SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:157}} well he is my main I played him even before champion mastery came out and I have more than 600 games in a row with him and I like his gameplay (double crit, wind wall, infinite dashes) {{champion:268}} I only managed to play him in a few ranked matches last season but damn was he amazing that AoE damage is so amazing in teamfights {{champion:236}} I only bought him cuz of the guns but when I played him he became my main adc he has damage he has escape he has good poke with q
: i'd imagine akali should of been able to finish the job assuming she had a gunblade at the very least hell a cutlass and revolver might of done the job
she did have it but he was a bit too strong
: well thats probably just a really poor akali since she could probably take the other 50% fairly easy really but if you all got stunned and the jax focuses her well i dont think you can take him in that situation your talking burst to a sustained fighter if he can tank the burst he can likely win a fight thats just logic really even if rageblade wasnt so strong right now a similar case would of happened at any rate this current jax thats what i call tame the old jax that was something to fear
I was the only one that got stunned that's the problem akali and blitz came after stun
: well if he built to survive your combo then he would win if he got a stun off talon is entirely based off killing with that combo once its done he really doesnt have much else to offer. While jax is able to break people in two very consistantly however dont blame jax for this its rageblade thats making him so strong he is one of those champions that can completely go nuts if able to abuse something its not exactly jax that is the issue other champions are similar like irelia but thats a whole other can of beans to talk about her.
how about I do that combo and I take half his hp and blitz and akali with me cant do shit 3v1 and he kills us all
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi markeyto, I'd advise running a repair on your client. On the launcher screen, click "?" in the top right, then run a repair from there. Does the client remain "old"?
ty I will try it and yes it does I have to close the game and open it about 3 times to get it fixed however it is rare and happened only twice in 1 month
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: Hey mate, if you look at his ability scaling, you will see that only his w, and his ult scale with ap. his q, beeing his signature skill, scales with ad (and quite well). it depends on how you play him, but usually you would aa an enemy a couple of times before applying the w-%health-dmg by using either q or e. in this scenario building ad is definetely better than building ap. why? because ad will boost not only your aa's, but also your q and e. ap will only boost your w to a small amount and ur ult (which is on a long cd). for detailled scaling ratios check this: in my opinion the {{item:3508}} is one of the best new adc-items. its synergy with all the crit items ({{item:3094}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}}{{item:3078}} ) + its passive mana regen when critting is amazing. combine this with runaans and not only will you crit for 50% already, but you will also proc your passive w much faster. obviously your build path depends on how well you're doing and on your and the enemy's team comp, so I can't really give you THE best build. one of these however, i can recommend: Core: {{item:3508}} {{item:3085}} + Lifesteal/ QSS: {{item:3139}} / {{item:3153}} / {{item:3072}} + Offense: {{item:3031}} / {{item:3078}} / {{item:3094}} / {{item:3087}} or Defense: {{item:3026}} / {{item:3102}} + Boots: {{item:3006}} to answer whether he's a mid or adc champ you will have to decide for yourself. if you feel like you can play him well against say a {{champion:238}} or a {{champion:7}} , then go for it and play him mid. honestly though i think he's better of on botlane since he has little effective escapes or cc against these one-shot-champs or against ganks, and you would have to be very good at positioning, trading at a distance and constantly poking them down with your q. hope this helped. regards, DaKilla
nice I think I got it but there was a build on mobafire that had him build muramana ,do you know how this compares to the above build?
Voidner (EUNE)
: i don't know much about varus but one thing is sure is that he's better AD any lane
ty man but I need more details to compare them
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Eambo (EUW)
: This offer is for Turkish residents only, yes :-)
wouldn't that make changing ip address allow transferring to TR? sry for bad english
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: If didn't try {{champion:63}} ...your problem...he can be used mid, supp and top u can{{champion:106}} because he is easy, tanky and makes great DMG
I tried brand but I felt like his damage was lacking but I will try him again
: If you think "easier champs have higher win rate" then drop {{champion:268}} and {{champion:157}} .
sure after I forget the 300 yasuo matches and 200 azir matches XD
: Champions don't raise your elo.
no but easier champs have higher win rate thus more elo
markeyto (EUNE)
: what champion should i buy next that can help me raise my elo?
yes I know but why? why do you recommend that specific champion? what are his pros and cons and such?
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Approved (EUNE)
: Are u sure we can get it with coop, or it should be 5v5 with players?
i played both to be sure but yeah matchmade is any game that makes you wait in a queue in order to play
Bulletkid (EUW)
: 10th August i think
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markeyto (EUNE)
: A new idea or champion select
i know about searching champions but my friend bought 86 champions and tells me that searching is difficult all bought using ip
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