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Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: I had one dude come up in my game, no one told him literally anything, started calling all of us dogs. Game loading screen, i see that he was the only plat paired with us, 4 golds. That was probably his frustration. Gave away first blood intentionally, then proceeded to afk and feed from time to time, all of this while spamming bullsh*t like "cry more", "dogs" etc. So you telling me that i deserve to be banned if i tell this guy to f*ck off ? I didn't cause i know this system is dumb, but it's not cool being literally forced to take it up your ass when stuff like this happens. And people like you make it even harder for the general player base. Because you act like we're all supposed to be angels and turn the other cheek to sh*t like this. The true toxicity of this game is people ruining games by inting/afk'ing/trolling not flaming.
DUDE! You should learn to relax, realise this is a game! Mute him and move on, he will totally get banned, is something riot and their ass lickers woulda said. I would hop on my int acc and run it down a few times bc you don't get banned for that, just to vent. I'm currently on 40 ints in a row on that acc and still no warning lol. Great system %%%%%%s.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: If anyone wrote an in-game report after a match in which the offender said a zero-tolerance word (such as "kill yourself" and its variants") the ban follows without fail. Your support ticket had nothing to do with it. The only thing people DO get punished here is flaming, specially zero-tolerance stuff. Your tickets have nothing to do with it. And it certainly doesn't prove that they get reviewed manually...
Except the fact that it doesn't lead to a ban without fail. I'd like to think it does but my friend, after he got banned on his main, writes ky s all the time and I'm like oh well there goes your acc. He gets reports and no ban. After I saw how many times he could say that and get away with it I just started spamming tickets.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: "Instantly" "after the ticket says 'solved'" does not follow. Tickets take a variable time to get answered first by a bot, then if you insist by a support person. Even if you were refreshing your tickets once a minute, the 24 hours of day, several days in a row until you get a human copy-paste answer... that I rather doubt it's what you've been doing... you wouldn't be able to tell if that person is taking a break from playing to have lunch or your tickets got him banned. It's after several days without playing that you can see they are on a ban, so how are you going to correlate it with a "solved" that happened days before, and that doesn't even pinpoint when the support employee actually looks into the report, but rather when it marks it as viewed? If only your fanfic was real. It would be great if support tickets were manually reviewed and trolls and griefers got banned for ruining matches, but it's not the case. I keep tabs on the greatest offenders I find (and with 2k matches a season, I send a couple dozen very serious reports to support) and I've only seen people getting banned through support once or twice. I know the system is automated for intentional feeding reports because when someone runs it down (for REAL, dying more than once a minute, 0 20 0 in 20 mins-like) the ban is 100% sure and INSTANTANEOUS. There's no time to manually review the replay. You get the feedback message within a couple of minutes, and that person doesn't play again in at least 14 days.
No I don't sit and refresh but I had a tab open on a guy that wrote ky5 like 3 times and didnt get banned after game, I matched with him after. So I sent a ticket and refreshed every now and then to check if he got banned. Eventually i got the in client message and i refreshed the site and saw the ticket was sovled. And I don't mean trollers with ticket, I mean toxic people. I've seen a lot more people get away with harrasment but they generally get punished when I send ticket.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Support tickets are not checked, let's start with that. In-client reports work on an automated system that flags matches based on death/minute rates. You have to go close to 1 death/min to get banned, rates that can't be explained by "bad match" since you don't spend a single second alive in lane (all your time is dead-running down-dead). They are never manually reviewed, in any case. It's all automated.
I mean support tickets are checked I've gotten plenty of people banned instantly after the ticket says 'solved'. And how do u know that it's all automated. I don't doubt it because their system is dogshit but what if it isn't.
: Watch this video , the player is called ap0 and he inted in high diamond around 15 games. Watch at 5:00 to 5:25
I know ap0 and L9 and they have inted so many games in high elo it's kinda scary to see how riot are so slow on banning them. There was also that guy that inted 60+ games in diamond with nunu, and only got banned when he played with a rioter. So idk man.
: My friend did a test actually on this and made a post will try to find his post later when i get home. He had bronze silver and gold account and ran it down mid. Both got banned in max. 5 minutes. He didnt tried plat+ cuz he didnt had an account he had diamond account at the time but didnt want to ruin it xD But that was before iron tier to come. So idk now. But yeah in bronze silver and gold he got banned as i said in around 5 minutes after the games. But he literally ran it down mid not soft inting or anything just straight up running it down mid.
