obeyman (EUW)
: well thats the problem, the login screen just doesn't pop up.
Same thing here.
: You're right. Season 6 is all about picks and abusing the OP champions. Shittiest balance in ages.
And ofcourse people who got from bronze to silver,gold to platinum using Graves,Nautilus etc. are saying how balanced these champions are .
: TLDR assassin/snowball main who used the OLD roster of <30 op "freelo" bursters like riven/fiora top, diana jungle, fizz mid (lolking OP) crying because his SUPER HARD TO PLAY MAINS (roll face fast as you can to delete somone) arent freelo any more. allmost didnt even need to check your account out since an entire post of "people only want assassins nerfed if they are bad" only ever comes from assassin mains when assassins finally roll out of the meta for a bit. > "Then again i want to play riven top, but i lane vs a nautilous who clearly doesnt know how to play at all, but it doesnt matter. he just spams his abilities on me with e every 1 second dealing more damage than my whole combo while he builds full tank, and even if i have level advantage and i play my whole combo perfectly he still owns me. " sounds like its YOUR game knowledge is lacking there, not his. shake off the salt from what you say and it looks a little something like this > "after memorising how to push rivens buttons in a specific order so that i can global any opponent and not care who they are, i was SUPER surprised that i didnt automatically win lane by pushing these buttons. I have never experienced a meta where tanks are viable, and it scares and confuses me, rito pls help, i don't understand, surely IM not the problem, its everyone else! they are all NOOBS and the game is broken!" boo hoo the meta has changed and now its more down to team comp, tactical plays between the team and building to best support the TEAM. (getting the theme yet?). allmost like riot introduced some sort of.. i dunno.... TEAM RANKED QUE that they are looking to support, by toning down the freelo burst champions of previous seasons that just used to auto-win lane by deleting people in <2 seconds while gap-closing over a wall, and then just win the game by diving the "tanks" under tower and deleting them because they had poor itemisation and 0 damage, resetting onto the carries. so what? the meta shifted boo hoo. it happens. adapt or get rekt. my elo's been battered by the changes since i tried to do the same thing. play someone bursty, win lane, ignore team... lose game? its gonna take some time to adapt but tough s**t thats what a dynamically evolving game does. all your friends have learned to adapt but you can't? and that somehow makes them bad at the game, but not you. ok then m8. keep telling yourself that. funny how graves is OP yet the two games you tried him you lost. b-b-b-but freelo right? auto-win noob meta? how come you didnt stomp all the bad players with your superior game knowledge and meta freewin champ? if YOU dont like how the game has changed from pick assassin -> outscale counterplay -> win then the problem is yours and yours alone. tanks have been trash for 2 whole seasons now and assassins have been meta since forever, despite a million nerfs. don't like it? don't let the door hit you on the way out, otherwise we might see a new thread about how OP doors are and how they ruin the game.
Still can't uderstand how can someone with 11.8% ranked win rate give lectures about the game.
: Been playing since season 1, from bronze player to diamond. But now i am done. This game sucks.
In season 5 I was diamond 5 with 700 Diana games played and was ranked 100th in the world with her on LOL skill before I got permabanned..not going to go into that story again. Currently bored with Diana atm but I find it stupid to play against peope 4 times lower in skill than me and still lose to them 50 percent of the time due to them being always Nautilus,Garen,Graves etc.I'm really done with this profile untill it balances out.
Koscum (EUNE)
: Here's what I've read: "I've met 1000 people, but I've only shot 3 of them; I should not be punished for that!".
