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: Submit a ticket to the [support.]( They will ask questions to verify that your friend is the owner of the account. He doesn't need to answer all question correctly, but the more answers he knows, the higher the chance they can help him.
Catchdown (EUW)
: Contact riot support, they will guide you throught the steps.
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: I'm sorry, did they launch patch 6.7 already? No? Maybe have some patience.
today i update 6.6 and nothing about aurelion ..and they have post on LoL 6.6 aurelion will be released..
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rastko2005 (EUNE)
: i think next pathc or next week...I think he is availble on PBE
he is not avalible only in Europa..
ody97b (EUNE)
: When will be avalible aurelion sol to buy him??
ody97b (EUNE)
: new champion
u mean next week?? or im this days?
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: Aurelion Sol
7800 man..but when he will be avalible in europa to buy him??
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Do you think Aurelion Sol would be a good support?
when he will be avalible to buy him??
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