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: teammates are bad
Update : my first and last 2 games for the weekend:fiora who assists her laner kill me calls me a troll and reports me( i let my team get all kills from ganks i made) 2nd game: udyr mid vs orianna(he was last pick ) ,he never even saw her tower, fed and left his lane to push top(when they pushed mid). malph lost all towers and fed(vs lee) and trynda although he made some ganks, he didnt even pass near the dragon before i pinged him 10 times,and then we gave a triple cause he was too late(cause of farming in enemy jungle) U still think im overreacting? probably yes..but idc
: >with my lousy team Lets have a look at your lost games, shall we? What do I see? Toplane Akali. Devourer Kindred. A lot of Jungle Hecarim. Mid Heimerdinger. Support Maokai. Look, of course you can play whatever you want. And ofc meta is not the law. But if you play picks which are simply not meta (Which they aren't for a reason), and your opponents do, then you don't really have any reason to complain about your team. You wouldn't try to compete in the F1 with a matchbox car and then complain about the box-crew.
didnt intent to play top akali but mid(bad communication) she is tthe first champ i learned and its not easy to beat me with ,jungle is my main,and nobody picks tank in team,so i usually pick heca( and people dont know how mao ulti works..) plus i m i good heca jungle most times(dragon steals,alot of ganks).but ure partly right.
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Well, i was ironic. If you take a quick peak over the boards you will stumble over few posts like yourself. The system does not have anything against you. You are Silver and you are complaining for being matched with bad players. Well, sorry to break it for you, but that's why we have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, as playground for us, the bad players. You should be amazed if your team mates are way too god. That would be something odd. But being matched with bad team mates is normal. And guess what. You are being matched against the same bad players, so your opponents have the same problem as you. The difference can only be made by you, as you are the only constant. It's easy to adopt an uni-dimensional view over your games, thinking that you are the only one playing good in all of your matches. But it's not true. If it would be, you would be able to climb without any problems. I can guarantee that those Diamond and Challenger players played in Bronze/Silver/Gold too, but they managed to climb by truly being better, forcing the win rate in their favor. There's a reason for not seing pro players being stuck in elo hell, not luck. They are not getting preferential placement at the start of the season. They are placed in Silver or Gold as everyone else, but they manage to climb as they are good players. You are, most likely, where you should be. Nothing wrong with it. We can't all be good at an such a competitive PC game. Embrace it, have some fun. The system has nothing against you. It does not match you, in general, with worse team mates than your opponents.
well although thats true, having a bit of luck doesnt hurt, like having 1 or 2 ok players in the team,cause u cannot carry 4 guys that dont cooperate (unless u are a real pro).Consider though,that my brother only plays jax ,and on his first promo, only had gold and plat teammates in 8/10 games(maybe a silver in 1-2 of them,doesnt really change anything) and won 7/10 ,made it to gold 3 with only playing jax,all because he had a good team (not that he is a bad jax,but only playing one champ and not even knowing tthe names of some is not good fot the match).
Neonchan (EUW)
: Even if I just believe this, it put's us at 5% bad teammates not 90%
that dodges did good to me,what i was trying to say is that some matches didnt happen(thankfully) so u cant see them.imagine them chatting : -spaming- : ban "something " (last pick) mid or feed etc. and when someone doesnt let them they trollpick .
Neonchan (EUW)
: This are all ranked games(the las 10 you played) and I always listed the current count, so every row has afk: 1 in it, as the count didn't change after Game 1 Of course I can't see how the 11/11/x Zed ulted but he clearly wasn't feeding on purpose or trolling. And who cares if someone dodged a game? That's not an afk and doesn't cost you much. you are just overreacting and completely ignoring all the normal games(not normal as in gamemode but no trolling or afks) between the few bad ones
he did have a negative attitud though(zed)
Gojiraw (EUW)
: This is a new problem you are reporting, never heard anyone complaining about it. I'm sure that Riot is already analyzing your specific problem and make their best to match you up with better team mates.
i sent an e mail to riot and they told me i should make a thread about it. I dont think they can do much about it unless it happens to alot of people
Silisa (EUNE)
: Wow. Ok. I looked (briefly) through your match history, and you actually seem to be a decent player. You have a good win ratio (52%), so it's too early for you to panic about your elo. You should be able to climb with 50%+ wins, although slowly. What I would suggest (and it's not the answer you are looking for, but I will do it anyway), is that you stop spamming ranked games so much. You can't expect to have the same level of concentration for the first game and the seventh. That goes for all players. People play 5, 10, 15 games per day, and wonder why their win ratio drops. We are not pro players, we can't keep the same level of performance throughout 10 hours of playing.
hello and thank u for ur answer. i was on promo to gold and lost the 3 games.all cause of afk and and troll(probably smurf accounts too) .from there it all went to hell, loss after loss. i usually play around 5 games, 12 games was an exception :P . i think it was when kindred was released and i found the oportunity to play him,cause i did good in normals( most people didnt know his spells and i took advantages of it)
Neonchan (EUW)
: Sure: Game 1: No obvious troll, 1 afk, rest of teammates seems fine troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 3, bg: 1 Game 2: everything looks fine troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 7, bg: 1 Game 3: everything looks ok, a lot of deaths on both side, noone obviously feeding or trolling on purpose troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 11, bg: 1 Game 4: again nothing special troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 15, bg: 1 Game 5: good stats overall, everyone in your team did well troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 19, bg: 1 Game 6: good stats overall, everyone in your team did well troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 23, bg: 1 Game 7: everything looks ok, a lot of deaths on both side, noone obviously feeding or trolling on purpose troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 27, bg: 1 Game 8: fine again troll:0, afk: 1, normal: 31, bg: 1 Game 9: crushing win for your team, not much to see afk: 1, normal: 35, bg: 1 Game 10: another killfestival, again noone feeding in your team, just many kills and deaths afk: 1, normal: 39, bg: 1 So in your last 10 games, you had a single afk, 0 trolls(most unusual pick was poppy top, who did well), 0 feeders (worst score in your team was a 1/6/3, which is hardly intentional or trolling) and 39 normal teammates with normal scores/picks and builds. Sure I can't see the chat but could it be that you are just completely overreacting based on the afk in your last game? It's kinda normal to not remember all those games where nothing special happened
im talking about ranked games. have u ever seen a zed ulting after using all spells(not once,but everytime).i have. i did have 1 good game,with brand,thats the only good game of the last 3 2 guys afked the q,cause both times(2 queues) someone troll picked.thank god they left or i would have left. ps: u mentioned an afker in more than 1 games
Neonchan (EUW)
: made up numbers are made up
u can look my history in lol (parakatianos) eune
: Playing as part of the team has its problems. And that is actually a big part of the game. To find a way of working together for a common goal. :) Even the best players are no match for team that plays much more coordinated with strong communication. And never say the teammates are bad. Even the 0 / 20 / 0 guy, who dies in battle, takes ult and few skills, directly from you back... Concidering you wont get new teammate, better treat that one with respect, cuz good or bad, its he who stands between you and certain loss.
Its noy my negative attitude. i dont even speak in chat anymore the problem is that i have the worst type of players in my team almost everytime
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