Mabons (EUW)
: I did, you don't mention anywhere why this split was orginally done: to lessen the load on the servers. Combine the two regions again and we are back where we started.
not really, server grew since then, and server split didnt fully fix the problem, it gave riot more time to expand their servers
Rípley (EUW)
: If you can't see how it will increase toxicity, you must think EuW is great (or possibly be playing with no sound n' your screen turned off).
It will propably, for few days (up to month), because of EUNE diamond is not the same as EUW diamond etc. would need to shuffle, so merging should happen in preseason beacus of that. EUNE and EUW both are simmilar in so many ways that there is not point in looking at the differently.
: Actually it's an even worse way out. Cause some people have 2 different accounts on both servers. Would get hard to combine 2 accounts under the same e-mail address. To that comes the hassle of being able to log onto the same account on different servers while maintaining separate queues. Yeah it will cause more chaos than merge, but that doesn't mean merge is a good idea, either. We can talk with EUW here, I myself have an account there too. Effectively the same thing as what you just proposed.
In my case, I'm not playing much since season 4, and I dont want to grind my way to lvl 30 and get 2 sets of runs (at least), I've had almost all champions on my main and quite a few skins, I actaully invested in this acc, and now I would need to invest even more everytime I want to play with my friends, there is too much to grind go get new acc done right. Im not even pointing that Riot since last time I played Riot did worst decision I've seen - Blocking Smite up till lvl 10, what means I cant possbily fill jungler role while I play with friends on low lvl acc But put this aside...
: >It works this way You <-> server <-> other player ........^your connection That's generalized. How it works is: You<-routers,switches, subservers->server<-routers, switches, subservers->other player. For a server to work properly, you need it to receive feedback from both sides - you obviously need to know what the enemy does, so in either case delay is practically the same as if you connected to the other player directly. Movement of one player is submitted to the server and then reaches the other player. Thus, wider area - so more "middlemen" - will technically double issues with server delay. Cause it needs response from both players. That's why you still get ~6 ping even just next to the server - cause to run everything smoothly, it first needs to receive commands from both sides so it doesn't refresh randomly depending of lost packets. Otherwise, the game you played on both sides would have looked completely different based on ping... which is kinda not a desired situation. You may know this from games like Counter-Strike, where hitting a lagging person is close to a miracle and players sometimes actually use that to cheat in games. This is also the reason why people sometimes are lagging even though having 20 ms in League - Riot's server actually tries compensating for the delays and packet loss, probably by ignoring multiple inputs if the queue is too long -not sure about details, I don't have access to server's plugins. In your view, you can see chaos when you are lagging, while other people see you moving straight, not moving at all or similar. What I mean is - even if the MS difference doesn't get too significant, quality of games will decrease depending of how far the peers are from each other in case of LoL. And those who are farther will suffer the most.
Yeah, yeah, I know. But the fact is, LoL EU servers seem to be in simmilar place, what means, there is no difference of distance, I'm not even trying to force merging servers, I just want the community re-joined, if you let me just log in on EUNE server and play with EUNE people, and when I login to EUW, I can play with EUW people, its not best way to do it, but some way... ^ this way can cause a lot more chaos than merging them, but its a way out.
: >there would be same amout of servers, just data would not be split, But it still would mean managing alot more at once. Not mentioning the hassle to merge databases together. >yes it may cause additional few ms of lag, but not very likely For people who have 20-100 ms now? Yeah it probably won't matter. But for those who are currently at under 20 or over 100? It will surely be a remarkable difference. >because utill you have <90ms you are fine, so even if it will be such a huge diffence as 20ms its pretty much "your fault" for having 70+ms now How would that be my fault? I don't get the point. And even if that were the case, what would be the interest of a company to intentionally increase delay for a part of the playerbase, receiving noting in return but harder to manage servers? >eah it would be a problem for Egypt-like countires, but do you think that all Egypt players play on same server? No I don't. But this way you technically leave them with no reasonable choice. As long as server consists of a given area, connection is more or less stable. But the more you add, the harder it will be to maintain stable connection, especially to players from opposite sides of the server's range. It's a matter of connection routing. The larger the server, the harder it will be for packets to travel around. Riot Direct would have to be either expanded or rebuilt. >youre not playing on best server for your place So what would be the go-to server for Africa? Right now EUW and EUNE are more or less viable for them, but I doubt EUWNE will be of comparable quality. Where shall they go then?
> But the more you add, the harder it will be to maintain stable connection, especially to players from opposite sides of the server's range. It works this way You <-> server <-> other player ........^your connection As I said, Yes it sucks for countries without dedicated servers, but It is EU server, Even if it IS best server for you, it doesnt mean that it is going to be fixed to fit your prefrences. I used to play on Russian servers in Dota2, because I had lesser latency. I used to play US servers it was horrible, EU servers were much better than any other, I dont see the point in sliping them. and as I brought up Dota2, EU west and east have difference of 10-20ms in LoL none/almost none.
: Even it is possible, people would get laggy. Youre trying to make people from egypt play along with those from UK. Not everyone enjoys 20+ ms increase, especially if youre at 100+ already.
there would be same amout of servers, just data would not be split, yes it may cause additional few ms of lag, but not very likely, because utill you have <90ms you are fine, so even if it will be such a huge diffence as 20ms its pretty much "your fault" for having 70+ms now (your fault - youre not playing on best server for your place, or your internet sucks, yeah it would be a problem for Egypt-like countires, but do you think that all Egypt players play on same server?)
: High elo players are acting same way across the global.Low elo players are acting same way too.No matter if you are at eune or euw or RU or TR you going to face the same attitude.I tested all of them and i can hardly say i found better players at euw . The only issue is the perfomance mostly.The communities are the same.
Its not about community being harsh or something, It's like EUW is the "more competetive" (At least thats how it was few years before). And my main issue is: I have friends from different countries - I cannot play with them all, cuz some are EUW, and few are EUNE. It happend that after all my free transfers I ended up on EUNE, and well, I could pay once to change server, but almost sure that at least of of my few friends on EUNE will want to play with me someday.
Perilum (EUW)
: Because that would need way more server performance at one location. Also the communities are completly different. I seriously don't want to play with EUNE people.
I bet that 50%+ of people who has main acc on EUNE has twink on EUW, or/and the other way around.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well first obvious issue would be that servers are big. Since i don't know much in that area i can't really imagine if it's tachnically possible or not, other games separate theyr servers too and league is the most popular game. Another issue would be nicknames, i'd imagine this could become quite a hassle for Riot to deal with * who keeps the original and who changes? * do we maybe add tags? * doesnt even matter which they wil pick someone will definetly won't like it and will complain. I would say merging servers has the benefit of making game more competetive, harder to climb and stay on top so it would be beneficial for the pro scene.
Names are not an issue, I bet that people who are playing the game doesnt really care about their acc name, so riot could just add tag to people who has same nicknames on 2 servers. Or maybe give free name change, idk, there are resets of names I belive every year for inactive acc (it was at least twice).
Mabons (EUW)
: If you were around when EU was one server, trust me, it was absolutely horrible. 10 minutes waits for log ins, and it was either a laggfest of a game or outright disconnects left right and centre.
> I have been playing the game since (ending) of open beta, and I have seen queues just to login to servers, > you managed to deal with them, partly because of server split. Please read whole post
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > I can't possibly understand reasons why servers are still split, You can't understand why Riot won't merge the 2nd and 4th biggest server into one? Are you joking?
it IS possible
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