Saibbo (EUW)
: GM? wrong game
whatever man.. everyone knows whats a GM!
: wait u said he was an immigrant from Haiti that moved to Poland and then u said he was an immigrant from Poland {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
i was ironic!
: Or you could focus on yourself, keep your mouth shut and play the damn game. Alternative is to keep flaming, next punishment is 14days ban and a permaban after that. Suit yourself.
Man you know that u cant carry all games... when they feed so hard what can i do.. go to base and wait surrender.. i dont want to play with people that fu*k around with my important games... i dont play this game like.. 1 game per day.. i play this game from 4 to 15 games a day.. But EVIL RIOT, always know how to make my day.. Riot Employee: "Hmm this scrypted has won 4 games in a row" Riot Boss: "hmm lets give him some Poland Orphans that play on 2fps.. and are addicted to alcohol"!!
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