: Report flamers, but only if they claim they had sexual contacts with your parents or siblings or they wish you'll get cancer. For things like that, flamers will be banned very, very fast and they won't flame anyone anymore. Tips? You are 20lvl, you should get your first runes! I'd recommend red Attack Damage, yellow Armor, blue Magic Resist and Attack Damage or Movement Speed quints. They should work for most ADC's, AD Junglers and AD Toplaners. For champions using Ability Power, you should get red Magic Penetration, yellow Armor, blue Magic Resist and Ability Power or Movement Speed. Of course, these runes aren't the best ones for every possible champion, but they are fine for most of them. As Diamond IV, I have 10 rune pages, every single one for other champions, team compositions and enemy teams, and it feels like not enough for me. These which I recommend for you are good for getting started. After getting your runes, you game stats should get much better. You can also check some guides online. Mobafire helps a lot with getting started with a champion. According to your games stats, I'd say you are slowly getting better with champions you play. You'll reach Gold without bigger problems if you'll play ranked games after 30, so don't give up!
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