: Any way to check how old your League account is?
and what do you do if you have registered somewhere in season 1 ?:D
HomerJ20 (EUW)
: am i the only one?
I'm having the same problem my ping is stable 58-60ms and I'm still having lag and its unplayable at some times.I've done the test there is no packet loss what so ever. Country:Bulgaria Connection:Cable,optical connection 100Mbps,TP-link WR-940N router with latest firmware update,DCCorporation is the ISP OS:Windows 10 Enterprise,Version 1703,OS Build 15063.332, 64 bit
Infernape (EUW)
: Open the new client, as soon as the login screen appears click "launch legacy client". By the way, as soon as the new client is ready, the old one will be removed.
I know they will remove it but that is the problem i prefer the old skin its less colorful and simpler ,clearer that is why I want the option after the launch of the new client to chose the old one.I sure am not the only one that prefer the old skin.
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JBT Jack (EUW)
: 7/3 won in ranked then Bronze III ? haha
I call bullshit I fucking played every game of flex vs diamonds and plats and got placed in silver 2 what the actual fuck are you thinking riot go shove this game next to your heads in your asses I no longer care if I get banned heck every other moba has somewhat decent match making system. P.S : I have 21 won games out of 33 for fuck sake are you GOD DAMN KIDDING ME?
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: I like this feature, but many raging kids go yolo. I select mid/top and now i am supp? wtf? I mid or troll, bye. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I did not say I don't like it I'm saying it needs to be fixed so people are not able to avoid it.
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Zer0oC0ol (EUNE)
: Normal, draft pick
So today i tried 4 matches i dodged 2 ques and still got trolls in my other 2 so i ask people" what do you want to play?" they answer" mid or i troll "i leave them mid and take adc one person comes after all picks have gone through and its his turn he locks adc and say "why did you pick adc im adc"after he kept it quite for the whole pick ban phase.What can i do in that situation tell me? What i end up doing is dodging que so i expect suspension becouse of kids like that and i expect it soon becouse i will keep on dodging until i get a normal game without annoying brats that have no idea how draft works.


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