: 1.You dont get permabanned for saying "noob" one time. You probably have a history of saying stuff like that. 2.This is the forum. The right adress for getting issues solved with your account is the Riot Support.
I tried to get help from riot, but all they did was to send me a bot message saying that bans cannot be undone. The riot games support is so useless.... I wish it had real people
: Mind sharing your chatlog?
Ok, these are the chatlogs. Just tell me pls if you consider this is enough for permaban. I know I talked A LOT , but I did not flame, just defended myself. Game 1 serifwolf20: fricking vladimir mid... serifwolf20: how do I counter him serifwolf20: he pokes me a lot early serifwolf20: nah dont need to swap serifwolf20: riven is the same serifwolf20: I know what to max serifwolf20: I already had to flash serifwolf20: too much poke serifwolf20: now I missed a shit ton of cs and I am gonna be a few levels behind... serifwolf20: last tick... serifwolf20: guys I really need help, he counters me hard and rengar is also ganking serifwolf20: see? serifwolf20: hard counter serifwolf20: I come to lane and he takes all my hp serifwolf20: and when I try to go on him he uses w serifwolf20: I go top... vladimir is too fed now and rengar also camps serifwolf20: u gave vlad kill aksi serifwolf20: how am I bad? serifwolf20: I am 2/2 serifwolf20: you are flaming the wrong person serifwolf20: I quit lol for a few weeks because everyone was flaming me, and now when I get back they keep flaming me serifwolf20: too toxic game serifwolf20: saying I am bad as fuck serifwolf20: yup serifwolf20: everygame I get flamed even if I do nothing serifwolf20: shyvana 1 gank pls? serifwolf20: gj serifwolf20: aaand rengar comes again serifwolf20: oh guess what, I get flamed more serifwolf20: by jinx and shyvana serifwolf20: this game is the worst game ever, never had a game without geting flamed serifwolf20: sure serifwolf20: no u are not serifwolf20: because of people like you I hate playing this game serifwolf20: I wont serifwolf20: I played just to see if people keep flaming serifwolf20: and they do serifwolf20: I asked all game for a gank because I am getting rekt in lane and all they do is flame instead of actually helping serifwolf20: I am always in my turret serifwolf20: but now I will push cuz u said so serifwolf20: now wukong and jinx flame mre serifwolf20: II go troll serifwolf20: I am tired of this fucking comunity serifwolf20: I go troll serifwolf20: and I report all my team for flame serifwolf20: I will probably get permabanned after this game cuz I just had a 14 day suspension but I dont care serifwolf20: its funny that u report me for troll and feed shyvana when you have more deaths serifwolf20: and you had no wards serifwolf20: not my problem serifwolf20: balanced serifwolf20: 1 basic and w serifwolf20: no kiddin serifwolf20: 1100 basic 400 w serifwolf20: nah just noob wukong that fed her serifwolf20: noob jinx serifwolf20: unbelievable right? serifwolf20: I should be lvl 10 or something serifwolf20: tipical bronze team serifwolf20: flames the mid laner serifwolf20: no serifwolf20: no help for you serifwolf20: just end serifwolf20: ez serifwolf20: report all my team for flame serifwolf20: they are so lame they flame me when they should look at their scores serifwolf20: especially jinx serifwolf20: ez serifwolf20: dont forget to reprt all my team except lulu for flame serifwolf20: gg ez serifwolf20: reprot my team serifwolf20: for flame
: Mind sharing your chatlog?
I will share, just a second. Right now I am eating
Skere (EUW)
: I feel like you're not telling what really happened
Solash (EUW)
: The whole "I was only flaming because they were" attitude is getting so old..
I was not flaming , I said I was defending myself not flaming
: You didn't have to say anything. 'I wasn't toxic at all, just tried to defend myself' there's a reason there's a mute button. You shouldn't retaliated at all and just muted them and reported them after the game, sorry but you deserve it. There's a reason you get chat restrictions, ranked restrictions and temporary bans but because you didn't even care about them you received a permanent ban which you deserved for ignoring punishments.
I don't think you understand something man. The permaban is for people that are sooo toxic that they need to be removed from the game. I did not flame my team, therefore I should not have been banned. The ones that should have been banned were my teammates, and I really hope riot could also see their chat logs. What I did with this post was to ask for help from somebody to check my chat logs and tell me if I was toxic enough for a permaban. Again, I wrote this for help, not for you or other people to protect the flamers.
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