: No he isnt look at his win rates. He is only OP in the LCS.
/facefuckingpalm he has 6th best win rate in diamond, that's all that matters. lmao
: Good effort but your thoughts are pretty common sense imo.
most stuff here on boards is lmao
: More GP nerfs... I know hes strong but does Riot really have to slowly destroy him?
he's not strong he's Overpowered.
: Comebacks in bronze are possible
are you still in bronze homer? lol
Larry (EUNE)
: Boards got rather boring, no?
that's the biggest thing that's promoted here. you get bronzies Q_Qing about how unfair the life is, then you get thread about "how to be more possitive in league ^_^_^_^" followed up, how "X" won a game because he's possitive, etcetera. on other hand you get silvers, who demand respect, and want you to respect whatever they say, "hey urgot is trash tier champ", and if you tell them they're silvers and have no right to talk you get banned :c Because hey Diamonds and silvers are equal!!! so people lose all kinds of motivation to discuss serious stuff, so we get Q_Q threads and how to be possitive bullshit. tl'dr you get what you promote
: How much time do you spend on boards?
More than 99% of people prolly xD like idk 16 hours a day?
: Looking for good players, duo queue friends. Around silver, no newbies (EUW S6 Support/JGL Main)
: Then why the fuck are you even arguing, if you don't know what you are even talking about? If everyone drops and you ask for ranks then you will be asking for players higher than the people that will accept your request.
so apparently everyone who's silver now... is actually platinum!! sorry I've been living in Matrix Show me the path of truth
: Lol now your toxic on my since the time you end with so wrong conclusions that are also toxic. To begin with he said "not autistic" you can call this racist but not toxic. Its like the same "not polands" or "no russians" its not toxic its raccism defently. The way you use the word is important. Its totally different when someone is saying this word in game and here . ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT if i wrote: "What is autistic?" and " you got autism for sure" . The first one is not toxic the second one is. The fact you may not see it as a joke is your problem not mine. No its not about age (aanyways i would defenlty feel happy if i where 6years younger).Its about the way and the sence of humor if you get it or not. Taking eveything so serious is not good in real life . As long you dont make official "statements" ut you just make friendly conver/tion with friends ,. random insults : Who insulted you? I still dont get it . He called you or wish you autistic? No .How you call it toxic? beats you up :Ok your by far serious here.. No comment . If you dont get the joke dont keep posting your random posts that got no point . Since the time you dont even know me and you got no idea what i am in real life to critisize me like a "Teacher" . The only teenager here is you not me. Since the time you take eveytihng so serious like its real life I cant say i got suprized why would you :) ... You react like these posts are about real life when they are just random posts.. Still ow..
Just ignore him :) no point to argue with someone who cant get the most simple joke and thinks "not autist(Its a joke ) :D" is same as wishing cancer. just move one save your time ^_^
: Just link this in chat: https://twitter.com/RiotLyte/status/689623553340080128 Maybe add this https://twitter.com/RiotLyte/status/689646191454195712 and this https://twitter.com/RiotLyte/status/689646508447178753
: Oh squaid... Looks like your forum account got banned.
: Do you even know how the current Ranking system works???? Everyone dropped, roughly a tier. So if you ask for people at Silver/Gold level, right now, then you'd be getting people at least one tier higher than the rank they currently are.
Ofc not lol, if everyone drops then no one does :b
: Noooo! I mean you ask for Silver/Gold when actual people at the level of Silver/Gold who deserve that elo for the entire season could come here and talk when you want people that are Platinum level. I said nothing about Platinum being not decent wth are you going on about? You see what i mean? You are asking for people who got placed into Silver/Gold when people that got placed there are actually Gold/Platinum. Your request creates confusion.
they're not platinum/gold if they're in silver/gold lol. exept gold part.
: Jesus christ, just say you want people who are Gold/Platinum in terms of skill/elo/or previous standings. You confuse everyone like that. People that may still be in placements and finished in Silver/Gold could join in too, then.
wat. Platinum is decent elo atm and there's difference between people I wanna play with and platinum.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Worst era of LoL?
