Mason90 (EUNE)
: RIP Eune
happend to me too, not in a ranked though. everyone disconnected about 3 times, then it just crashed. I tried leaving the game and I cannot even reconnect.
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shaher3D (EUW)
: so ur saying the server is euw so u speak english ? how is that even !?!?!?!?! {{champion:25}} >> and even so we sometime join the game and we'r 5 premade and we can't talk to each other ..
With several different lanugages isn't the fact that you MUST speak english obvious( if you aren't 5 premade ofc) What do you expect from a big online game, everyone to understand and speak your language ?( *cough* polish kids,some french and some spanish people *cough*)
shaher3D (EUW)
: input language in the chat
Ok the obvious solution to this would be a middleeastern server or something, But EUW is as it's name says Europe West same with Europe East. EUNE for example has the scandinavian letters, example: the swedish åäö because those countries belong to that server. your country doesn't belong to EUW and therefor your "letters" or what to call it won't work there.
: You mad bro? Lulu has a pretty decent laning phase , its fucking easy to harass a zed to death . Stop complaining man , you gotta learn to play this game and not be like" uh , oh i lost lane so they gotta be cheating right"
I know how to play this game, pretty well acctualy. and losing lane to legit champs is one thing. But losing to one of the worst ap champions as one of the strongest assassins is not legit in any way.
: Reports as Threats.
The thing is that it works... You do not need a reason to report as Riot apparently no longer looks for the reason behind the support, but in the amount of reports... You can be the nicest person in the world, but get troll reported a 100 times and get 1000+ chat restriction, In the same way that you can be extremly toxic but only get like 10 reports and therefor no chat restriction. I really think Riot should improve it, Or simply just release the old tribunal whilst working on the new one
: Pre-configured masteries, summoner spells and rune pages
Oh so you mean the same way like in item sets, where you asign a specific champion certain items or so? That would be great! Nice idea
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: I'd say they should be banned as the matchmaking system exists for a reason - to make sure people are matched against equivalent opponents so that everyone can enjoy a closer game. Smurfs bypass that system and ruin the game for everyone else. It doesn't help that people smurf because they don't like facing opponents of similar ability, so they go and pick on newbies to make themselves feel better. This is a toxic behaviour pattern and it should be discouraged.
I do not think smurfs should be banned, Me for example being on EUNE I have to make a "smurf" account to play on EUW, Wich I have( Of course not to ruin for other players, but to get another lvl 30 account on another server, in this case EUW. I do not have the money to transfer+I want an account on both severs). And I still need to level it up. There is a big difference between ranked smurfs( for example a challenger player smurfing in ex Silver.) and someone with a leveling smurf( lvl 1-30.)


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