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: why is patch 8.6 1.4 gigbytes in client update and 8.225 gigabytes until play ?
and please no flame on bad grammar and lack of knowledge if there is something i am not aware of
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: My whole team got an S or and S- in a game i played earlier today with my friend. I already had 1 chest and 2 key fragments. Do you know what i got after that game... ANOTHER CHEST. Riot listen up you need to increase the chances of getting key fragments or chests. My friend LITERALLY has 9 KEYS AND 0 CHESTS {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
You get chest by getting s - or above on a unique champion it doesn't work on the same champion twice and the key algrethem works that at the start of each month you have a high chance of getting a key fragment and it dropes so low after like 6 or 7 keys it is made this way to make the system fair cause not all league plays can sit all day play most of people work so to make it fair riot made the a limit
Galaxatin (EUW)
: Excess Gold in the Lategame
Mate honest riot doesn't want that the main thing about getting to late game is giving an equal ground to the team with gold deficient and also giving extra stats can be really broken Imagen a late game nunu with cinderhulk and q health buff and extra health that will be an over tank and there will be the people crying about being too op #freethetanks or getting extra lethality or armor pen or Wat over and I honesty see the new lethality much stronger than armor pen #riptanks or image getting extra ad on reworked rengo with his new tooth necklace passive which increases percentage ad #thornmailrocks. . And finally viva de la tanks
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lil pëep (EUW)
: Dude a smurf playing any champion would do that....
But they fucken mostly play yasuo cause they are total scumbags and they play vayne too ahh nvm go jerk off too porn ahhhhh who cares it's just a game try to have fun I know I will cause yasuo nerfs hahahhahahohogoohohohohehrhhhrhrhhrhhehehheheheh jk seriously try to have fun I get more fun playing support or normal games they are about having fun Yeh and no fucken smurfs
: I've realised that people simply hate Yasuo and think he is OP because they dont know how to counter him. and then they question why he is fed everygame LOL
Dude go suck yasuo's dick And every one knows how to counter the dick head Yeh and suck his head two if you like him that much but you simple can't catch the goddamn dick head and he has a dildo for his sword which he robes to his head Yeh and don't take this seriously it's just a jk
lil pëep (EUW)
: Yasuo...Is this really fair?
Wasn't played at all loloklooloilojollislwlelelelkekekddkrk facepalm . Dude get placed silver play ranked find a booster playing yasuo litterly 1 v9 raping your whole team even tanks with goddamn over armor which is 400 or something close still rapes the poor tank a tank player gets mental scars and bans yasuo every time he has a ban Ps I am the poor tank Yeh and I know cc the bitch you will say can't cause the fucker dashes throw the nexus %%%%% easy
Diamond Ace (EUNE)
: He is fine as he is.Balanced.People don't like playing balanced champions though but that's not a reason to get them buffed. He is one of my mains.
Dude this post was a joke I don't know why would some one reply to my lonely comments but the truth is that j4 clear isn't good at all and he is behind most of games but if he does a good gank early wich is hard cause the jungle rapes you he goes quit normal the point is that the problem with him is that jung life is quite hard and we would like him to go back to tank glory days as I like him but at the other hand there are people who enjoy him as an assassin at top and They will be on my place if the tanks comes back and assassin dies so in other words "dreaming isn't bad " as long as you don't dream about total nuclear destruction like some weerd people who I am not part of totally .....jk XD
: Blue buff is the junglers buff, not the midlaner. You're not taking anything away from them. And certain junglers, like Nida and Trundle (who have mana problems) need the blue much more than laners since they are literally forced to spam abilities to survive in the jungle. In fact, Nidalee is generally best with the bluebuff throughout the game, unless the midlaner is something like Anivia.
Fuck de modlane I am zed jung I need blue more lelellelleldldlrip englisherino lelelleelelele but seriously give dat damn ani via dat blue and let here carry XD
Nerzhus (EUW)
: Sugestion: Jarvan, visual passive cooldown timer
And give the guy his armor bake let the tank j4 come back not the assassin top English rip with j4 tank
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
So riot doesn't want me to spam the games??? I don't get why not reward the players who play a lot of games instead of pushing them for spamming the game and why do I need to get punished cause there are players who play less frequently ahhhhh nvm any way who the hell cares about Wat I say
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi ImHavocc, Congrats on being eligible for earning loot again! ^^ Hextech keys are earned randomly for a win, with a decreasing chance of getting them over the month. Hextech chests are earned by getting an S- or higher (or someone in your premade doing so), with a champion you have not yet earned a chest on. It sounds like you haven't earned an S- or higher with a new champion yet, which is why you haven't yet earned a chest. For more info, I'd recommend having a look at the [Hextech Crafting FAQ](! :-)
I have a question : Why make the key fragments chance gi so low after 4 I play more than 8 games in a day and I got this month 4 key fragments and the last one I got was more than 5 days ago any hope in changing the key drop rate ?????
duckarp (EUNE)
: Rework schedule can be found here: In short no.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Rework schedule can be found here: In short no.
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: Actually your mana problems are probably going to go soon... current Q refunds half of the mana cost if you kill something with it but new Q restores a flat 50 mana... aka 100% of the level one cost and it goes up by 5 per level so in lane your mana issues are almost none existent. W now also has 15% missing health scaling so health sustain is now better. No idea about the E, it's new so I will have to see it in action. But it looks way more interesting than "here have stats that you will hardly notice". The R now scales much better into the late game thanks to the new upgrades and it adds even more variation to his kit (which there is already a ton as he can do almost every lane). And the passive is a huge buff. It's true damage which scales with your ad... it does a ton of damage so trades are so much better. And while you might find perma slows fun the people on the receiving end doesn't, it's inherently toxic and riot have been trying to remove it from the game for a while (it was the whole reason for the sej and skarner reworks a while back) so it being gone allows gp to have more power budget without the threat of perma slows becoming a huge issue. And his sticking potential is still there with 2 30% hastes, one of which refreshes the other, and a haste on one of his ult upgrades. So all in all this is nothing but buffs here and is what gp sorely needed. The only issue here is it being too strong.
Thank you very much you helped me understand why riot did this rework and actual gave me a positive feeling about it as you said that new passive skails with ad and that his mana problems will be fixed
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