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: Azir has a very huge skill cap but can still be strong with minimal skill.
The same goes with every champion :/ .
: Heimer is one of the hardest champions because he has the hardest skillshot in the game actually. Heimerdinger relies on how bad your enemies are not how well he plays.
I agreee but azir noob champ? :D
: I once saw a Yasuo that said ''GG, Xerath noob champ no skill'', when i outplayed him {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Once I was playing azir and i was 5/0 against heimer and he told me:" F*ck you and your noob champ" :| {{champion:74}} {{item:3070}}
: Definitely you dumb.. "phylol or redmercy" pro players? AHAHAHAHAH are you serious {{champion:3}}
You know, you are always paying attention to something which is not that much important. The point is that he can copy a better player or use a site like proguides. If you want to start a discussion and start it with crying and not listening to anyone(just the people who agree with you) riot won't even open your discussion. So, keep crying forever or learn to start a serious topic. This boards thing have been made to help riot improve the game based on players opinion and as long as it is filled with people like you it won't go anywhere -.-.
: Perma banned for disabling ENTER key
Hi. I'm sorry to hear that you are banned. It's really appreciated to see you are trying not to be toxic despite so many other players who are always flaming and giving their teammates a bad experience of the game ,But I guess this ban is not related to using a 3rd program. What you have done means you have refused to communicate with your teammates which is even listed in the reporting system reasons. I suggest you to send them a ticket, and explain the whole thing, and ask them to (at least) change your permanent ban to a temporary one. I hope you'll succeed. ;)
: You dumb. Look this game before getting boosted with ryze..he had wrong mastery too :\ http://i.imgur.com/BBLaZf2.png[/img]
It's easy. Maybe he started to copy a pro's masteries and playstyle. Don't you see phylol or redmercy and others are always advertising proguides? He is a human and I guess a human can improve, since this is just a game. I am looking forward to hear your opinion ,but this time I would appreciate it, if you comment and tell your opinion in a better way not just starting with You dumb. :|
: Elo boosted accounts. TIME TO STOP THIS!
I don't agree with you. Look. All of the new games, he has been playing ryze. Maybe he is comfortable and pro with ryze. I haven't been elo boosting but if you look at my match history you'll find out that I'm just climbing because I'm playing Taric and I'm ok with him.
: Lol starts ending up like WOW , since ghostcrawler...
Thats not a logical reason. I've been playing this game since one year ago and I saw smany champs being released and reworked. If you pay enough attention you will figure out every champion is op in the first patch of their release but as time goes on and after a few patches they become balanced (atleast countrable). Do you remember ekko in the first days? (Talking about ap ekko). He could oneshot and carry any game by his own and his ult could heal him for a large amount way more than now. And about the shen case or poppy. Their mechanics were so old and didnt need a skillful player to learn them. They might be appeared to be not as powerfull as before but they can change the end of a game if they are played correctly (more impact on teamfights like taric rework) and they are made to have a reason to be played. (Poppy's E is amazing to counter champions like yasuo, renketon or lb). They are all so fun and more based on player's skills and more skillshot based. so, players won't walk around and stun others by clicking on them. Ty ;)


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