: how to beat {{champion:157}} in bronze, simply play {{champion:6}} and watch at them cry as they find out windfall won't save you from an {{champion:6}} E , when they think they can get up in your face, its only to find out there heath bar is being shredded by the W and as for trying to fling you up, they find out, that there wind is just wind as hardy does dmg and forces the yasuo to go to another lane, when you can follow him shred his heath and he wasted his dash, you R him and drag him back so he can see the grey screen and timer that says some seconds till you get another grey screen because you have killed them again. once the Trashuo realises that he been heavy countered, he then becomes salty and as you win a victory. you put a GG EZ just to make you made him realise there other champions other than {{champion:157}}. LOL
or you could play any tank, or to make him more angry play Kled{{champion:240}} so that when they realize that after they got you down to 1.5 quarters of health and you just gained 2 quarters of health! because I <3 that damn passive saving my ass every time
Shinovar (EUW)
: I really needed tips from silvers {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Ok, so you are boosted in silver 5, ok, I see the problem, They tell you what you need to do SO LISTEN TO THEM! NOT DO THE THING THAT THEY TELL YOU NOT TO DO AND THEN FEED YOUR ASS OF AND BLAME YOUR TEAM you are welcome, btw pay attention to the game and learn game mechanics if you want to get out of bronze {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Smerk (EUW)
: > Hope you had a chance to take a look at our "Face Your Fears" project. No, I didn't. So, where exactly can I take a look at this project?
lol, launcher? you should have been here from the site
zammea (EUW)
: Talking about champions that make us tilt and not addressing there flawed design is the same as talking about people who like to beat women and claim she is provoking him and that is all right. I love you Riot, but the many problems that people tilt is, because when you feel powerless then the rage come, the depression the anxiety kick in and your left with noting but frustration. If it is a Chess game you can take your time and think, but the problem is that the game become way to fast for people to think and from my personal experience for the past few months is The Tilt happen like PTSD. You go in game 1st game of the day you are cool, you are ready to win even if you lose it is okay. You say to yourself "%%%% it is only a game I had a blast last night" and then someone die, or you die or someone make a pick you have no idea how to play against And your Tilted again! Ultimately you are to blame for not knowing how to play against it, for having poor game knowledge and so on. But I believe we are at a point that we got patches every 3 weeks now and if you do not keep up and you have no time to relearn all of the new match ups or abuse the what is "meta"/ "op" now you will be tilting your team mates, or you will end tilting yourself. Believing you are the problem and if that happen GL on not getting tilted when you press the "Play" button.
If its a Chess** not Chest. That is your vision, the tilt comes when you dont know how to react or do in a certain scenario in a such fast paced game and competitive

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