Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: ***
more .................. dots.................
: but jax cant use weapons
It's from rubber so it's ok
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elin990 (EUW)
: What color has the ruby crystal?
KingNeonMan (EUNE)
: I constantly get matched with better players than me
Isnt playing vs stronger than You the way to get better?
Allosen (EUW)
: So if I buy 2 Unique Passives,that boost the same Stat, but different Values, what will I get?
i tested it on practice mode and it worked. I think uniques with same names wont stack ex.{{item:3068}} {{item:1413}}
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: Who will be the next to be reworked?
They rework champs that noone plays. i think next might be urgot.
: Why?
With hextech U can get skins for free and u complain
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kurnubego (EUNE)
: Early itemization question
Doran Shield is affects dmg from minions??
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karolmo (EUW)
: Leaverbuster is a thing...
Yes but leaverbuster wont detect ppl who are moving from time to time in fountaine and browsing net or doing other things.
: > GIVE US BACK OUR MMR & LP for having to LOSE cause of AFKERS!! rio is trying to make this.Its called /remake.But im sure it wont work bellow plat.
This post author talks about ppl who lose lane and stands in base or go straight afk. Not about ppl who arent getting even in game.
: Improving mouse accuracy- advice needed please
Hi. I got same problem and I started using attack move button command. Even if I miss with pointing my mouse cursor I wont just go in to die but attack closest target. You can find this in, ingame options, in hotkeys under player movement. Command is called Player Attack Move. Try it out.
Puckomodo (EUW)
: How to find your main?
Go read some lores and pick champ that is the most awesome for You
: Baron replays from
works just like I wanted, Thanks
: Im using Overwolf , capture your deaths / kills / tricks / jukes etc and you can capture all the game. Btw this helps to learn from your mistakes , because you can watch your replay [max 20 sec] while you're in game!
Great program thanks
dexcore (EUW)
: trinityforce?
Try going {{item:3025}} instead, better kitting more Cd reduction and some armor. ( dont take it super seriously but give it a try at some point) :D
: Kha'Zix nerf
Great counter to {{champion:121}} is {{item:3026}} Try it, he cant get reset on his jump and Your team have time to help You.
BreadJore (EUW)
: Random health regeneration
Did You have red buff? They changed it soo now it restores HP when youre out of combat by your max hp i belive. ( read some patch notes)
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Razer46 (EUW)
: LoL does not officially support any controller but if you want to try []( this is a emulator for controllers to act like xbox360 controller you might have better luck with this
Thanks for info. I tried it and failed. Ill try some more programs.
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: An Ancient technique for ELO heaven!
Wow it works :D Many Thxs :D
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: No, but speaking in polish, refusing to do it in english and flaming is bad, I experience it almost every game and I have to play with the whole team muted. I don't know much about Poland's education system but when I completed elementary school, I was able to speak english properly.
Most of them didn't finished elementary school probably ( still in progres of it I think). :D
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: It's impossible for me to win a game anymore
: No, sadly that's not an option on the Boards. However, you can add the pages to your browser as favorites :)
Oh ok. Riot could add this feature though. Thanks for replying
: Hey negaultimate, What do you mean exactly?
I wanted to save some ppl posts. Can I add them to favorites or something?
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Storge (EUW)
: An up-to-date Jungle Guide
nice post gonna read all that later.
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Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: Considering the fact that TRINKET UPGRADES AUTOMATICALLY
stacking blue trinket and spamming wards are good. they last until someone hit them but u can get a lot of them. Also maybe getting sightstone is good idea.
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Skreâm (EUNE)
: Training mode with reduced cooldowns
: So veigar instant aoe stun is toxic but Annie is totally ok amirite ?
make it like in that hq movie she throws that toy first and then tibers come
Reprom (EUNE)
: Lets talk about 4v5 game
make that anyone whos afk get few day ban and 4 others mates gets loss prevented also afk losee tons of lp.
: Why are you using your Summoner Icon?
i just love this minion. Look so cool. Like come at me bro :)
: Talking about Ekko "mains" after not even being live for a week, made my day, bro. XD
U know there is a pbe server when u could play him for like 2 weeks or soo?
Mithos (EUW)
: It's time for 8 bans.
yup, more champs more bans
ferlondo (EUNE)
: an idea for showing ally ult icon for the player
: Superminons having 0.69 attack speed...
can we somehow increse minions base stats?
: 4v5's and stuff alike (not a QQ thread)
Great post. Also worth to mention that the feeling when You win 4v5 is great :)
Shabì (EUNE)
: Kills timer
good idea upvote it ppl
Armà (EUW)
: Isn't one time enough? Strong Verbal Harassment
Only thing he can get in game is perma-ban and some beating irl. Hate those kind of scrubs


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