: Riot,It's time to fix Darius,this is just bs...
meanwhile morde has over 150 bugs and riot doesnt care why would they care about 1 darius bug
: Player Taunts
i like emotes it makes people mindlessly folllow me as singed
: Dear lol boards grammarwarrior, I sincerely hope you find your life a purpose.
He has one notifying people of bad grammar
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Lethality
2 words duskblade teemo
: Can anyone explain me how this can happen whole time? Or tell me what im doing wrong?
BlueStr (EUNE)
good counterplay in tf is running to the backline because kayne mostly uses it when he is low so your adc can finish him off or you can trow some aoe abilitys around you when he is about to pop up (the indication is the scythe moving)
Rioter Comments
Raznaga (EUW)
: New Singed is not fun to play against.
just mute the singed and his anoyance levels will drop acording to the tryndamere form last game
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: Star Guardian Vel'Koz Let's make this happen :)
but first star guardian urgot
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: huge lags with low ping and good fps...
same here try playing singed he is a very lag vriendly champion
: After 7.14 my loading screen is weird
CoalHawk (EUW)
: Singed, No fun
Singed needs this new passive to do singed things and now he is going to be build like the apbruiser he is not as a utility tank
: My boi Aatrox gonna get a rework?
they are probely going to galio him
: Toplane, the Cruel lane
play yoric or nasus and farm towers
: Top and mid lane ranged attack ?
teemo gnar jace urgot
Phoeking (EUNE)
: Let's talk about non-meta top and jungle
top lane pick nasus if you can stack against a matchup max Q and build ad tank if not max E and go full ap
: Pinging kassa E/R in chat
i want to be able to ping my veigar/nasus stacks
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: so what do you think is good on the new urgot?
i think {{item:3071}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3153}} will be core items and then tank
Osir1s1 (EUW)
: Boost vayne a little she s quite lame
: Urgot Rework Discussion
The kit looks awesome but I absolutely hate the passive name it sounds like a mage ability not like a shotgun knee a better name would be flame cannons
: Petition to rename Rework Urgot's skills
The passive should be called flame or acid cannons
: Your silliest out of META pick which actually worked?
ad soraka top i could 1v2 the enemy yasuo and lee sin needles to say the yasuo got tilted AF and acused me of cheating
: Non responsive players in games, should it be reportable?
it shouldnt becouse of the mute feature if he got flamed previous game he may have muted everyone and their pings at the start of the game thus not knowing that you were comunicating
: Is there any MOBA that has worse matchmaking than League of Legends?
CarolWarior (EUNE)
: Champ in real life.
twistedfate no more having to walk
Happee (EUW)
: Looking to main something that can carry
: How good is hyper carries atm?
depents on how good your support nautilus is
CarolWarior (EUNE)
: Sexiest champ?
{{champion:92}} {{champion:39}}
: How do i build sion
you start{{item:1056}} max e build ap {{item:3001}} {{item:3151}}
: Safe play + pro farming > Risky trading play + bad farming; Any day, all day!
Nasus aproves {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} he will keep farming until the enemy base is destroid
: Well it might be cliche but it depends on how they do it... assuming they've kept the whole 5 darkin thing it does leave it open to some pretty cool ideas, I mean both aatrox and kayn are far departures from how the horsemen are usually portrayed, done right throughout this could work. Plus there is the 5th, which I think is varus... riot can definitely through a spin on this with number 5 as there are only 4 horsemen... So it could be terrible, could be good... the fact that it's had light mentions at best and hasn't so far been thrown in our face is a good sign that it's just a cool trivia thing and not an overarching theme which might make them cliche.
Well in the books of Terry prached there is a 5th horseman named khaos who is the horseman of fire
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BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: not to mention the passive. forget about trading against him early. he outtrades everything (save for Darius, probably) because of how bullshit strong the damn thing is
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: I need help
Tell him to build frozenmallet and Bork on twitch after ruhaans it help whit coming back
: Singed - recent buffs and idea
I like the idea but the potion should be permanent like go ult upgrades so make them a bit more expensive
: Psychologically terrifying Champions
Rengar sometimes jumpscares me
: > [{quoted}](name=SekkiShin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pOj7H0V2,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2017-06-22T14:33:49.856+0000) > > I do not ban if some1 else announces Yasuo pick. I am just saying that I have yet to see good Yasuo player. I do not care much about rating anyway and since this is just a game then every1 should be able to play what they will (unless opponents ban his/hers champ ofc :). How are they supposed to get good if they can't play it :) We are talking about lower divisions, you know... everyone is bad, if they weren't bad they would not be lower divisions. Sure they should not play yasou, or ahri or as i said any champ that require skill, but that's not for me/us to decide what someone else plays, however, in the case of yasou, even a bad yasou, can do wonders if he has some malphite,nami,wukong or anything along that line. Unless he is building ap yasou.. pressing R after malph R is not that hard.
Wait yasuo is not an ap champ so that's why my rylais lyandris build was getting flamed
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Sleeper OP champions and what causes them to awaken.
ugling (EUW)
: Tips for a non-Supp that keeps getting put Supp!!!
: I agree with you :) . we can HALF the stats for ranged champions (slow amount and mouvement speed amount) or make it unique to meles ?! what do you think ?
dont make it melee only it is one of my core items on twitch
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: "What are you supposed to do with Nunu top?"
you can also build 6 mobiboots and dance
Globux (EUW)
: The actual problem with supports (other Board)
the worst part is adc forgetting that you have cooldowns and cant use all your spells lv1
Doomley (EUW)
: Well, no one told you to play morde. Jayce is naturally good against him because he is ranged and morde can't catch anyone.
well after the urgot rework hits he can catchup to him
: I'm having big problems with collision
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: Tank supports are beast, but whos the best?
jazzyke (EUNE)
: Autofill - What do you think?
i almost never get autofilled so i like it
Fasolea ta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=IskandarX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kpQ4c3fh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-10T19:52:57.041+0000) > > tanks top and support are dead. You can play {{champion:79}} ,{{champion:154}} , {{champion:113}} jg and thats it. Support's dead? I carry every game with my BROM.
and what about the bane of yasuo players nautilus
: Soraka is useless after 2 patches
the coin changes killed her off
: Soraka is useless after 2 patches
the coin changes killed her off
: counter pick (yasuo)
if it is yasuo top just pick naut and perma cc him if yasuo mid pick karthus
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