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: Umm, just a small question do you just ping few times and do the rest you said? Because i did have problems you mentioned, what i did was ping alot more and started using chat for those kinds of things also alot more too. Sure there are still those who are a bit slow, but for the most part it tends to work. Don't forget that you as support don't have to focus on farming, you're the one in lane with map awerness. Assume that your ADC is just REALLY SPEACIAL.
I ping as many times I can before I need to start focusing on the mechanics. If the adc get the point and fall back when I ping we usually make it out alive. I kinda refer more to the situations where the adc's are ignorant of everything until the enemy is already on top of them, and then expect me to work miracles to save them. I am amazed at how seldom some adc's seem to look beyond the minion they are farming atm. "Slow" does not even begin to describe it... :)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Since here we already have plenty of: "I fully agree with you" Im gonna be the one who mostly disagrees with you. > Playing supp can be either of two things. The most fun thing in the world, or the worst thing in the world. this isnt support specific, this applys to all the other roles too. > My philosophy is that all champs can be useful as supports if played correct sorry, but no > Just as any champ can be useful as adc if played correct. also no. > The worst are when the adc is pushing the lane to enemy tower and get ganked (my fault), or lingers in lane with very low health for no reason and get ganked (my fault). Good of you to understand that it's your fault, sounds like your problems were: lack of proper ward coverage maybe with a bit of lack of map awerness and not spamming danger to adc as well as spamming the chat for him to go back. > Compare it to how often you hear someone in your team blame someone else for losing (say, the support?) ussually it's the jungler. > Team starts flaming "bot, stop feeding", or "rly, bot??". Chances are someone goes afk. Because a 0/3 can never be turned around...? > How often do you see encouragement in those situations? A team member going, "np bot, keep it up", or "I'm coming"? Like the only option is to bring out the most negative attitude you have, as if it helps? you'd be surprised to know that in higher leagues, players tend to do those things you want to do. > But one thing I can guarantee. If you mention getting cancer and die in a game I will report you no matter what. A daughter of a friend of mine got diagnosed with leucemia at the age of three. She shared her two years in the hospital with seven other kids. In the end she was the only one walking out of there alive. They saw family after family packing up belongings and leaving in tears. you know there's no reason to have sucha personal reason to report someone, the good old "because they were toxic assholes" is good enough.
We can agree that we probably do not agree on the potential for champs to be adc and supps. I stand by my opinion. About the adc pushing and farming at enemy tower - Well, obviously some adc's focus entirely on the farm and fail to see pings or even read the situation or map. Sometimes the enemy moves in, I ping and move towards the ganker to create a safe corridor for my adc to retreat in. But what happens? Adc keeps farming as if nothing happens, enemy eventually get around me, and the adc is screwed from two directions. Who is to blame? I ward, ping, and move in to keep my adc safe. Adc flames.... yep, me. Also common for the adc to just linger in lane with low health after an engage or escape, neither adc or me have mana, I encourage to go back to base, but adc ignores me and just keeps farming. Eventually the enemy jungler shows up and neither adc nor me have enough mana or health to defend properly. When adc dies, I get blamed for not doing enough. Some adc's obviously have never heard of cd or mana. And cancer. Dude, for so many people it seems to be just another word. I gave an explanation to why I (me, not you or anyone else) always report it. Simple as that.
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: Well, you gotta understand few aspects. When you are picking Heal as support, you are automatically putting your ADC at a disadvantage. There's a reason why double Heal bot it's not such a good idea, and that's the spell's passive debuff. Using heal applies a debuff that reduces the other Heal spell by 50% for 35 seconds. Usually, you use Heal as an impulse, when someone is low. If you happen to use it both, one of them will heal for 50% less. So, you get one and a half spell in that case. When the enemies use Exhaust or Ignite, you can't respond to that. Especially if they have Ignite, your heals get halved down. Then, add to that a wonky support like Teemo, you are already making the ADC not having any trust in you. That will create unwanted tension. It might be ok in normals, but when you go into Ranked, and want to improve, people will react negatively. If you climb, you reach a point when these mistakes alone will cost you the game. Unless you are very good at Teemo, I see no reason why would you prioritize him as support over others. For fun, that's all fine. But don't sell me the "player matters" because, even if I generally agree with it, it's not always true. It might be true if you go Annie top. But if you go Teeto against Zyra/Cait, you're probably gonna have a bad time and you're gonna fail that lane badly. I used to main support, I played a lot of support games, I learned to play the role most efficient I can. And, to be honest, as far as I'm concerned, this role is played most poorly in general. Supports like to glorify themselves and think that they can't do anything wrong. But the opposite it's true actually. A good support will win the bottom lane while a bad one will lose it. It's very easy to mess up on this role too, much easier than as ADC. As ADC you have room for errors. You miss your Q with Caitlyn, no biggie. But you miss your Q with Blitzcrank, you give the enemy a window of 12-13 seconds where they can engage you, as they know you can't respond. With most supports, timing your spells right is crucial. Cooldown management is most important aspect of this role, and that's where many fail. Keeping track of the enemy jungler, knowing what to ward and when, knowing the mana costs of your combo, they all add up. If you understand this role as "going with ma ADC on bot lane and that's it", you're not gonna improve. There are many elements that distinguish an average or good support from a very bad one and it's hard to be somewhere in between. A good support will make a crappy ADC go 12/0, while a bad support can make a good ADC go 0/5. This role is not about dying for your team as some people claim and always having 3 wards up. That's pretty much ok for Bronze. At that level, you can pretty much do anything, as long as you don't die too often, you're probably gonna win. Higher up, it's much more than that.