: 1. Bot lane isn't the whole game and synergy in lane - although helps make the matchup easier - isn't always neccasary as his adc may fit the team comp better overall rather than just the support. The ADC may be very comfortable on that champion, I wouldn't call this a waste. I would say picking brand or morgana as a 1st pick way more risky, as this fits you into a very specific playstyle which could be countered. A better 1st pick Support would be thresh for example. 2. Not ADC specific, this is the players problem if they don't know how to ward, this kind of behavior sounds like silver or below i.e just plain ignorance. 3. Everyone should buy pink wards, again an elo-specific problem rather than an adc problem. 4. Depends heavily on the situation. 1st dragon isn't that great. It isn't worth a single death in my opinion. If your adc is low, he may not want to risk an enemy team forcing his flash or killing him. If your team is in a position to do dragon, you should just get bot tower instead, it's the better choice in the current flow of the game. 5. The person is either unaware of freezing tactics, or if they are aware, they may have ulterior motives. They may want to take the tower, they may want to back, or they may want to roam mid or to another objective. All can be good reasons to break a freeze and push the lane. Of course, pushing has to be done right as well. Again this falls into elo-specific issues. 6. Flame and ignorance, not an adc problem more a player problem again. 7. Actually, it is kind of your job in the beginning to breast feed the adc out of puberty. It's why supports go bot because ADC's need that time to fuel up. Roams are perfectly fine for a support, if done correctly. You must be sure that your adc will be safe without you. I.e the enemy has backed, your adc has backed themselves or their won't be any contestment for CS. A good bot lane will easily destroy your adc pre 20 minutes if he even comes into xp range. This isn't to say the Adc shouldn't play safe, but if the adc can get tower dived by an alistair, you probably shouldn't be roaming. And you should never ever roam for more than 1 or 2 minutes, past this point you're taking away xp from your other laners or just not earning xp yourself, and your adc is getting zoned out and losing his lead to the bot lane. After all there's no garuntee your roam ganks will be successful in helping your teammates, and you may have been better off continuing to deny the enemy adc. 8 . Adc just plain playing badly, he should be going for good trades but if he gets out traded when he has a soraka well he's gotta be pretty bronze. 9 . Sounds like your adc did not pay attention to the enemy adc, the enemy adc likely did the right thing. He saw the aggro was on his support and got free harass on your adc who was focused on taking down Janna. Janna shields are quite strong early game explaining why she may have survived. Meanwhile your lane has no sustain. Sometimes you have to adapt your adc's skill level, if they are bad and get outclassed by the enemy adc, don't force fights, use your abilities to instead prevent fights wherever possible. You're in control of the lane after all and have the tools to stop a bad matchup becoming an advantage for the enemy team. 10- Positional mistake, I dunno how this stuff is happening in your plat games but I'm gold 4, I know all this stuff by heart, maybe people just make mistakes occasionally. I recommend you get a duo partner you trust for an adc.
Yup hate when supports cry about everything and are allowed to cry because of all the support lovers.It's the easiest role and always will be. One fail can end your lane or game in every role and there is the support who wants to get worshiped by everyone for casting a ward here and there and following everyone just to cast a shield while being 0/7/8. It's utterly pathetic. A 0/1/40 is a good support. A 0/9/10 support who mains support doesn't deserve to say one word,let alone complain and blame everyone as it usually happens. And there are ofcourse those disqusting supports who want to dictate what you should play based on their pick.Just terrible people.
Zikr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=madza12,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bLEhugvB,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-03-20T22:34:19.564+0000) > > I agree Wukong needs buffs. > > That being said,it would be easier if you used appropriate builds.Try using LOL skill to find the best Wukong players and see what they are building. Well I don't think my builds were that bad since I hit diamond 2 just a few weeks ago. The only reason I demoted to diamond 5 was because I decided mid lane and bot lane are WAY ahead of top in terms of carry potential. I am currently learning new roles since I think it is not worth the effort to play WuKong in ranked untill they decided to give him a small buff on sustain or tank stats. Moreover, I tried builds that the best korean WuKong player used and he has a 60% win lose on wuk. I even went as far as looking at his gameplay and what I noticed is that he had a hard time aswell. He doesn't pick WuKong randomly and I bet he would be mad if he saw someone pick Nautilus into him. Player I mean: http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=%EA%B7%BC%EB%91%90 I have looked up a lot of EUW and NA D1 Wuk players aswell and tried every build path they came up with. Doesn't seem to be my build but rather me playing a bit bad which is keeping me from hitting higher than D2 or I need to switch champion pool and role which is the approach im taking now for a bit.