It's defo When cancerhulk.... Pardon me... Cinderhulk got rework in season 5 around march or so, I went from d1 to d5 during this time because Im ad assassin/fighter main and this became trash tier due to 1 item and other tanks in general.
: Worst? Definitely the time before the server split. I remember logging in in the morning just to be able to play when I came back from university. The login-Q was huge. Additionally there was A LOT more flaming in LoL back then, especially the extreme stuff. Most unbalanced: League of cleavers, definitely.
Plot twist: Sausageschnitzel doesnt like polish players and therefor he's happy servers split up!
: It's the beginning of the Season so the people you're asking for got demoted to Bronze or low Silver. Right now Gold V+ is Platinum and above. I am Gold V in EUW but finished as Platinum previously.
People Im asking for are either silver or gold :b I wrote it. I didnt say I want Season 2 Gold or silver players. lol.. I said Im looking for gold or silver players, which means if you're silver or gold atm, then you can pm me in case you want to and we;ll play.
: It annoys people because it's useless Cpt. Obvious advice. It's almost on the level of "stop dying". I shouldn't die? Wow, thanks Sherlock! "Play safe" is not as extreme, but in most situations it's still useless advice because the player is most likely already trying to do that. And if he is not doing it, he probably has a reason for it, a reason you don't know because you lack the context he has (you spent 95% of the game watching your own lane, not his). "Play safe" is not a super secret trick, you don't have to inform people about this possibility, they already know about it. And if they don't do it, there is a reason for that...and discussing about that reason is a waste of time you should rather spend on actually playing the game.
Well Im a jungler and I have F keys so I dont spend 95% of the game looking at the jungle with locked screen. I look at lanes and I plan stuff. Master Yi players are best example of this, there's First 'circle' of them who literally afk farms jungle, they start from kurgs or gromp and end on other half of jungle, recall, repeat. and then there's second 'circle' who on first look do the same with one difference, they gank once in a while. and Judging from personal experience when I gank I do it well and we get either a kill or objective. I played over 15 Yi games recently and every single gank I made was succesful Because YEAH I actually watch lanes. that's how jungle works, that's how mid works, that's how supp works, and same for TP tops. here's my quote, everyone can write this down in their notebook. "If you Look at game, you win game, if you look at your lane only, you win only your lane" (c) Yodachu On second point now, "play safe" isnt always obvious Because as I mentioned ranked 5s,I used to shot call and I used to tell people when to play safe and when not to. sometimes Its better to play aggresive and take down, lets say 30% of enemies health while losing 50% because it makes ganks easier and it baits your enemy deeper. On the other part, if you see level 5 riven going all in vs lvl 6 Renekton, then nah, its not obvious for her either that she's suppoused to play safe, especially if renekton has 2 kiils already, and tbh if it was obvious as you say, no one would die except int.feeders. I mean, If you know its obvious you will die if you fight, and you still fight, then what are you? int.feeder. Because if your intention is to not die then you wouldnt fight since its obvious you gotta play safe and not die.. so whats your point? But people nowadays are too easly triggered so what can we do...
: Directly after "play safe". Because, as everybody knows, writing "play safe" in chat makes your teammates unvulnerable, unless they are noobs of course.
sadly you got to tell most people that tho. In ranked 5s, I used to shot call and I'd tell people to play safer, aggresive, setup lane for ganks etc. and none of them wished me cancer ^_^ but in soloQ that's apparently toxic and triggers people.
: 1.Ok. 2.You're asking for other Silver/Gold players.
and well there's not much difference between plat and gold or silver anyway so idk whats ur point :b
: Well i ended up as a Platinum IV and transferred but still have a smurf in EUNE. Though i am not going to Support EUNE's Silver-Gold players so no thank you ;)
1. we're talking about euw 2. Im Diamond not "silver gold" bye
Perilum (EUW)
: Your jokes are not funny. You behave like the typical High Bronze flamer.
