: This isnt funny anymore. League of legends 2016 (and before) vs 2018.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esj2b_F1u70 I can relate. Yesterday I posted an thread on this tpic and now I see that there are many others similar to mine. Every body is complaining how the game has changed and everybody wants old stuff to come back. It's not impossible for Riot to make and old version of the game of s3 or s4 but that would require so much work and they wouldn't so it soon. They still want to develop the current league and continue to make it worse. I suggest that you stop playing this game. Games are meant to be fun and the current state of this game is not fun. We need more people to quit league and send letters to Riot saying that they miss the old times. I hope they realise and make an old version of the game for us to play. For now you can join leagueofmemories.com but now the server is closed and you have to wait.
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: Ali, Nid, Sej, Cho and Bard are played fairly often. Ivern is just bad, and kalista isn't viable in low elo. Voli's design is just too outdated to compete with a lot of other champs both in jung and top. Reksai was always kind of a niche pick, but her main problem right now is that many other champs can do exactly what she does except better. You wanna see a champ virtually nobody plays anymore? Look at poor mordekaiser...
Morde is common. I have seen him recently twice or thrice.
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