I've never said your builds were bad. I am just implying that they can be better and maybe you haven't found one that suits your gameplay at this point in meta.I am all for the Wukong survivability buffs as long as they are reasonable but until such time maybe consider tryint LOLskill instead of op.gg because it's more accurate IMO. http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/RU/qverrr This guy is ranked as 3rd Wukong in the world and apart from not so impressive last game his game are very good and builds extremely interesting. Check this played a few days ago. http://matchhistory.ru.leagueoflegends.com/ru/#match-details/RU/94059720/202096773?tab=overview. I'm trying to help.
Zikr (EUW)
: I quit maining WuKong after 1.3k Wuk games
I agree Wukong needs buffs. That being said,it would be easier if you used appropriate builds.Try using LOL skill to find the best Wukong players and see what they are building.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=madbaddog05,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bLEhugvB,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-20T18:41:52.142+0000) > However, after season 6(just 2 weeks ago) I quit maining him. Why? Because simply every top lane matchup or other matchup there is shits on WuKong. Rofl. Almost every meta mid champ destroys Ahri in lane, but that doesn't make me want to stop playing her. The thing is, you care way more about gaining elo than having fun, that's why you "moved on" to more op stuff that can win you games with less effort. Don't come here complaining just because you got your priorities wrong. -- 2600 games D4 Ahri main
Dude Ahri is stupidly strong with her easy escape,easy chase mechanism and true damage + 2 second cc to go with she is far from being how you describe her. And there is ofcourse the thing I hate the most which is ,,If i am losing lane and not able to do shitt I will just ult e the enemy while my jungler jumps on him and we get the kill ,,***HARD STUFF***
: 1st game verbal abuse you tell your team to play, well if they dont want to play then u cant verbal abuse them 2nd game harashment you tell amumu to come with the team but you cant harash him like that 3rd game afk - u went afk to google a word
and you have a match history full of 1/15 scores in ranked.
: Chat restrictions for being (too?) positive
For all the people saying this is TOXIC AHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA.If anyone considers this to be toxic that someone should never play a MOBA game or step outside their house for that matter because they can't handle it. This is not even close to being punishable. All these cry babys on the forums who judge everyones chat are so annoying,and pretty much all of them are failing at the competitive scene so all they can do is act all wise on forums. Just ignore these people,they are all full of negative criticizm to spend around the forums and non in game skill or responsability.
gswsn4845 (EUNE)
: Patch 6.5 extreme lag
Dropped a division cause of constant 250 lag spikes.
: When you ask riot to fix eu severs
Same thing on EUNE. Points for originality of the post though...oh
Bramymond (EUW)
: I agree she is pretty easy to pick up. That still doesn´t mean she is "OP" as in too strong in what she does. She is after all skillshot-only. Skillshots tend to be rewarding more then point and klick spells by nature (mostly). Just some things too remember: Her E at rank 5 costs 130 mana has 10 seconds CD and does 240 +60%ap dmg. That is actually not that much dmg compared to other ranged mages harass and on a longer cooldown then most,but it makes up for it by slightly more reliability. And btw "undeserved free elo" is among the most salty things a butt-hurt player can say. YES sometimes you stomp your lane very hard and their team still carries him/her to a win and yes that feels kinda unfair. But the same thing can happen to you too! And if they really are so bad, then they will continue to loose and u will never have to deal with them again. Instead people should be happy they played their lane good and continue to improve, so they can eventually learn to carry from that kind of position.
Her range is stupid. She is safe. She has CC. She has burst. And that's enough for someone with anything in their head to win a game with.