: One question: How can your own friends not like you? Isn't that kinda paradox, I mean I thought only people who like each other can be called friends?
They dont like the way I play, the champs I play and my strategies :b
Perilum (EUW)
: "not autistic". You seem like a lovely person to play with.
: I would have joined but I don't meet requirement number 2
Rioter Comments
Eveninn (EUW)
: Learn to Shaco top => you always get to be jester. :3 P.s. I know (even tho it was more like a front stab if anything.
he isnt good on top :c P.s nah it was backstab :b
Eveninn (EUW)
: Haven't tried it yet, but you at least get 1 of the 2 chosen .-. I just dislike that my core way of climbing (simply filling and getting teammates a their mainy while hoping that enemy does -> getting carried) is now gone. :(
ye and I dislike that I cant play shaco and that I cant jungle, because riot fucked up again sadly :\ P.s you're a backstabber gpet!
Eveninn (EUW)
: No more stupid premade bots taking my support! :D
-__-. you wont get your role most of the time, in draft pick, I got jungle 27 out of 30 times. Idk why it was neccesary to force people to play 2 roles.. without giving them the role they wanna play often enough. this is bullshit. I dont wanna be plat, I wanna be diamond ASAP.. p.s you're a backstabber
Rioter Comments
: I think we have a misunderstanding here: Unintentional feeding DOESN'T WARRANT PUNISH OF ANY KIND. Its part of the game.
thanks sherlock I didnt know that.
: tip for ppl, pick jungle as secondary, u most likely will get your first.
: Of course intention matters. If it would not, that would mean you can get punished as soon as you finish a game with a score like 0/5/1. And if that would be the case, then this game would not have any players left after a few days, because the entire community would be banned.
> [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=155qEBEr,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2016-01-25T23:05:44.735+0000) > > Of course intention matters. If it would not, that would mean you can get punished as soon as you finish a game with a score like 0/5/1. > > And if that would be the case, then this game would not have any players left after a few days, because the entire community would be banned. I know you love riots system and all that, but I'd love to remind you that punishement doesnt neccesarily has to be ban. It can be anything. lets not go to details ^_^
: >but heyyyyyyy feeding is fine Define "feeding". Everyone feeds at some point. I play safe bruisers and there are games where I die 8 times. If you say "I never feed" then you are either the best player to ever walk this earth, or you are wrong. Whats toxic is INTENTIONAL feeding, and 99% of the time, its not done intentionally.
ye but point is, intention doesnt matter when the end is the same.. to me at least ^_^
: To all the players who get permabanned
you can replace troll flamer or w/e with feeder and the post will still make sense ^_^ but heyyyyyyy feeding is fine, because it's just a game, but if you flame it's not just a game anymore :b
Eveninn (EUW)
: The small step is too much for the best warrior of noxus, mhm. J4 is simply the one crating the step/dent, what you wanna call it.
For fucks sake, j4 is from demacia.
Rioter Comments
Eveninn (EUW)
: LoL Logic.
Gpet really? >{{champion:59}} >I am the best warrior of noxus! >But damn, that small step there is too much for me, sorry. j4 - best warrior of noxus............................ no.
Eveninn (EUW)
: No, you are the Shaco main. :<
and you're shaco irl. :c
Eveninn (EUW)
: Goo' morning!
#MeanPet you're a backstaber :c
Rioter Comments
: Yeah, i expected that you write something like this. The behavior you describe is different from typing a text in the keyboard, because it's natural. Speaking and physical actions as a result of anger are natural behavior since thats an instinctive reaction, programmed in our DNA. Typing a text in a keyboard is NOT instinctive behavior, keyboards don't exist long enough to be part of our natural reactions. Maybe in 100.000 years but not now. Typing in a keyboard is a conscious act, not a natural reaction. > and yeah you're harming people but its not your fault I hate to use the obvious example, but: If Hítler had a mental disorder, would what he did not be his fault? It's a rhetorical question, the answer is "yes", it would still be his fault. Having a reason and having a justification are entirely different things.
typing is physical action, the same way throwing chair is. and if you have personal dissorder no its not your fault because you cant control it. but in case of hitler it lasted for 10 years and maybe more, it wasnt dissorder ^_^ that's not how it works. easiest example here would be, Depression, people who have depression get down for no apparent reason in random places and no its not their fault its not your fault it's depressions fault. there's a difference between that and 10 years of dictatorship.
