest. Riot serously overbuffed him. I've been preaching the "Do not buff Shaco" for quite some time now. Pity no one cares about a Silver player opinion. We all know what happens next... right? > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6J45sXwm,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-02-20T23:14:38.241+0000) > > If they touch Shaco, at any point, to buff him, you can bet all your marbles and beans they'll nerf him in two consecutive patchs after it. > > I'd rather leave Shaco as is and wait for his rework. Shaco mains can use him, so there's no point in buffing him. > ######I'm strongly against Shaco buffs for one simple reason: he's strong while being "weak". Shaco power is hidden in his items. He, himself, doesn't have base damage or great ability scaling like other assassins, but he has stealth. That's what makes him strong.
Yes; maybe they buffed him to see him in Worlds tournament ? Once he gets ahead slightly, he can simply one shot players and what's worse he has this cheesy strat of doing level 3 gank when bot lane is still level 1. I haven't played against such a gank, but that's just annoying to watch(though it is very situational).
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=maayonmaayan,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rFZfJEkx,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-18T21:17:45.772+0000) > > is it worth learning No, unless you want to play Shaco for the champion himself. If you just want to ride him for the buff, I'm sorry to tell you that ride will be over at some point. Shaco Support has a very specific playstyle and is, by no means, usually good. The buffs just pushed him way over the edge. *** > [{quoted}](name=maayonmaayan,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rFZfJEkx,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-18T21:17:45.772+0000) > > He seems fun and kind of good at tilting opponents xD Shaco is very fun, at least for me. Messing with the enemy's mind (and tilting them) is my guilty pleasure.
Ya, I want to learn him for the champ because he seems fun and even if I don't play in ranked, for normals it should be fine. Ikr, it is oddly satisfying to use R and see opponents waste all abilities on it, then go in to get kills/get them low.
:ÐÆÙsLØSmurf Here's my Shaco mid stats
Nice. I was always under the impression that he is only good for jungle and top with quite difficult to play kit. Seems I am wrong in many assumptions. Also, which build+rune is better? For supp, it is Comet+glacial build and max E first(from few guides and pinkward's video).
Rioter Comments
: Pyke is my new "Yasuo"
My "Yasuo" is not someone I don't want to play against, but I don't want my team to pick him and the list is: {{champion:157}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} . I don't dislike them or don't think they're so overpowered, but 90% of times my team mates picked them-they either fed or just farmed and did nothing in game. I don't ban them, but will try to ask my team mates to not pick them or dodge if they've very poor win rate on these champs.
yMlMonroe (EUW)
: You actually get banned for 2 weeks if you give up playing a lost game?
Are you sure you got banned for giving up and not for writing any abusive words/phrases? Personally I have inted and trolled few games with far worse statistics than yours and I haven't got any punishment for any such games. If you got banned for inting and trolling, that is really strange, because inters/trolls/afk are almost never punished.
: Sniping matchmaking
I reached Silver 1 100LP around 75 games and could reach Gold 4 after 125 games, playing the promos 5 times, so you're not the only one. Imo, in and around promos, the already bad matchmaking becomes worse to give us trolls/feeders/afk to make games almost unwinnable. Don't listen to consolation comments of "it is just your illusion that promos are difficult", because those are mostly written by players who don't even go through match history and player profiles to see how bad was the matching. Worst part is that even if we report players who ruin the game, promos -they won't be punished, because these trolls/afk/inters actually help RIOT in forcing us to play more games to climb. It is just a matter of grinding games, so don't get frustrated. Also don't play during weekends. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Ezreal needs some changes
I thought it was only {{champion:81}} players in Silver who do this {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Jaçke (EUW)
: So ADC's are dead in pre season.
Yes. Not just adc, support too- because now both will even more behind than others. Jungle xp is nerfed, but they will be still ahead of bot lane and ADC has to play even more safer now because bot lane will be ideal place for ganks from jg and mid. With drakes being more valuable, junglers will be playing more and more around bot-side and 1 death can put adc/supp/both far behind the others in terms of level and given how it is common to see bot lane feeding, the usefulness/impact of bot lane will be reduced even more. As a mage supp, I feel like it is time to go for mage duo bot lane and marksmen in solo lanes. Mages or someone like {{champion:86}} {{champion:157}} played in bot lane in professional games also hints the same. We can only wait and see what happens. p.s: I think they want to release a support champion without any problems xD {{champion:555}} {{champion:350}} are kind of problematic even if they're nerfed.