Bramymond (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadòw,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EhEI43M2,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-02-26T18:12:14.005+0000) > > but lux has a e that is almost impossible to miss, while the xerath q is way harder to hit. DMG is roughly the same. i woudn't call xerath a lane bully. Xerath can sustain himself a lot better with his passive, that´s why i call him a better lanebully. In lane u have to make lux decide between poking or waveclear by positioning. As i said before her mana-issues are rather big. Maybe try a corruption potion as a start or first buy and out-sustain her. I like to play TF into her with movespeed runes and boots start, corruption potion when i back, going for either RoA or Abyssal and do fine. If she really gets too obnoxious and has free lane preassure, ask your jungler to show up sometimes and gank her or at least scare her off a bit. Keep moving and pushing and u´ll be mostly fine. Sometimes it´s also just a lack of practice in a matchup. Do u prefer control mages like lissandra? assassins? Support-mages? Another tip for loosing matchups: Dont be afraid to take teleport and make a few early backs. When u start to tilt u just sabotage yourself.
But Xerath's spells are harder to hit and easier to dodge so you actually need to be smart to hit them most of the time even though his range is ridiculous. But Lux is pretty much impossible to do bad with and miss spells cause she too safe,has huge burst,easy to hit spells and cc. And then some average players just take her and gain undeserved free elo. Cause that's all you need to be to play Lux-average.
: Another patch another update (Build-Calculator)
Does it allow you to see damage your abilities do with chosen items? Or just see total damage output with some build,that's pretty difficult to do but would be nice.
Perilum (EUW)
: Because guys like you which flame builds are usually that meta sheeps who build every game the same 6 items and never heard of itemization against the enemy. You know, when I run around with 400 armor, I do that maybe for the reason the enemy team has 4 of 5 people with AD damage. Or I rush Armor boots or another defense item, because I lose lane and offensive makes no sense at that moment.
Dude I play Warwick top only atm,so much about being a meta sheep. I never talk about builds unless you take Nashors on Diana.
Draqone (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=madza12,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YWdOt5Ix,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-02-12T23:20:23.692+0000) > > But ofcourse some are much easier to do well with others and that's why some need more practise and experience but once you gain it they stop being weaker. I find that in SoloQ the differences between champion strengths are negligible when compared to differences in skill, experience and play patterns. Of course people will struggle against counterpicks but it doesn't mean that a shaco main can't carry a game because shaco is not meta champion. In the LCS where skill, experience and play patterns are on much closer levels those little differences in champion strength are much more noticeable.
madza12 (EUNE)
: Very untrue in terms of the powerpicks crap. How you play a champion is everything. If you know what you're doing and have experience with it,playing vs a stronger champion ( NOT STRONGER but easier to do well with.) won't matter cause you will be able to play around it. If more people cared more about finding champions they like and practising them instead of going for the FOTM ones to try to win so desperately this community would be a happier place.
But ofcourse some are much easier to do well with others and that's why some need more practise and experience but once you gain it they stop being weaker.
: >its all about how you play the champ If that was the case, we would still see Udyr and Nunu played in the LCS. Because these guys can play everything, on a very high level, and the things they can't play. they can learn in a matter of days. However, they are not doing that. Why? **BECAUSE LIKE IT OR NOT, POWERPICKS EXIST.** The meta shifts, new things become powerful, old things vanish.
Very untrue in terms of the powerpicks crap. How you play a champion is everything. If you know what you're doing and have experience with it,playing vs a stronger champion ( NOT STRONGER but easier to do well with.) won't matter cause you will be able to play around it. If more people cared more about finding champions they like and practising them instead of going for the FOTM ones to try to win so desperately this community would be a happier place.
Sffc (EUW)
: Something to think about : Better/Worse players
Everything is reportable at the moment,i mean anything. If you even speak you'll get chat restricted not to mention point out mistakes,players in the community are just babies. I'm not aproving flaming maniacs I'm just saying talking about the build and stuff someone does wrong shouldn't be an insta report from his side which it always is.
tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Xin is BROKEN
Pre buff he was ok/strong and annoying and now he is very strong/op and annoying so you can see the problem.
: When u finally get that sweet,sweet diamond
You are yet to realise why it is not sweet or fit place for anyone to be proud to be in.