Lucky for me I never play ranked, I only play for fun. So yeah, I can see your points with all their pros and cons. I very seldom go heal, mainly if the adc takes ignite. Otherwise exhaust is the standard pick. (Am I the only one thinking how very few useful spells there are?). I do not prioritize Teemo over other champs, but in certain situations it works like a charm. In others not. I like the experimental approach. For example, I found out that way how I prefer to play ap mages as supports rather than fighters like Leona or Nautilus. I prefer variation, and I am not overjoyed about the "If you play supp you can only pick the standard supp-champs"-argument. Indeed, at times I have changed to standard champ just to satisfy the team. All champs can be adc's and/or supps, but some are better than others depending on team and champ composition. Agree that supports are more than just tagging along in the background. A good support is the backbone for botlane. But even so I get a bit frustrated over the fact that many adc (and supps) seem to play without regards to tactics (Like farming at the edge of enemy tower against a Thresh and Vayne. No matter supp skill there is no chance in the kitchen the adc can be saved if Thresh lands a hook). I would perhaps go as far as saying that cooldown management is everything in this game. Knowing that is the key to timing, of course paired with knowing your lane partners cd's and mana. Maybe we can agree that tactics in general are sadly underestimated by many (like someone going 1 vs. 5 with hopes of scoring a penta, then blames and flames team for being bad)...?
: Can you just not pick teemo support when champions like Xerath, Syndra, Kennen, Anivia, Cho'Gath, Lux, Poppy, Shen, Sion, Zyra etc. exist?
But why not? The shrooms are excellent for vision (even in jungle). His Q blinds giving adc free attack. Teemo is a fear supp. You just have to play him different to avoid ks'ing by accident. Seeing the enemy jungler step on shrooms and go from ganking to running in fear is so satisfying. And if the adc is good at timing the poison brings the enemy down with a slow, giving the adc free hits and sure kills. Teemo supp works, like it or not :) And remember, all kills are good kills. All kills brings the team closer to winning. I enjoyed playing adc with a Teemo supp once. He got more kills than me, but who cares anyway...? I had fun. He had fun. We won.
: >old bloke Same > I play support a lot Ditto >I am a father of two Yep >work at a large University So do I! Are you my doppelganger? Seriously though, that is a great post and there isn't one part of it that I disagree with. It's a shame that you are on EUNE as we have a club for similar players (old and chilled); you would fit perfectly!
You know, I might actually consider a transfer to EUW... :)
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: Random ping drops without a known reason?
Same here. Began with latest patch and appears to occur randomly throughout the game. I can start a game with 35 ms, and it will suddenly drop really fast to any number between 200-1000 ms. Stays there for anything from seconds to minutes and goes right back to 35 ms again. Makes teamfights very... interesting. Not painting everything in black, it dropped heavily right after I engaged once and when the lag eased I had somehow scored a double kill :) Problem was I play supp, and my adc got mad for me ks'ing.
: Report Calling, make it stop.
Everytime I see it in chat, I reply with "League of Reports".
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: Need someone to talk to?
Nice initiative. I offer the same, but for EUNE. Add me if there is anything you like/need to talk about. Not online very often these days, but don't hesitate if you see me. Maybe Riot could construct some sort of "League Ambassador" status for certain users that stick around and are just being nice? Not trained therapists, but a social backbone for an otherwise sometimes toxic community. Cheers, and gl hf
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