Pan Gohr (EUNE)
: League's "national" anthem
legends never die is the best worlds song. damn that is a tune. big uip chrisssssy
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: dude that's racist and spams %%% still playing
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: What do i need to do to carry those silvers?
dont be toxic (not saying you are). play champs like kayle and jax who can 1v5. when you get a lead ROAM TO OTHER LANES as then you can help them. have fun{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Rengar: he can one shot, he can get one shot Evelynn: hard early, easy late. I want to see a nerf to Evelynn at her ult. She need a longer animation because you can't counter that ult. If is something closer to Lux ult then it will be fine.
evelyn is ba but her ult is short range whereas lux can snipe from across the map lux is bae. slayyy
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You know who also needs a skin {{champion:427}} {{champion:240}} Can riot just do their job and give these 3 champions a skin
ivern has the lowest play rate and kled at like 2.7 % whereas camille is muhc higher. i still want them all to skins but camile is more urgent
: Dark Waters Diana skin
i dont man diana needs her symbol.
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NoobStory (EUW)
: Emotes in Aram
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Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: Karma is just fine, nothing wrong in her kit. There are bunch of other champions that actually need rework, champions that have been the same since the start of the game, Kayle, Rammus, Yi, Tryndamere etc.
no karma is not fine her w is so unhealthy for how short the cooldown is and her q damage late game is so bad. she has no identity and her problems will never go away.
Dead Virgin (EUNE)
: hmm
its fair taric has a delay and is for the whole team making team fights scary. kayle is ranged and can be cast on an ally but only lasts 2.5 secs. trydamere as a champion is very unhealthy so he must be reworked.
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Ulkusus (EUW)
: Blessing of Caitlyn...
we need the {{champion:15}} blessing of sivir so when you get it every time you are next to more than 2 of your teammates or ally tower or siege minion you get movement speed and ad or ap.
YC020 (EUW)
: Cosmic (Shadow) Zed skin?
zed and Camile need skins especially Camille she is so popular in lcs and solo queue
: Racist players
Racist players should be banned. I’m sick of them.
Database3 (EUW)
: Giraffe Champion
ive designed a lot of champions in my spare time and those which can have vision benefits in its passive or abilities is too one sided as it can be very weak or very strong. a lot of effort has been put into this like the idea of a giant giraffe walking the rift, but if its high skill then maybe lower the impact of some abilities and make others its central importance for example aurelion sol.
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: why does Zoe get more nerfs when she only has a 47% win rate ????
hi buddy i main kayle and sejuani and i feel like sejuani is put under the truck, she is so bad in this meta as they nerfed cinderhulk and warmogs. then we have kayle , damn this champ has always been very hard to deal with kayle has always been known as a ticking time bomb because once she gets nashors and rage blade its gg. this is why they are reworking her very soon. i disagree with why riot is even considering nerfing kalista and galio and ryze they are so bad in solo Que where most players play league.
Pauwelzz (EUW)
: Dear Riot, a collection of frustration from 6 years playing
Hi buddy don’t listen to the haters (the rotten apples). The league community has a lot of bad people who want to annoy you and make you feel down. But sadly that’s wit everything in life. I have one question... well two question .. ok 3 questions, did you play old karma and was she fun, what’s your favourite item in league and FINALLY do you have all the skins {{champion:44}}
J1moBatman (EUNE)
: Our beloved sad mummy..needs something new
i think his q should be the same but his passive and his ult and his w should be reworked or even visually changed{{champion:32}} {{champion:43}} . he is a nice champ not too strong or too weak its just sad riot abandones some champs cough cough karma
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: But karma is viable tho,i mean why riot would rework her?She is picked sometimes at lcs/msi etc and at solo q.
she is viable but she's got a terrible win rate, her spells are nice but her w and shield are weird
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
they don't get it its a free game and still beg for thew world xD
: Pyke is based on Nautilus
i get what you mean like theme but to me naut is more like beasty and angry but pyke is more bloodthirsty. their abilities are very different as naut is more cc and pyke is more damage and assassin type.
Masantha (EUW)
: Bilgewater Fan Fiction Competition
can i make one about illaoi?