Inishadow (EUW)
: so much truth in your comment mate. this is the reason people flame. and the problem here is that the 0-8 noob zed can't get bannend for playing bad. all the white knights on this forum are defending the feeders and players who fcking feed. but hey we can't report them because they just have a "bad"game. NO they are bad in general and should have been bannend for int feeding or scking arse in this game. and don't ban them completly just ban them from ranke matches. let them play like 10 normal games before they can play ranked again. maybe they will learn in normal
Yup,the thing is that he knew he can't play Zed and he still picked it (Zed is just an example ofcourse) and he can just do it without being punished and the guy who calls him a noob or whatever gets a ban. Well fk you white knights and Rioters.
: > [{quoted}](name=madza12,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gfzgrWP3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-11T08:23:23.017+0000) > > Feeders and AFK's are much bigger problem than flamers,shame Riot can't see it. Feeders and AFK's problem is solved by leaver/feeder buster systems. IF you call people feeders when they have bad game, another system triggers, that deals with you.
Feeder system is not solved at all. Anyone can pick a first time champion and feed his asss off and get away with it,your argument is false.
: can we have some fairness please?
Feeders and AFK's are much bigger problem than flamers,shame Riot can't see it.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
I've probably played around 2 thousand ranked games in total on this and other profile reaching diamond 5 and not further but still I'll tell you what i've witnessed so far. As a strict champion main (playing a singe champion like 20 games in a row or every game cause it is my main and I want to do my best). I've gathered around 900 played Diana games on my main in two seasons,and seen many champion enthusiasts and mains but I've met 20 times that of players who are trying out a champion or not giving a fk making my effort to play it my best seem idiotic. And that often lead me to believe that ranked is so random in terms of who will get more of these unresponsable players in their team. These players lead me to so many anger outbursts that it got my main banned ,anyways the main issue is that these guys will continue doing try outs and such untill they are punished which Riot doesn't want to do cause of the money it would lose. So if RIOT doesn't care about game quality enough to lose some money wich it's got plenty of then it really isn't worth playing. ***BUT IF RIOT STARTED ISSUING PENALTIES FOR THESE THINGS AND PUNISHING NEWBIE FEEDERS WHO INTENTIONALLY PICK THE CHAMPION THEY CAN'T PLAY ON A RANKED GAME THEN THE GAME WOULD BECOME MUCH MORE REWARDING TO SPEND TIME ON***
: Well i was suprised today! Played with a jhin in bot in ranked. That guy/girl played amazingly.
Most likely practised in PBE and that's ok as long as he isn't doing it in your ranked game.
: Try basic mechanics/get basic feel for the champ in AI games -> try actual PvP in normal games -> go in ranked once you have at least some games experience in normals. Its really not that obscure a concept.
It is if you are a spoiled 12 year old. EDIT-----Which most of the community are.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Do not play a Champion, you've only played once or twice or three times, in ranked either. I personally wouldn't mind the 'only allowed to play champions with mastery 3 or 4 in ranked' idea that sometimes Comes up, but I know it would be simply tedious to get to a Point where you can play ranked then, let alone the people that simply don't have that much time. But yeah, guys, know the Champions you want to take into ranked. Currently I myself only play Champions I have a mastery 5 on in ranked (#noRL), unless those get picked or banned away from me. (or I get stupid top, I don't like top. :<)
If i could i'd give you an award for this what you just stated above ,was trying to talk people into it for a while...too many kids playing though who don't care about anything but wasting time and that's the problem.
Strigina (EUNE)
: So you decided to push the reply button, but you don't actually argue with me? Not just it has no logic behind, it's actually poor excuse for your terrible arguing skills.
And you're the one defending feeders by saying it's not intentional. OFCOURSE IT'S INTENTIONAL cause he had a choice of 150 champions and picked the one he can't play. Now there's a difference between a guy with a bad game who clearly can play the champion he took but is outplayed or just had no luck and the 4th time 0 8 Zed who isn't actually trolling but is just horrible. Now what you're saying is that it's ok for him to pick Zed and be 0 8 and not ok for someone to call him a noob or whatever in the frustration HE CAUSED...really nothing to say to people who think feeding is allowed.
