: my laptop restarted after 10 min . thanks for the tips :))
: help pls im stuck , i selected the correct driver and ran it on administrator. http://imgur.com/Qo3JWna
Thats actually weird, you sure you selected the correct one? it seems like it hasnt finished yet. Wait about 5-10 minutes and if it hasnt finished yet run it in safe mode, if you dont know how, just ask here.
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: I just want black market brawlers back. I loved the athmosphere with the gankplank announcer and the music and the ability to choose a poke... I mean brawler. Go Ironback! I choose you!
lmao that game mode was too much for me, like a whole new season patch
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Ocmerius (EUW)
: WTF is going on with league?
Riot must give us three more bans for each rework they do...
: Searcing 4 players, for pool party rewards, eune
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Techniclly gettin a restriction then getting it removed then gettin two restrictions is not a bug? i think its a server fail/issue , i talked to riot and i really dont have any reason to get restricted in the first place. anyways when i joined draft queue alot of players had 75 draft games left
menneke93 (EUW)
: i am getting the same but on euw, keep getting chat bans after they end even tough i am not toxic anymore
Mine is quite different , it gets removed in the same day even though i played only 1 game or not a single game , then i get again restricted it feels like feeding without dying ._.
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need goth gf

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