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How not to be toxic in this broken system.... I play with trolls ... and all the trolls report me and i got ban ?!?!? Ye sure why not..... Someone starts to flame me ... i also flame him and i get ban .... so how is possible not to flame in this game... there are no honor players and everyone is flaming all the time .... With the years this game is getting worse and worse ... I hope someday they will forbid it with a law !
: Having a master degree in computer science and having 10+ years of professional experience does not make you good at it. In fact, you are quite literally proving to be bad at it by saying that they can "just match people of equal skill", since as said, if it was that simple, then it would have been implemented in every competitive PVP game ever.
total not competent answer... Pls leave it to the pros and don't involve in something that you don't understand :)
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: Its not based on what league are your teammates playing rather its about the MMR. You can be unranked but your MMR be like low gold/high silver and that's why they are placed in the team with you. But yeah I somewhat agree with you, 4 unranked guys is no fun unless you are the lucky one getting 4 smurfs that come from playing other accounts in diamond or so and the chances for that in a single game are quite low imho.
But how is possible to set a MMR to people who have around 70% lost of their matches in unranked close to high silver/ low gold ??? This is absurd !!! Even when they were unranked in S5 also (all of them)???
: Word of advice: **NEVER** check the divisions of your teammates or your enemies before the game begins, or during the game for that matter. It can sometimes tilt you and badly influence the game knowing that your team will underperform because of an obvious skill gap. **ALSO** if you do however want to check the rankings before the game, know this: sites like and lolking don't automatically refresh the player's information when you view the game information. To give a much better explanation: take the following case, you have on your team an.. Ekko. His profile wasn't refreshed in 3 months and the information is now obsolete, you see that he's Silver 2 and has no past games with Ekko, he's playing for the first time in ranked. Well, on the information of your game, Ekko's division and champ/profile information will be that from 3 months ago, not the updated one. If you want the newest info, you have to refresh his profile yourself and find out he's a filthy Ekko main with almost 200 ranked games played ranking up faster than a space shuttle.
In the most cases i do exactly this ... but in this case i saw they have normal borders and decided to check in case that this season some of them reached silver level .... but for my surprise all of them were unranked even the last season.... Also i`m aware that when u check stats there is possibility that they can be not very fresh. So i asked them in the start if they are all unrakned and they said yes ... and our bot who pick teemo as adc lost line hard with 1/12 and the game was over .... lost points for that riot can`t do simple math.
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: Matchmaking attempts to create two teams with roughly the same MMR. That's how it has always been and it didn't even require the help of your infinite genius for Riot to come up with it. Whether or not someone is unranked is completely irrelevant, they still have an MMR value. You didn't even do one minute of research, yet you go around making (false) claims and that (among other reasons) is why no one can possibly take you seriously.
And again i see you dont understand a thing .... u will probably understand in time. Still the fact is that riot is unprofessional and not very smart . If someone again try to tell me the opposite , please don`t at all :) i told what i think and i have all the rights to do it from professional side and from customer side :) Others who don`t want to push their brain ... that is your problem and please don`t spam saying u understand a thing and defend riot :) goodbye!