NieraJ (EUW)
: yeah, u dont want toxic player, u want them get banned, after watching this video, come talk with me
If you play well in a game you deserve far more credit than a guy who doesn't. I'd take a 10/0 player who's on a tilt over a 0/10 smily boy any day. This game should reward good players way more than it does now and it should at least implement some benefits for your play quality in the lp instead of giving the carry and the guy who gets carried the same deal.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Looks like learning to argue is way too hard for you. Better spits some random insults, right?
No.I just don't argue with people who I find not worthy of arquing with.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Oh, yeah, sure I am. Is this all you can get when not having any other argument?
Strigina (EUNE)
: Honestly, this video makes me want to slap this whiny guy. All the time, he is talking about "guys, who don't want to try", "retarded guys" etc, believing, it can justify his trash talk and the fact, he is not able to control himself. Well, when someone is feeding in my team, it's bad. But why some people believe, starting flame this one is going to make it better? I don't care, why one of my teammates starts to flame. Like having feeder (who is usually just not as good as his opponent) is not bad enough, let's just add some salt to the game as well. At the end of the game, the flaming one is definitely gonna be reported by me. And I don't care, what was his reason to start flame. The feeding one only if he was doing it on purpose. Seriously, don't believe, your behaviour can be justified by something like "he was feeding and I cannot control myself" or "these feeders are the reason this game sucks". They may be, but you are the other one.
And you are one of those 0/9 in 20 mins guys who play ranked ,,to have fun,,..oh please
NieraJ (EUW)
: well, the situation is, guys like u said exist in this league and will keep exist in this league. because there is nothing called perma ban for "unskilled player" or "intentionally feeding", only flame and negative attitude can be punished. so it turns out that i play bad, its my right, u have no right to complain about that, if u say bad words, i ll report u, and keep being selfish non-teamwork and useless. i really hope EUW get that "in-game video report" asap like what riot did in CN server, once u flamed some smartass because he has no intention to win or intentiionally lose your game, sure he ll report u for toxic speech after game, but on the contrary u can send the record of that game to the system, stuff will judge the activity which done by that player, then send double punishment back to the one who reported u. it is those guy made EUW ranked game hopeless and toxic, because they think they should play bad, no matter what happened, no one has the right to flame him, they dont listen, and they dont learn. however we have to play with those unskilled player, after win-lose lose-win, your mmr sucks, and welcome to the elo of hell. gg
Yup the thing is bad players who ruin most of their games for other people can do nothing but report and cry ovet getting flamed and ofcourse not getting punished.
: The reasons I like Pantheon are the references to the Greek mythology.
300 is why I like him.
: When chemistry beats numbers.
Read chemistry,automatically thought of Walter White..R.I.P Walter
: Rito told me to post it, so I post it
: Get dunked :) Noone wants you back, nor your kind
I'd take him over you any time.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does snowballing become stronger with each no season?
Season 5 games have really been lacking interest and quality due to the stupid shortness of the games and ability to determine a winner at 10th minute mark. Comebacks are rare and long intense fun games are completely gone.
: Can we have a silly, funny champ again?
I don't think League should have those kind of champions at all. If you want those kind of stuff buy barbie dolls or collect pictures of kittens...League is just not a place for those and I hate the idea of someone wanting it...ruins the game when you think of it.
Big Poro (EUW)
: All what you need to know about LOOT AND HEXTECH CRAFTING system in League Of Legends!!
Do we get skins shards for our mains or random champions?
: So if you don't play SR, no chests?