That must have been long ago, because i remember playing with an inting ivern last season that told me he had 20 plus games inting and he was diamond. I checked his match history and sometimes he went 0 15 with troll items and no ban, full reports every game.
Geiger7 (EUW)
: Hey oMehzinyy, is there somewhere we could talk as Pre-change mains?
sure, add my smurf jack cactus ii on euw
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Hananim (EUW)
: What exactly was her burst aoe combo? Because she does more aoe dmg AFTER rework. They literally swapped e and r and buffed her pull to also do damage. Oh no imagine the effort in learning the champion again, took me 2 games to get used to her.
q r w auto oneshotted and was aoe. Now her w does less and her passive aoe does less.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Diana is fine and she needed that QoL. I don't know what you're going on about and it makes little sense. It almost looks like you got rekt by a diana and came to the forum to cry instead of trying to play better.
No I'm literally a diana onetrick that stopped playing her idk what ur talking about
Hananim (EUW)
: Onetricks, d2, eune. 3 key words. Find a pre rework diana otp in dia4+ in korea.
oh sorry lets balance the game around the top 5 koreans in the world instead of the average player base
: Her rework, if that's how you want to call it, is a good move by Riot. She is now more efficient in teamfights.
and a lot more boring and ruined a community for what?
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: Did you get my point mr smart? I'm literally supporting your idea. You said she was healthy, after the rework she's not healthy
you said you have had a problem since you started. I'm guessing you didn't start 4 months ago, so I assumed you meant the old diana
: HOW? Passive is same, Q is same, W is same, just nerfed. E is dash instead of pull and ult is pull+damage instead of dash. how is that a lot of changes?
completely different build and playstyle
Morrhen (EUW)
: You're probably right. Still, probability of me playing Diana is getting lower and lower. The new season has started, chests are available for all my played supps and on top of that I want to pick up Nautilus. Then follow up with Sett and try him as support, since I have this sneaking suspicion that he's gonna be pretty decent in that role. So, likely Diana is going to get buried in that looooong time. Thanks for the advice though {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah I feel you I used to one trick her and now I've given her a chance but I can't play her. I've completely given up on her, she has lost everything that made me like her so much.
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: Trust me, I had a problem with Diana since I started the game, I bought her to test her, I got a triple kill lvl 3 because I ulted 3 people at one, from full hp to 0 hp in an instant, cancer. I got bored after 2 games
Yeah you winning against bronzies doesn't prove anything she gets countered in diamond+ and that's what matters
: They didn't rework her. They swapped around her E and R, buffed her old E and nerfed her W in the proccess. That's a power balance, not a rework. Also instead of reworking zoe i rather they buff nidalee back to her just Q to oneshot, since zoe does that anyway
They changed her so much that I feel I need to learn her again kinda and I mained her knew her in and out. She is completely different
EggKnight (EUW)
: You said it, "Onetrick". That's not the target they were aiming for as the number of Diana OTPs is very low compared to other champions.
Yeah but shouldn't they focus characters that are unhealthy for the game rather than good characters that aren't played much?
Luqiez (EUW)
: No idea. Riot was bored i guess...
Yeah I hope they stay bored so that the shit game dies they literally go against their community all the time they don't deserve this.
EggKnight (EUW)
: Because a Legendary skin is on the way ;) They started with an epic one to be released soon to see how the sales will go and then proceed. Kidding aside, they did this in order to give her an early game and have more chances to be played in high elo and competitive. But, it's ironic how she got disabled (for being too strong with Ardent) in some competitions like the KeSPA Cup along with Aphelios.
I knew plenty of diana onetricks in d2 range, so she was fine in kinda high elo.