: Why on earth do you think its alright to tell people to get cancer, especially over a video game that will have no impact on your life what so ever. Telling people to get a deadly disease isn't right, not only in LoL but everywhere. Its just hurtful and insensitive. Many people have died from cancer and many people know someone close to them who died from it and telling them to get it is just hurtful. And don't you use the "But what if someone has anger problems" card like you have done to other people. No one is forcing you to type these hurtful messages so don't.
Did I say anywhere that I think it's okey?
: Not necessary, but do as you wish. Like I just explained, even if a mental illness that forces you to press enter, lets call it "Enter pressing disorder", existed, it still wouldn't free you from resonsibility. You are still harming other people and you could prevent it. Knowing that a mental illness caused this might be good to know to understand this kind of behavior, but it doesn't justify it.
Im not sure if you're being sarcastic there, but Ill assume you're not. therefor no there's not such thing as "enter pressing disorder" it's called "X" anger dissorder, it means most little things make you angry and then you express anger in different ways, you slap someone shout, and no they're not called "slapping someone dissorder" or "shouting at peopel dissorder" its called anger issues in psychology and its pretty common deviation. and yeah you're harming people but its not your fault :) and dont tell me it is PLEASE. the same way you're harming people with feeding 3/18. but its not your fault. so..
: There isn't any known mental sickness that forces you to type insults in your keyboard. It's always a choice. Without a doubt it's more easy for some than for others, but no one is forced to press enter. Additionally, there are minimum requirement for certain privileges. If you are blind, you are not allowed to drive a car. If you do it anway, you are willingly putting other people at risk and you are responsible for that. If you have uncontrollable anger issues and enter an environment where you know you will harm others(i.e. LoL in this case), you are also responsible for that.
there is. should I name exact dissorders? p.s also since u're in the thread, why are people who call me idiot and tell me I should get beaten with a chair running around unpunished? isnt that a bit dissrespectful? lol
Eambo (EUW)
: There's a difference between feeding and intentionally feeding: Intentionally feeding is going out of your way to feed, on purpose, with the intent of spoiling the game. This is punishable, and is not okay. However, "feeding" not intentionally is not something that is, or should be, punished. Everyone can have a bad game, and I'd definitely not be playing LoL if I was banned simply for having a bad game. People can be in a bad mindset, just "tilting", outmatched, just having a sucky game - they're not doing it on purpose, they're probably frustrated too - I do not believe they should be punished for it. However, wishing a quite often terminal illness upon a person, an illness that a lot of people have had to deal with, or had relatives, friends or loved ones suffer through it - is in no way acceptable. You're speaking to people, not robots. You're wishing them to suffer extreme amounts of pain, treatment, and potentially death - over a game? That should not be acceptable in any part of society, nevermind League of Legends. This is why this is punishable, whereas "feeding" is not, unless it is intentional with the purpose of ruining the game for others.
What about ppl with personal dissorder who cant control anger? its not their choice either so.
: Feeding (unintentionally of course) is part of the game, it's something you literally can't avoid if you play LoL, everybody feeds occasionally. It's unavoidable, it's unintentional and it's not done to harm anyone, it just happens. Flaming however is always a choice, it's always intentional, it's completely avoidable, it's inteded to harm people. It doesn't just happen, it's an active decision to intentionally harm others.
What if "X" has anger issues or any dissorder? then flaming isnt a choice so.. what's your point?
: You're probably kind kind of person who yells "REPORT!!" when someone goes 0/4 in lane, right?
: Who says it's ok to feed?
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