: First and foremost: No, you do not have experience in logic. Never say that you have "experience in logic", as there's no such thing. It does not make you more trustworthy, it will just make people think you're stupid. Not that you are, but that's the conclusion most people would draw from such a statement. On the other hand, there is something called "thinking logically", but the fact that you can't comprehend the problems with your idea means that you don't think as logically as you may believe. If your solution really was so good, then it would already be implemented in every single competitive online PVP game ever. The idea is simple, and I can guarantee you that there are millions of people that have already thought of this. The mere fact that it hasn't been implemented despite how obvious it is, means that there is something wrong with it. The most obvious and possibly the only problem with the idea is increased matchmaking time. Matchmaking is already quite long, so to lower the spectrum of players that can be matched with each other by such a ridiculously large margin as you are suggesting, I imagine matchmaking would be amped up to at least 30 minutes, which is absolutely obscene and would make the game completely unplayable. While "but there are so many players in queue, matchmaking shouldn't be a problem, just match 10 of the many people queueing together and it's done!" would seem like a clear argument against this, you need to remember that there are internal problems such as coding or server limitations, and thus matchmaking naturally takes longer than what one may imagine. There might also be other problems with the idea besides matchmaking, but that's beyond my knowledge. These people are professionals. Professionals do make mistakes, but I can promise you that they won't make mistakes as big as not implementing such a simple concept. If it isn't in the game already, then there chances for it to be dysfunctional is over 99.9%
Ok man, I have master degree in computer science and also 10+ years of professional experience. Also i`m software architect , so please don`t tell me what i can and what i can`t. I don`t care very much if u believe me or not, but the fact is a fact! They are incompetent in what their doing and they really cannot deal with this problem !!! And again i`m not talking about some fantastic analyze of the player, but just teams with equal stats. If u again u tell me that no one can solve this not so complicated math and logical problem then save your answer because someone will think you for stupid ... not that u are! And please believe me there is such thing as experience in logic!!!
: No online game that i've heard of has ever fixed this issue. There's no reason to fire someone for not figuring out the impossible.
The logic is simple - 1. you can check all players MMR in the current queue and wanted postions. 2. Make 2 teams of them with equal number of unranked in both teams 3. You are done. I have a lot exp in logic and i know it is possible this system can work ... but i think the people working their dont have any ideas. They need people looking out of the box ... In any case their current team sux!
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: Because silver players are average. Riot assumes unranked are average, too.
Yes but this is not logical .... You cannot assume some is average and in this way downgrade the div of others ... The first matches that unranked should do , should be with bronze , and if they cannot win with bronze then why should they be put together with silver 1 and silver 2 ? The last game i had was very unfair ... We were one silver II , one silver III and two silver IV and one unranked with 2 games - 2 losses ... the other team were 4 silver II and 1 silver III ... and now how is possible to win such a fight when the unranked just dont listen and go give free kills ?
Metcol (EUNE)
: You are acting like silver is so much better then being unranked lul. Also you are talking about only your and your teams experience when there is an unranked player in your team, you don't even consider the possibility that the opposite team could have an unranked or you don't talk about it when only they have them. With your shtty attitude its better off if you leave the game cus i would bet that you are a pretty toxic player.
You can read my original post again ... because my point is that when in one of the teams there is unranked player , in the other team should also have unranked player. The system here is not logical. You put 4 player with high elo in team with another one with low elo. The other team has around the same sum of ELO of their players , but this is not correct logically. In most of the times the player with low ELO is so BAD that he is not helping the team at all ... and also would be much better if he is afk ... So in conclusion i can say that there should be some limit that the difference in the elo of LAST two players in the team should be pretty small .
Metcol (EUNE)
: Well being toxic in game and here is different, i don't destruct moral, don't argue or tell ppl to kill themselves get cancer etc... here he is not isolated with me in an environment where we can't avoid getting in contact with each other, actually he might not even come back to this thread anymore and not see what my opinion is. It doesn't have that big and immediate effect on anybody. But imo its pretty clear that he is very likely toxic in game and i dislike that and i let him know that, altho in game i don't do it cus it would just make things worse.
I'm looking on the thread in order to see what others think about this stuff. So please don`t be toxic to me without knowing me... Thank You!
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: Because silver isn't exactly good, they are at the bottom of the ladder for a reason.
Yes ... and even if you are good ... you have to play premade or to have luck in order to get forward in divisions .... very nice logic.
: Do it then :D noone is forcing you to play this game
I see you have original answer to this ... Thanks at many levels for it
: I think unranked players are initially given around silver elo. Frustrating, I know, but the system has to try them out somewhere - just remember it's only one game out of many.
I would say that this game suck on many levels and i think to delete it very soon ...
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: ***
It is not about the lost ... when i lost i losing points and this is normal ... it is about that i had win today and i got 0 points for it ... which is unfair ... it is not about selfish it is about justice
: ***
I don`t think this is the case here .... I always get around 20 point every win ... and then it did not load fully at the end after the game said Victory and it returned me back to main windows ...
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