: I don't agree that RIOT does nothing, if you don't remember or care to report him after the game then he must not have been enough of a nuisance to be worth it. I agree that rewards COULD be given out for rightful reports, but they should also make false reporting a lot clearer (I.e. make a message show up when someone's report value gets below a certain point) to discourage "let's report everyone and hope to get a reward" type of thinking.
My point is that they do, but all people do is complain and rarely do something to help clean the community. The system works as long as we feed it with information. They can't do a thing if someone is not reported for negative behavior.
: I stopped reading riiiiiiiiight about here: > [{quoted}](name=mcitci,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hOzUlQJX,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-27T18:21:51.030+0000) > > There is a way to report players, but nobody seems to care anymore and doesn't report anyone. How do you know this? Considering the countless threads on this forum from people complaining about their punishments (something which, in the context of behaviour punishments, can only happen with reports), I'm having a hard time believing that.
You can see that after the game has finished and in the post-game lobby the players leave immediately. That kinda tells me that they didn't report anyone, just left.
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