AllBear (EUW)
: Support harassing and taking minions
I haven't seen replay, but looking at stats and cs/min over time I don't think it was intentional. But if it was intentional, I don't think it is reportable because support farming isn't against rules as the farm isn't belonging to anyone and support taking it means it ultimately goes to the team; however you can try by reporting at negative attitude/giving up as farming delays completion of {{item:3303}} which kind of puts team at disadvantage. If they've harassed you in chat, even without abusive words, you can cite that too. Regarding what you did, it is really bad to afk because you're behind in cs. It is a team game and you can pick up farm later; though your team was kind of behind before you went afk imagine if you going afk being the reason for the loss. So in this situation, it is kind of okayish. With 9.23 I hope taking farm will be useful and I am actually looking forward for dual support item strategies(adc with updated {{item:3302}} and supp with updated {{item:3302}} or {{item:3303}} which inherently solves the problem of this kind of problems). I thought of trying {{item:3301}} start on supp for getting some extra gold that adc is going to miss on farming, but with {{item:3303}} I rarely took farm intentionally and I try to avoid taking it through abilities. Overall, don't get frustrated and just play the game, as you're going to be coming across such players and don't let it affect your mental state. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: But then someone on a winning streak will get shit on because they purposely mat... oh wait that already happens
Yes. That is one of the worst thing matchmaking forces; even if we dodge 3-4 games unless there is a losing streak it won't stop giving the bad team mates. Add a forced 50% winrate to this, we've the best RNG win/loss lottery simulator. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Shamose (EUW)
: Yes it is. Abusive chat or negative attitude are fine.
Rioter Comments
: losing elo for inting teamates
It is because there is no punishment for inting/feeding and dc/afk/ragequitting; players don't have bad games or internet issue or client problems for multiple games and instead of adjusting the mmr, it is simply better to ban such players.
: Matchmaking at its finest
It isn't problem of matchmaking because smurf accounts are treated same as normal accounts. Unless smurf accounts are flagged and matched only with smurfs, this kind of unfair games will continue.
Rioter Comments
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: kick rekkles out of worlds thx
They should just follow what G2 does: pick standard comp, troll feed early game to give opponents bounty and play seriously in mid-late game and take opponents bounty by getting ace {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Why is EUW the most toxic server in the world?
I have played on EUW, EUNE, NA and South East Asia(managed by Garena) and SEA server is the most toxic.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Explained why this shouldn't be thing in reply to Silent Note. Or to put it simple someone who didnt play rank for some time has no idea of meta, elo or how to play against players in that elo.
While I get your point, the soft reset is there so that the players retain mmr near their past rank and don't cause same problems as smurfs in low elo/where new players are placed.
ImSweeney (EUW)
: too many smurfs lately
The only reason I can think of is players trying to get higher rank than their main and using end of season time for it; There is smurf detection and yes, they're filtered in lower levels(though it isn't super good)-but for matching I don't think it is used as a factor.
: Matchmkaing bug, impossible to win too many games
It isn't a bug, but the design as it forces players to play more games to climb and probably the reason for no punishment for afk/inters/trolls as they help in this.{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
zDontzu (EUW)
: wtf are u so positive for riot games is clearly not giving shit about us only thing riot cares about is pro play.
No; am not being positive and just saying how bad the system is. Even if it is clearly visible, we can often find players on boards writing consolation comments like "Oh!RIOT is targetting you" or "How can RIOT know they're going to troll/feed/afk" or "Promos being hard is an illusion".... They won't even check match history to see that the matchups are made so that it is very hard to win and add this with already existing bad matchmaking and weekend bad players, promos are literally nothing but a tool for frustrating players. And yes, while pro play is the major source of income-it really what gets their attention and we simply can't do anything about it.
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Yes, everyone gets only these specific four options.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Unranked in Plat game?
Because of soft reset on MMR, it sometimes makes some unranked old players in games near their past ranks. I believe that Braum player was Plat in S8 and just started playing ranked this season, so his/her mmr is quite high. For unranked new players, it is usually around Silver 2 so they can be around gold4 to silver 4 games.
