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slepac96 (EUNE)
: Is Ashe good enough in compare with other ADC's
Im sory, i have wroten this very wrong, what i ment to say was... All the ADC's have a spell witch gives them power to run away from the gank of the jungler... Because i had a problem runing away from (for example) Rengar, even if i was feeded, he killed me as is if i was teribley failing. I cant do anything in team fights, because all the highly playeble champs have dashes and blincks and ms speeds incredebly higher than i can dodge, in 1 word- i think that to many champs right now have abilitys to move from 1 position to another in milisec's and thats makong ashe to much of a stone than a champ.
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: I agree that yasuo is fairly strong for a champion, and there are other much weaker champions. Specifically i get annoyed by the small windows of initiation, i.e. when he doesn't have passive up and when he doesn't have 3rd q. Also i find it annoying how his ultimate cd is so short however yasuo is defiantly not the most broken champion in the game right now. Remember poppy a few weeks ago, darius at the moment, it is ridiculous to hate on yasuo just because you cannot play against him. Every single player has 1 or 2 champion in this game they can't play against, for example, i can't play against zed while others find it quite easy, it is impossible for riot to remove champs people find hard to play against or there would be no champions in the game. for example, I've had people rage when i play max and fiora saying "there's nothing i can do against you" but just because they can't play against me doesn't mean the champions should be taken out of the game
I appreciate your time and energy that you used in order to write this review and read my comment, very well said and thanks for the replay.
: OP: Wall of text ME: nope i aint reading this ... specially with no spaces x.x
it tucked me a bit to write all that, but man it came from my heart, if you ever have time, read it.
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