: Except you can’t say any of that yet. Him having hooks is speculation at best, we know he has something involving fishing hooks but that by no means indicates he has a traditional hook ability, hell from the looks of things it doesn’t even drag in, just roots. His looks aren’t decisive... we’ve seen his face and that’s it, even then it’s debatable that it’s even all of his face given the scarf. He is bald, that’s all he has in common with singed and urgot, and it makes sense that he is bald as he litterally died and got eaten... the masks are all different as well, singed has bandages as his face got ripped apart, urgot has a breathing aperatus, for all we know Pyke just has a scarf and even then we don’t know what he is hiding underneath it, he is supernatural his scarf might be to conceal something very different... and by no means is it like the other two who have it to hold their faces together. Also remember on both of these champions their defining feature isn’t their face... singed is recognisable by his shield and bottle, urgot by his legs... we can’t say that Pyke looks like these guys as their defining features are elsewhere on their body, as will Pyke most likely which we haven’t yet seen. As for lore firstly naut is getting a new lore which they consulted with us about... overwhelmingly very few if not no one said that his idea of vengeance was pivotal to his lore and will likely to be dropped. Kalista is the spirit of vengeance, it makes her very disconnected... she isn’t going after people who she need to get revenge for she goes after other people’s vendettas... that means she has no personal part in the betrayal and is removed from the emotions of it... she also doesn’t make people suffer she is just going to spear them and be done with it. Pyke is a full on horror movie, he is going after people who directly lead to his own death, suddenly he is very different to kalista because he is going after a very personal vendetta... he is also not going to kill them cleanly, it’s obvious from his teaser Pyke fully intends to torture and slowly kill the people who have wronged him... as shown by him tangling someone in fish hooks, drown them, them likely slit their throat while under sea water... that’s a horrific and terrifying way to go... That’s the big difference here, kalista is just doing her job, one which she has almost no emotions invested into any more as she isn’t even herself anymore... Pyke is fresh out the grave and looking to make people suffer... it’s a very different take on vengnce and frankly one not seen in league yet... we don’t have anyone going full chain saw massacre yet. > also you are level 10 and probably don't even know all the champs xD Firstly do you really need to look up accounts.. Secondly you realise that many people use board smurfs while writing on here, that’s not his main account. > also i just took a look at your previous posts and all you have to say is negative things Your the only one being negative here.
im not trying to be so picky but its just a speculation and this person obviously has a record of being negative and disregarding peoples options and just writing pessimistic things. I'm wondering how long your essays are :/, xD can't wait for pyke and his abilities.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I can just about live with them reusing the sunken depths motif that Nautilus already possesses, and the dark hook support role that we already have in Thresh. What bothers me, is their reuse of vengeance as a motive. I mean really? Another edgy champion who wants revenge, we really don't have enough of them already? There are more motives than just vengeance. How about something more specific, like a champion who wants to take control of the whole of Runeterra by acquiring ancient artefacts that other champions unwittingly possess? Perhaps certain weapons or armour that champions have, actually contain these ancient artefacts that once collected, will- (its Thanos, I know...) Or a champion who's ambition is to prove a point? That can be done in so many creative and specific ways without being repetitive. Have we got an incorporeal champion who dances as they move, and leads mortals to another realm with her dances, filled with fantastic wonders where they are so amazed and awe-struck that they never want to leave, making people think that this champion is killing those people, giving her a bad name when in reality all she wants to do is share "heaven" with the mortals? Or a fanatical, hopelessly in love champion who is obsessed and devoted to an existing champion to the point that they will do anything to be with them, good or bad? Comical in how they only ever bother and freak out their love, occasionally scary in how far they'll go. They might even have gameplay interactions such as offering boons to an ally version of that champion, whilst dealing extra damage to enemy versions (WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LOVE YOU?) I wonder if there could be a champion who straight up doesn't believe in violence? None of their abilities do damage, instead having wild forms of utility, such as "negotiating" with enemy champions (rooting them), knocking them back very far without damaging them, or a crazy ult which can just flat out send an enemy champion (or champions) back to their base without killing them? There's all kinds of things Riot could be doing. I'll be very disappointed if "Pyke" just wants revenge on everyone...