Rioter Comments
: Are ppl really that mental ?
In short, promos will be like this; we will get the worst players of the division and they will troll/feed/afk and sadly they won't even be punished for that. In a way they're helping the company in forcing us to play more games to climb and it is just a matter of grinding games, rather than playing good to win. Don't get frustrated, don't play on weekends and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Feridjuh (EUW)
: Max amount of tokens you can gather in 1 event?
It depends on how much you can grind I guess; ideally you should be able to get atleast 2000 if you can spend like 2 hrs daily.
: MatchMaking giving lanes I didn't ask for
It is due to Autofill option; while I agree that there should be an option for no-autofill with higher queue times, I highly disagree with players complaining about it. Either learn the role so that it atleast doesn't be the reason for team's loss or just dodge all games; dodging isn't going to affect MMR-so there is no real loss, but if you play autofilled role and be the reason for loss, you not only lose MMR but also make 4 other players lose MMR.
SirLevi (EUW)
: Promo's got ruined; blaming Riot
Always remember that promos means teammates will be trolls/feeders/afk and upto low gold, it will be unranked new players too. Players offer come up with consolation comments like, "it is just your illusion" or "Why is RIOT targeting you" are kind of blind tbh-because going through match history of these players we can simply see they're going on losing streak or inting for more games,... Because these players help RIOT in forcing us to play more games to climb, they're not even punished even if they're intentionally losing the game. It is just a matter of rng/luck and so keep grinding. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 90% of the games are not fun to play. It's one sided games and are boring, doesn't matter on whitch side you are
Yes. It is just matter of rng/luck, so yes-it is boring and no longer fun. Most of the games are like free wins or sure losses and only few are kind of actual games to be played for winning.
: Why do I get peace of shit unranked level 30 yasuo in my game 1/7 80 cs 25min ?
: It's flex, but why does it matter if he has that low win rate on solo duo
Ah! Thought so(was lazy to check for that particular game); it is because each queue has separate mmr and it pretty much messes up flex and normals most of the times. There should be some sort of transfer from one queue to other(preferrably solo->flex->normal) so that games aren't unfair and not fun to play.
: It's League of Legends dude xD
lol I was asking if it was flex or solo que xD
: Why should I be punished in Ranked games becuase of trolls?
It is because trolling/feeding/afk isn't punished, especially in low elo it is very common that atleast 1 such player will be there for a game. I remember hitting Silver 1 100 LP by 75 games and it took like another 125 games to reach Gold 4 because every promo game there was a troll/inter/afk and almost other games are either super easy(win streak) or super difficult(lose streak). Like you say we can dodge games and there are days where I have dodged 2-3 games because there were continuous trolls and matchmaking is just bad as it is inclined more towards giving games faster. I am supp main and I always get games like 5-10s, I dodge, wait for 5 mins only to see same kind of players in next game. Don't get frustrated and don't listen to consolation comments like "MMR is same" or "Rank doesn't represent skill"; it is no longer "play good to win", but "be lucky or get good rng" to win. It is just a matter of grinding, so keep grinding games. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How am I supposed to rank up
It is just example of bad matchmaking; though opponent team had 2 duo and your team had 1 duo, a player like you-whose mmr isn't stable should be in the opponent team. Because matching is inclined more towards giving games faster rather than giving fairer games-expect these kind of games and don't listen to consolation comments that "MMR is same" or "Ranks don't represent skill". Don't get frustrated and gl hf. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Matchmaking under shell
Which game is that?
: Better Rank system
With trolls, afk and feeders not at all punished along with very bad matchmaking, it is just a matter of grinding and games are more or less coin-flips.Don't get frustrated and most importantly dont play ranked during weekends. gl hf{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: wtf is the point of promos
It is to keep forcing us to play more games to climb and if you see matching, in and around promos we'll get more of trolls/afk/feeders, because they help in making the games unwinnable or very difficult to win. What's worse is that when all visible metrics(rank, level, kda, kp, going afk,....) point out this and still we can see players coming up with consolation comments like it is a myth or our delusion or how can RIOT know someone is going to int....It is just a matter of grinding and just keep up with it, don't get frustrated. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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