uk Orca (EUW)
: No matter what happens, Do not flame, i have been down this path, it's really not worth it, kill stealing isn't really a thing, if you were able to get those kills in lane or wherever then you should be able to do it 1v1, or whatever, but flaming isn't the answer, just push down !!turrets!! which are more important than kills, anyone says anything to you mute and report (but don't say it in chat -- do not retaliate)
i never flame. but i hate other people show no respect, and u can see in comments some players flamed me and nothing happened :)
Fransiee (EUW)
: Well to be fair. something like KS does exist. of course it is not like in CoD where people put a lot of work into personal scores. But an ADC can use the extra gold way better than a support. So tactically it's always better to give away the kill to your ADC, especially because ooh well.. supporting your adc is kind of the job a "support" needs to do. actually if you think about it. A KS in CoD is less worse than a KS in LoL. But for OP, it's still not a legit reason to start feeding.
thank u for understanding my post. i only say every position has its own duty. and first duty of supp is not killing. but u can see in comments that some people say u need anger management and call me bronze player :)
: ofcourse the kill would be better to have on the ADC.. but that is not really necessary. you should be able to get fed by just farming.. since your opponent is already dead. Assists and Xp gained from Kills is really good as well and if you learn to farm properly.. kills wont be really that big of a deal. you can earn gold also from taking towers after getting a assist or kill. there is a old saying ''a kill is a kill'' and securing a kill is a good thing, in some cases by waiting a opponent escapes or kills your adc.
thank u for guiding me and share ur experience.
: People are bronze for a reason.
yes,cause i just started playing lol for 7 months with no experience i started rank with silver 2 but i demoted. show some respect for new players.
Yooba (EUW)
: ***
ur comment is offensive. why u call players bronze? and u think they are weak players.
: Stop KDA hunting and acting like the support or your jungler getting a kill is stealing from you. On the off meta support part, people can play the champions they want to play. From your explanation it seems like you are someone that needs anger management. Just drag your chat off screen so you don't type something you'll regret.
u are someone who judge people easily. u rude.
GLurch (EUW)
: How can someone "ks" in a teamgame? This is not Call of Duty, where all is about your KDA. Also, how does 1 person ruining your game allow you to ruin the game for 8 other players?
what do u call if enemy has 1000 hp, then u attack they are 100 hp and ur supp last hit with his levels. this is teamfight??
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