Infernape (EUW)
: Why? Because Diana is an AP fighter and rather than introduce actual AP fighter itemisation and reworking AP champs's ratios/items around that fact, they'd rather make them all into assassins. Riot just did the same with Sylas.
but her build was fine already you just built burst and she had her item set
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CarryAll (EUNE)
: Watching games of my son (who is a Diamond player) I think that in Diamond when your visible and invisible ratings are the same the LP gain and loss are both about 16. (According to my experience in lower leagues this number is higher) Notice that if you play many games your visible rating and your MMR will become the same regardless of whether you win or lose. (Unless you have an event that opens a gap between them as explained before)
oh okay. Ive always been so used to gaining 25 or 26 when I'm on a big win streak, maybe that was because I was in lower ratings.
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Here is an explanation of the system with respect to LP gain: Background: You are rated in two methods. The visible rating (League + Division + LP) and the invisible rating (MMR). The true rating is your MMR. It goes up when you win and goes down when you lose and it is the only rating that controls your match making. The visible rating is just a skin over the invisible one. It is there for psychological reasons only, to make the progression system feel nonlinear with choking points which are the promotion series. To the point: The LP gain amount is built so that the visible rating to gradually tracks the MMR. It is unrelated to how many wins or losses you have, only to whether there is difference between your visible rating and your hidden rating. Why did you have high LP gain when you returned to play? The decay you experienced lowered your visible rating but did not lower your invisible rating. As a result they opened a gap, so your LP gain increased to close gap. Why did your LP gain get lower as you play? Due to your high LP gain the gap between both ratings got diminished over time. Since the gap diminished your LP gain got lowered, until when both ratings became the same your LP gain and LP loss became the same. Notice that the gap between both ratings closes gradually regardless of whether you win or you lose. What can open the gap again? The gap can open again whenever you have a case that changes one of the ratings without affecting the other. Two most common examples: If you have 99 LP and have a win your visible rating goes up by only one LP while the invisible rating goes up as usually. This makes your invisible rating higher than your visible one, increasing your LP gain. If you have 0 LP and lose without demoting the opposite happens. (Visible rating unchanged, invisible rating goes down). This lowers your LP gain. Bottom line: If no "gap opening event" happens your LP gain will settle gradually to be identical to your LP loss regardless of whether you win or lose.
But is 15 lp gain the same as your mmr or is it lower? because it feels like im lower than my mmr even though im winning.
Drda (EUNE)
: I agree the mmr system is so bad
very frustrating
: Same shiet i have 55% win rate and i lose more than i get and it's hard to climb lol
yeah especially with some peoples mentalities it's just some games are guaranteed losses and the mmr system just punishes us even more.
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Raymaxe (EUW)
: Damage in League of Legends
I'm not sure but I think riot actually highered the dmg in order to make games shorter. I agree on making games shorter, but highering the damage too much will just result in what r word xd gets caught and oneshot first. That is not how competitive games should be it rewards enemies being dumb rather than you being good.
: No smite/ignite till lvl 9
The game isn't designed for smurfs it's designed for new players. Jungling is difficult compared to laning when you just start the game, therefore you get smite later
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Oh you're not locked out like I was then lol you're quite fortunate on that front Best thing you can do from here is spam games and mute all so you're not tempted to insult (if that's the case w/e it is) I was honor 5 but got shot all the way down locked at honor 1 for 90 games, I'm currently Honor 3 after about 150
Okay thank you for answering :P
: Plat Team looking for a Mid Laner! - Under an Org
well i would if i was on eu west but im on eune
Hexakill was generally boring imo and one for all I'm guessing is coming soon
Pyrosen (EUW)
: You're locked at honor 1 until you've played consistent enough to show that you aren't toxic, meaning you don't get reported Same thing happened to me, it takes a good long while, mine was only a chat restriction though
The thing is I'm not level 1 I'm ''dishonorable'' ''level 0''. Also the system is pretty stupid since half of the league player base thinks that if someone doesn't do well one game you should report him. This means that everytime I feed I usually get reported and I will never get my rewards back
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oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: Eligible for rewards but i get no rewards?
Oh yeah and btw, on my profile my honor level is locked as well
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oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: Rewards after 14 day ban
is there anyway to check when you got the your ban?
Ìxeas (EUW)
: No Victorious skin, and as much as I remember, no other rewards either. Also, I heard Riot instantly bans for certain toxicity, not sure about the details and if it's true at all.
u really sure about no rewards? cause i got a message that im now able to recieve rewards a while after the ban was finished so im guessing that was for end season rewards. And if you are, will i get rewards next season?
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