Aram has nothing to do with the real skill because it's not the same game and LoL is made as a game for this mode/map and not Aram. I support them not giving Aram players skill rewarding gifts cause they ain't skilled ,D
Wipoulou (EUW)
: You reasoning has so many flaws! Do you know why you still lose LP if you get trolled or get an afk? Because there is a 50% chance it might happen on the other team... actually wait! no! you are not trolling, so there is 4 possible trolls/afk on your team and 5 on the enemy team. On all of your losses and victories, guess what is the common factor? You, you, you and only you. You see that a mate is trying out a champion, give him advises. It's not because you don't know the champion that you can't do well with him. If you do it too often, then you drop elo and you deserve it. I've went 0/15 on riven games and Altogether I might have around 1k games on the damn champ. bad games happen, and most of the time, you don't first time a champ in ranked, you know the basic of it, you can first time a champ only 126 times anyway. You CAN'T forbid people from playing champs... because they suck at them! that's completely flawed! It's a GAME made to be FUN. I first timed shaco inn ranked I believe, I fed my ass off, it was fun and I won the game because they spend more time chasing me than actually trying to win the game. You can't forbid people from having fun just because you want to save your elo. Wanna gain elo? STOP looking at your team, look at yourself, your mistakes, if you hit master/challenger, then we'll see about your team.
You don't even listen to me though,I said it isn't a problem in climbing but ruins quality of a game. I have absolutely no problem in climbing but in people who take away the quality of a game with their lack of skill and experience.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Not sure about Dia, but Plat is way worse than bronze/silver/gold combined when It comes to toxicity.
You haven't visited Diamond 5 mate, Ego way up to the sky and teamwork/skills burried like a mile beneth the ground.
Wipoulou (EUW)
: your reasoning is flawed not the system. Many time I tried a champion in ranked, wether it was a support (that I never play) or something else that I know is very good. For a matter of fact, I first timed renekton in ranked and crushed my enemy... in plat. The ranked system works as follow: you win = you gain LP, you lose = you lose LP. **It does not matter by which way you achieve it!** If someone first times a champion and feeds, he **will** be punished by the system and will lose LP, you will lose LP too, but that's how the system works and has always worked.
But that team of yours may have not lost lp if you haven't decided on blantly trying out champions on your games and I don't care if you won one or two,don't think you can actually play the champion,chances are you got either lucky,got carried or just played against an even worse and less experienced oponnent. Don't try to say that you can play those champions you tried out,you couldn't and can't and just because of this you picking them is not justified by the system giving or taking lp from you. In an enviorment where everyone wants to win,you should want it too instead of playing first time Renektons or whatever. You played 95 champions in your ranked and failed at quite a few. Don't think that if you have time to spare and waste people have and want the same,because they don't.You should be way more responsible.
Positivity (EUNE)
: > Just ask Your self this, If a boxer wants to become a good boxer, why isnt he boxing against opponents rather then spending time in the gym? same answer.. :) i agree on everything you said,but i dont agree on this one. I rarely play normals,only when i have 3-4 more friends to actually have fun and relax a bit. IMO you cant get better at the game in a mode where everyone picks champs to learn them,you cant get that maximum out of you if someone isnt pushing you to the edge in every minute of the game. Which does happen in ranked,i find it more challenging,and its a much better feeling when you know that you won because you are better,not because you played against lower elo (probably) that picked a champ for the first time to learn him and get stomped easy.
I do believe you can learn to play a champion in normal games even though players are worse than in your rankeds you can still learn movements and get experience which will help you do a lot better at your ranked games. I agree about not being rewarding at all winning against people who are not your skill level though.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't think there is too much diffence anywhere else tbh. x3
Well in higher divisions we do it with better grammar.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Well if they play bad consistently and you play good consistently when you should never even meet them in your elo, rite? If you are not demanding people to conform to certain attitude towards ranked when what's the point of this thread? Because you do call for sanctions for such people. And yeah I do know what your talking. Had mid morgana yesterday who picked morgana vs zed. I was forced to play supp... I play supp morgana. So essentially the guy took bad champ against zed, lost lane and rq and also took away only supp I'm decent with. But ... that just happens. People skew up. You don't do it consistently and you'll grow out people who do.
I have no problem climbing nor I think this makes climbing impossible,not at all. I simply think games like this should never happen because it's a giant waste of time for the team with such a player and well disatisfaction with the game itself. I guarantee you that a good Morgana mid main would destroy an average Zed. Once more it's not about the match up,it's about experience and if you are going to play a ranked with a particular champion at least have some of it
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