saibot420 (EUNE)
: New Cho' Gath is overpowered.
Still works incredibly well for me to this day.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=saibot420,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AbkAO0kc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-19T10:03:03.315+0000) > > Also cho's Q is one of the easiest things to hit, atleast imo. AHAHAHAHAH! Such a funny statement. With 950 range, 175 hit-box and an animation time that long, it could never be "easy to hit", let alone "the easiest". It takes 0,625 seconds for the skill to complete, starting when the circle appears. On top of that, it has an animation time at least half as long. You can see the skill coming before the circle appears. If you take any cho'gath video and slow down to x0.25 speed, you can see that it takes ~5 seconds, starting when you use the skill. That's 1,25 seconds in real time (includes animation time). Compare that to his W, which has bigger hit-box and instant damage (no skill delay, just animation time). Its animation is ~0,5 seconds. That's at least twice as fast, compared to his Q.
Im just used to using Q i hit it 95% of the time
Febos (EUW)
: Sure mate. [Cho'gath Jungle, Champion.GG]( 42% win-rate and fairly low play-rate, so the numbers aren't be inflated. Cho'Gath has a few problems: - He's VERY slow (by slow I mean you can kite him easily) - Unreliable CC - 1 "useless" ability (E) Cho'Gath is very good at tanking damage, but that's about it. His Q is hard to hit someone, i the enemy has a working brain cell. His W and R and the only reliable skills in his kit. Slow champions aren't favoured now. That's the reason why "slow" champions don't see much play nowadays: [Udyr](, [Volibear](, [Dr.Mundo]( Being a Tank isn't good enough, unlike some people want to believe. Unless you have premium abilities, you won't go far playing just as a tank. *** Cho'Gath can work in lower MMR, where no one knows what they are doing. Outside of that, even so low as Gold, you'll usually be matched with someone capable of dealing with him. He's definitely not a good jungler, at all. If you are matched against a proper jungler, you'll get your ass handed to you.
It's funny because Udyr is my second main lol. Udyr and Cho rekts in low elo atleast. I've gotten 3 1v5 pentakills with udyr. I usually go for tank with a bit of dmg while splitpushing with udyr. Aswell i have 500 mastery points on both accounts in total. It probably is just because i main him i am good with him and the reason the foe had no bork, is because none of their champions get a good use of the item. Also cho's Q is one of the easiest things to hit, atleast imo.
: Why am I bad at League of Legends?
Hey man, i am a silver 4 player, have been playing since season about the end of S5. It's really tough, you need to focus alot, you need to try to communicate with your team even tho they might be assholes that blames you for not SS when you actually did etc. If your team keeps flaming, mute them or u will lose focus. If you are losing your lane, play deffensively and wait for a gank. DON'T play hard champions in low elo. If you play something that takes a ton of skill like azir you will get demolished by some braindead champion like idk... Annie and such easy champs. Sure if you are good at a champion then play that champ, but stick to that champion until you get to like silver 3+ where it's like people actually know some counters to champions, and know how to do buy the right items etc. I would suggest an easy, strong champion like Cho' Gath maybe for jungle/top/mid. Mid = AP + HP (ROA, Rylais Crystal Scepter"for the slow aswell", Liandrys Torment and definitely go for the Hextech GLP-800.) for top go for a more tanky/defensive build with frozen heart, spirit visage etc. And for jungle, read my latest post about how OP new cho gath is :P I am a cho main, he is easy to learn but does have 2 skillshots, semi-easy to hit skillshots. I hope this helps, some challenger is probably clever than me and is gonna disagree, but this is what is working for me. (also sorry if i mess up my english, my main language is danish).{{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:31}} EDIT: I noticed you have a 55% win rate, so at some point you will get out of bronze again if you keep it at 55%.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: "Git Gud" MY ASS
There is a reason you play with them because u are the same rank, and as bad as them. It's hard to admit but the rank you are in is what you deserve, so don't blame your team for being feeders etc.
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