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Photo (EUW)
: (MAJOR) problem with Mouse 4-5 buttons
Happens to me too, really love it when I get to windows.
Whe (EUNE)
: Any new players down to team up for normals? (:
Hello, I'm lvl44 at the moment and I'm new as well. Never toxic and would love to play sometimes! Feel free to add me if you feel like it.
: Spectating bug?
God, thank you
Dmitko (EUNE)
: Why do You feel uncomfortable? Feeling uncomfortable suggests that You are ashamed of something. Playing bad is something normal when You play a game. In order to get better, You need to learn and in order to learn You need to start from somewhere. No need to be ashamed of trying new things and pursuing new goals. Putting too much gravity on the opinions of total strangers is letting them bully You and dictate Your activities. Right now You admit that You prefer not to play modes other than ARAM, because You are afraid people will flame. You don't need to do that. No need to live with fear. If they flame, let them flame. Those people's opinions mean nothing to You. These are people that You have no connections to and will probably never meet or communicate with again. Would You consider something a total stranger on the street with strange behaviour tells You to do? And why do You consider it hard to laugh at people who ridicule You for playing badly? Just imagine what sort of a person insults someone over a couple of pixels. or ever goes to the extreme and wishes illnesses/death etc... They are the ones that need to be ridiculed and be ashamed of themselves. Not You!
I feel same as OP and I even hate playing ARAM, but you just made my day. Next time someone flames I'm going to use your line "You're literally crying over a couple of pixels" before muting them. Cheers!
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: Where is the justice? (Nightblue and Riot games)
To think he used to be like this
BeconOK (EUW)
: Play with people you like, if you're with mates you couldnt give a crap if some kid is flaming you, its more funny Add me if you want BeconOK
I try to do that, however most of them are far above my level. I do play with them sometimes tho. I would add you, unfortunately I play on EUNE.
miintmilk (EUNE)
: New player anxiety
Thank you all for your support! I just wanna ask, does it truly match you up with similarly skillful people? I don't mean when I play w premade. But even when I play w/o premade, I, for example, faced a Riven who knew exactly what to do. Exactly, she played so well, she knew exactly what I will do, and her jungler was where he needed to be at the right time. Which, as you can guess, destroyed me. I howered Lee's name and he's in Iron II, lvl 71. I looked up some of Riven's matches and they were most probably premade, and I'm guessing she was a smurf.
: The only way to improve is just more practice , find a champion you think you like to play with and have a passion about and read everything about that champion's abilities , passive , q, w,e, and ultimate , see which items can go perfect with him/her/it whether you are winning or losing because it might be different builds depending on the situation . I remember my early days were as support main then top then I rested on ADC and kept practicing , you have no idea how much games I lost whether it was because of me or because someone else , but it was kind of worth it because I know what the champion can do and trust him/her/it doing the right damage that I want . eventually , have fun , see more streams , artwork for that champion will make you love him/her/it too :) .
Yes, I'm actually doing all that, so at least in this matter I can say I'm kinda confident. Thank you!
: You should just keep in mind that all the players that are matched with you have the same level as you. So they are as "bad" as you if that's what's worrying you. In other words, you cannot ruin their games since they do as much mistakes. Focus on having fun while improving and forget about winning or losing {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
<3 Thank you as always o holy Doom!{{sticker:katarina-love}}
Vanagandr (EUW)
: You can't be worse than some people in gold or plat so just play man.
Thank you man, will try!
: Don't say that you ruin games :( Since League matches you with equally skilled opponents I don't think that is true. Don't be so hard on yourself, especially if you stick to normal games. {{champion:117}}
Thank you! I'll try to be more chill, focusing on the fun and doing my best, not on the "if I do one thing wrong it's gg". {{champion:37}}
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Lil Yeety (EUW)
: How to avoid smurfs/flaming teammates as a new player
I can only say I feel this. I'm also new, trying to learn, and I know it's hard sometimes. But just as JuicyJuju said, there's balance. You /will/ learn, you /will/ get better and you also /will/ have your nerves and anxiety contested. You need to understand you're new. Completely new. Obviously, you will be bad at first. Nobody starts a genius. They don't joke about /mute all. Focus and don't take it too hard. If you feel you're very tilted after 2-3 games, get rest. There will be bad games. But there will also be good ones! I'm rooting for us both, bud.


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