Jeremson (EUW)
: LF D1 + Support to smurf on unranked
Diamond 1 here. Add me on euw. Ign mpoupedinio
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: I'd rather nerf damage of AP items. Void Staff: 30% pen instead of FORTY %. DCap: 100 AP instead of 120. Obviously the nerfs would cause the items to be slightly cheaper.
That's the opinion of a silver player 5 years in a row who is actually playing with bots. I am afraid no change is being needed with apparently items
Drda (EUW)
: Buff MR
No tank item needs a buff actually my friend. No mr or armor. Mr items are giving too much for few gold
Jechter (EUW)
: Please ban smurfs
Dude seriously I 've opened your match history and boom.. Your account seems like xp botted. Builds are exactly the same completely irrelevant in everything you play and same summoners like you are lvl 3 player. Sorry mate but for someone to defeat you in game the only thing he has to do is that he can read english
pistike97 (EUNE)
: Unbalanced matchmaking
Wait bro what do you mean you have positive stats. You average 10 deaths per game in silver. What do you think you deserve?
: Why does S10 has so low division placements overral ?
Honestly most of silver elo after last season rework of ranks were mixed of bronze players. being silver with 50% win ratio and bellow means actually that you are bronze so after the soft reset of the mmr they get their real rank with the chance to fix their mmr on the next few games
: Yeah I hate this meta that any mage with single cc spell can be played as a support. Swain is so hard to counter, his grasp has so much range and his damage is just nasty.
This is not meta bro. Meta is nautilous leona thresh for quite some time now. Tanks have more cc and easier way to land with less danger to be killed as a mage has.
: Why is every support playing non support champions
Mate i agree with you because i play with different accounts between gold plat but champions like shaco lux and swain are good supports right now bcs they have a lost of cc. And especially lux is being mentioned as a support for many years now. But i do agree with picks like Vel koz. Normal supports like Leona thresh nautilous are not bad actually are overtuned and op right now. The thing is as i ve told to the other summoner before most people between silver - platinum are just overestimating themselves and their carry potential so they just pick something that in their minds will make them carry or give them carry potential.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Simple. The way the game is evolving doesn't let real support to play their role. Just look at Leona, Alistar and stuff like that. Having a mage with tons of dmg/CC or even double ADC or any of the new champions is the way to go. Every season it gets worse.
What are you talking about? The best supports right now are nautilous leona thresh. In general tanks have way more cc they have easy cc also and the same amount of damage with ap supports right now with more easy way to be played. The reason that most people especially in low elo are picking ap mages is bcs first they don;t know whats the best champion to play in each role, they overestimate their skills and they are picking something that in their minds will make them carry the game. Thats all
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rfakingiot (EUNE)
: D4 supp/top/jgl player looking for a team for clash
Add me in game. We are in search for supp
EmerQ (EUNE)
Would you have been interested in support? Add me in game to talk
: Where is worlds song btw
obviously its going the song is going to be awaken. They didn;t promo it whole year not even on euw or na finals.
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: Diamond 1 JUNGLER LF clash team
i add you on client
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: these are not the stats of a smurf.
Then maybe the stats from my main account are. I have 4 accounts in eune with similar name and from some accounts my gf is playing.
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Nah, it doesn't work like that but ok You can get honored 4 times in a game, but if you broke the rules you would still get punished. 1 report has the same weight as 4 reports or 9 reports. All of them flag a game for review and if someone breaks the rules noticeably they'll get punished And how do you know that they aren't getting punished? You won't get punished for simply answering back, but you will get punished for breaking the rules
I know that they are not getting punished bcs as I am waiting for that little message that client sends which informs you that the player you reported has been banned I get a message of chat restriction bcs I was answering ironic nonsense against their cursing. So the thing is that in paper one report may be same as 4 or more, but in reality is not
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=mpoupe,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=v66PtEKf,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2019-08-24T23:11:53.816+0000) > >they start cursing everyone else under the security that their premades will not report them. Okay, and? Why does it matter if their premade reports them or nah.
The honor system protects them in a way. Countless times I may have reported premades that are wishing cancer or smthn but just bcs they are being honored from the others they are not being banned. This is not fair when you know that if you make the mistake for once to answer back and not even with something hard, just some ironic spamming you are 80% banned
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: But what if all solo players switch on the option What then? Are we just not going to let premades play the game? Force premades to sit in reaaalllyy long queues? Just because they want to play and have fun with their friends
While this is a bit of unfair, most of premade people deserve this kind punishment. Most of the times premades are worst part of the team and just bcs they don't want to admit in public that they are not playing well at least in the specific game you are involved, they start cursing everyone else under the security that their premades will not report them.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Okay but the thing is, what if all solo players just chose not to play with premades What would happen to 4 man premades? Would they just sit in queue forever?
There in no 4 man premade in solo queue anyway.
Flit (EUNE)
: A serious competitive team looking for a D4+ midlaner (EUNE)
Asteraki (EUW)
: LF ellines gia team diamond +
kane add mpoupe gia kanena normal
Polar (EUNE)
: [Diamond] Looking for a group to practice as a 5 with
Alphariy (EUNE)
: Diamond ADC main looking for team
I am diamond 1 playing all lanes except jungle. Add me for more conversation Mpoupe my account name


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