: But first of all, we need stable server :P
Finaly it's stable now! Whole day i didnt play lol xD it's killing mee :P
OPA Irelia (EUNE)
: we need a new hooker :D{{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}}
Yeaaa truee :P for shure we need :)
: True, i knew i forgot someone. I´d still say, technicly, the new champ should tend to be a mage. This System is also almost always used with Positions. Bot: {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} Top: {{champion:516}} Jungle: {{champion:141}} Mid: Maybe the new Champ?
Yes that's true. i hope so next champ will be Middlane (mage). :D
: In theory a mage should come next, since the last releases were ADC/Supp {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} and Tank {{champion:516}}
Yes i hope so, and u forgot assasin {{champion:141}} :P
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Artillery mages are immobile, but make up for this with long range, high damage abilities which allow them to siege and fight from a safe distance. {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} are the only true Artillery Mages in the game. {{champion:61}} is zone control/utility. {{champion:63}} is just a mess right now (pretty unfun to play against as a support, pretty unsatisfying to play as in mid). I think {{champion:268}} was supposed to be Artillery, but he basically became a "I can do everything and no one can stop me" kind of deal. So they had to shut him down hard. I think from that experience, Riot have been put off attempting more artillery champs, which is rather unfair in my opinion, because Lux is a classic that has been tried and true for years, Ziggs has become a massive hit in mid AND botlane since his rework, and Vel'Koz seems fine. Xerath still has an underwhelming passive I guess.
I main Azir, but i don't now, before he was Marksmen (hybrid Disruptor) kinda. And now is Burst/Battle Mage?! Dunno
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Well whatever they're making next, Riot has confirmed they won't make another artillery mage, which is a shame...
Yea :( so sad, im mage lover so i hope so next champ will be mage one ^.^ {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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