Cypherous (EUW)
: They care about ACTUAL inters, people playing bad aren't intentionally feeding so no they don't care about those because being bad at league isn't against the rules :P
Sadly league community is pure dogshit so yeah whatever
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because the matchmaker can't predict what players are actually going to do in the match
And now again i have disabled %%%%ing %%%%%%s on my team in my promos wonder%%%%ingful. Amumu comes top twice and dies and takes my farm and continues to int all game %%%%ing long. And riot doesnt give a single flying %%%% about inters because yeah.
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JustClone (EUNE)
: Toss is 280. Tantrum is 175. Curse is 350. All max rank. This is 805 dmg. (gets mitigated by M res) Even if he has curse buff on ALL the damage. (VERY UNLIKELY) That's 105 true damage. He needs to have ALOT of extra ap to fill the gap to 2k, and some magic penetration items, if he expects his burst to be effective. ( I add protobelt, liandry for cooldown and extra burst and ignite to this, and then we have actually decent damage to kill someone in 2 sec )
he had rylai and liandry for his ap items. How it works i have no idea, but i died in like a second and a half. I also used my r for the shield and i was lvl 18. As i said i have no idea how he dealt so much dmg but he did and it is super annoying.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Man, why the hell do you need QSS against ap amumu? If you QSS the toss, you will get ulted, if you wait for the qss and toss to finish, well, the damage is done :) Its like building QSS against ap malph. Waste of gold... Now, enough teaching you trivial things... to the point. Ap amumu is fine, really. But considering you have to go into melee range, and your cooldown is long, and your low hp/armor/mres when building ap... It is justified that you should die as carry after full combo + protobelt/ludens triiger. Its perfectly normal.
he wasnt the only champ i used qss on. I had to use something against rakan as well right? Now 2 ap items with others being tanky still make him quite a tanky champ. As a kaisa that is full build i need more than 3 seconds to kill him which means that yes he is indeed quite tanky and his damage isnt normal but what do i know making more than 2k dmg in 2 seconds as a tank is totally okay isnt it. But what do i know lets leave amumu like this cause its totally balanced.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Let me guess? His Q did 700 damage and his ult did 1700 damage. Or something "close" of that.
Check some amumu games for yourself:) cause i mean if i had mr a lvl 3 kaisa ult and 2 k hp with lifesteal yeah i think he did a bit too much dmg for 2 ap items.
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: But shouldn't you also be punished for losing that lead you had? Maybe your jungler set you up, maybe mid and bot played passiv to help you carry your advantage but you messed it up even though you were in perfect carry position.
How can i carry if my entire team is 0 20? If every enemy except for their botlane is fed what do you want me to do? Even when i dont lose the advantage i have i still lose cause my team is disabled.
: I think league would have been much better, if some form of performance was rewarded. but frankly winning isnt a indication that a player has done anything at all ingame. there is no compensation for being ''good or better'' No matter your performance, everyone gets the same reward. i think thats part of the biggest problem in league there is no incentive to carry really bad players to only receive the same reward as them.
I agree with you completely there. If you are getting flamed all game and the entire game is on your shoulders why would you want to carry the teammates that are being rude and simply bad, for them to get the same reward as you do, cause to me it makes no sense. The only reason why they probably wont even consider this nor will they read it is cause it would take time for them to make it and in that time they could make more prestige skins which would earn them more money. I really think that riot needs to wake up and think about some new ideas. A system like this would make players play their best every single game, which would lead to people actually becoming better at the game and ranking up quite a lot faster, considering that half of the people don't even care anymore cause they see 2 trolls that don't want to play because their yasuo and riven got banned. Even those 2 would start playing something else cause they wouldn't like to get 10 lp per game they would want to get more than that so they would actually try to improve at the game, or at least they would start trolling less which would benefit the entire community quite a lot. Of course there are players that only like trolling and i know a few of them and they never really got punished for it because they would troll in a smart way and lose so many games for their teammates. We need something that will reward players that are doing their best to win and punish the ones that are not even trying, or are trolling.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >i legit play 1 v 5 in games where i'm dominating but my teammates wont cooperate to win the game at all. sounds like YOU are the one not cooperating as for getting lp for stats, it was suggested countless times, and it just wont work, how do you measure impact on the game? going by kda? what about the support who rather dies just to save you? punish him? or going with objective dmg? i won games on ziggs where i did 60k dmg to turrets only, while my team was busy fighting the enemy, so in a sense they did nothing, so they should punish them?
