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: getting a mark that does nothing is not like annies stun or jhins crit, if you get a mark nothing happens, at 3 marks you get stunned, so why would you need an indicator for this? kennen will apply the marks mainly with his spells anyway... btw neekos every 3rd attack is the same, no indicator either
Currently you can only see an effect on Kennen's shuriken, indicating that the next attack will apply the mark, **and there actually is a counter in the effect bar*** (*Its the place above your abilities that shows for example: Luden's Echo {{item:3285}} and Dead Man's Plate {{item:3742}} charges) but the problem is, that it requires you to look at a tiny box which takes your focus away from the gameplay. > getting a mark that does nothing Its does apply a mark, which is doing something and is the most important part of Kennen's kit. I think it would be a significant quality of life improvement on Kennen's gameplay, its ridiculous that currently you have to count to five in every auto attack if you want to know when you get the next mark. TL;DR: **If there already is a counter in the effect bar, why can't it be moved under the health bar so gameplay feels better.**
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