ikr isn't their another image then revenge in new evil champs.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN WHAT KARMA DIAMOND PLAYERS ARE DOING THO? Also, she's a massively offensive support. She's got massive damage in trades! 47.13 Win rate. Hah, have you even SEEN Poppy's win rate? What are you talking about, really? {{champion:43}}{{item:3098}}{{item:3907}} = G G W P
karma has the lowest win rate for a reason she is being outclassed by other supports and new items and runes are causing karma to be slowly removed from her original identity A PRESSURE SUPPORT, slight buffs will (to her shield mainly) will bring her back and not make her too invaluable compared to lulu and janna
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: You have to be kidding, right? Caitlyn-Karma is the best Botlane in a competitive environment at the moment pressure wise. Cait-Morg handles Xayah-Rakan better, but if one of those 2 is banned Karma is the best pressure support in the entire game. Want proof? Let's look at the pro scene You can also go through the challenger-SoloQ ladder - every ~third support-main has some karma games in his recently played games. Case closed
are you seriously going to base karma on her best matchup she is known for her pressure but new items and buffs to other champs have overtaken karma as her last buffs (or nerfs) were a long time ago.
: its from opponent or in my side or both.. i never see {{champion:79}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:60}} All these champions are never picked. its only {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} or {{champion:11}}. It is true. if they get 3 kills. all 3 can 1 shot every champion, but if thats the case and on every match people take these. Aren't they than so op? I got boring as a support or adc. to face only the same jungler every every time. 1 time they are behind and they are uselss. sometimes they get 2 or 3 kills from mid and top and they roam as hell and then im useless.. anyone an explanation?
aha and reneger and especially yi are so braindead once they get one kill gg they carry their team and proceed to one shot the enemies whereas jungles like sejuani get nerved because she's op in pro play????? RIOT ARE YOU THIS BRAINDEAD THAT YOU NERF THE SHIT OUT OF CHAMPS LIKE SEJUANI AND ALLOW BRAINDEAD CHAMPS TO STILL EXIST???
: Can you change back to the old announcer?
i love our league lady she can never be changed. she's an OG
englich (EUW)
: zoe is just too broken
if you look at her kit its really countable like illaoi just stay behind minors so she can't e you and poke he hell out of her when she misses her e or q.
: She is a strong mid laner at the moment... even considered meta. So while support isn’t doing too well mid is. Also remember riot are looking at things like shield and healing power to help balance them, this will affect support karma and might be in a good way we will need to see
yep in mid lane she counters champs like lux who are very dominant ring now.
: each champion you listed ARE unique.
also i just took a look at your previous posts and all you have to say is negative things?
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: each champion you listed ARE unique.
i meant these champs are basically the new champion. pykes lore is basically nautilus kalista is solely based on vengeance and revenge, he looks like singed and urgot and he has hooks which are very outdated (3 hooks in the game) which unless its different. also you are level 10 and probably don't even know all the champs xD
: each champion you listed ARE unique.
i meant these champs are basically the new champion. pykes lore is basically nautilus kalista is solely based on vengeance and revenge, he looks like singed and urgot and he has hooks which are very outdated (3 hooks in the game) which unless its different.
LeonidPower (EUNE)
: Kayle rework
ikr riot needs to stop reworking champs like irelia and rework champs like nunu and kale
: Why Pyke?
nautilus and kalista and singed and urgot and thresh.mmmmm I'm thinking riot needs to look at making more unique champions.
: Players who can't handle the flame should play with fire. /mute all or take the responsibility of choosing not to do it.
i can handle it but I'm putting the message out that there all real people on the other side and we all can't get toxic if something bad happens.
: Things we all do
she is karma the embodiment of peace and the soul of ionia.{{summoner:13}}
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5one (EUNE)
: How to counter mid lane assasians with mages ???
lissandra all the way u can lock them down in cc before they even touch you. btw lisandra takes a bit of skill to play so you won't instantly e favoured in matchups like zed
WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: I hate my life (Brand)
he should be nerved
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