Look at it this way. If i tell my entire team to go mid with me cause we can easily win the team fight, but they decide to push the lane that was already pushed and they keep dying 2 v 5 because they simply wont listen, while i'm still waiting on mid lane for them to actually do something good and as i said they don't want to cooperate, why would i be the one to be blamed? Look i'm getting really annoyed when i spend like 40 minutes on a game that i lose in the end because of my premade bot lane that think they are the best, it really gets annoying and yes it does make you a bit toxic. I'm pretty sure you aren't happy when you try to carry the game but you are unable to because of your teammates and if that keeps happening to someone multiple times in a day multiple games in a row etc they will lose the will to play this game. If they have the grading system already added, they could do something similar to what i said but it would take time and money that they probably wouldn't want to invest into the game considering that the only things i saw them doing lately is adding the prestige skins so they can earn more money. Wouldn't it be easier for you to lose like 10 lp than loosing like 20, i think i already know your answer and if someone on your team did absolutely nothing, you wouldn't want him getting the same reward as you do. And as i said it would work for supports as well when you add the team healing and assists. Another thing is they have their calculations for every lane as well where they give you that grade or whatever and where you can compare it to other players and higher ranked players, they could add this idea to every lane as well where it would grade every lane that they took on their champion select where it would go a bit easier on the support but a bit harsher on the adc or however riot wants to do it really, but it would make the community much happier, but it takes a few brain cells to understand this idea. And about your ziggs game, you are the one that didn't help your team. If you did help them in team fights you could ace them and end up taking more towers than doing it by yourself. This is a team game and without a team you cant win it usually, even tho its possible.
Hansiman (EUW)
: It won't work, simply because it's impossible to measure impact by stats alone. Stats never truly say what your actual contribution to a victory was, and ends up punishing players that sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the team. Such a system would cause people to play simply to pamper their stats, rather than doing what's actually best for the team. --- > because someone that inted Honestly, this is so rare that you don't need to consider it. People accusing others of inting is sadly quite common, but someone **actually** inting isn't.
But why do you think so many people are quitting league? When someone keeps loosing their games cause he is playing it legit by himself it makes them not want to play the game and plus they do start being toxic. I myself know how it works the best considering that ive had multiple high elo acounts the highest one being masters where ive lost so many games because people kept trolling. And half of the times if not more the trolls dont get punished and you do. And you are completely incorrect when it comes to causing people to pamper their stats, cause no one would go into a game thinking oh wait i might lose the game lets get kills so i lose less lp, no it doesnt work that way they will try their best to win the game and actually get the lp. As i said my idea has flaws but you should think about adding something similar. Trust me people might start playing this game more then. If this gets added or not is not really important to me considering that i dont really play this game much, but people would like you guys more if you actually took care of the trolls and punished the good players less.
: Without even reading: LP based on KDA/some other stats?
Let me explain it one more time. For an example you are playing on top lane. You are playing as riven or something and you have an amazing kda your lane is completely pushed you've been doing amazing and suddenly you lose because your team decided to int. What i meant by kda and other stuff is for something to calculate everything you did that game, kills, damage, farm, tower damage, towers destroyed etc. So if the calculation says that you did good that game you shouldn't be punished as much as the ones that did an awful job. Again i said that my idea has flaws it can be something else not the kda, it can be anything riot decides but i think that my idea about lp is okay, because someone that inted, but won the game because of their team shouldn't be rewarded as much as the ones that did good are and someone that did good and lost the game cause of the team shouldn't be punished as much as the others did for loosing the game.
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