: You should hear back from the support soon. There's probably not a lot anyone here can do about it. How long ago did you send your ticket?
i think today morning around 12!
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: I got Banned
U can even get banned using MKjogo mate or any simillar programs...
MarvinShow1 (EUNE)
: suspended !!!!
Today February 11th , what do u mean ?
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: You almost always will be placed lower after placements. So you ended preseason with G2 80LP? Take the ELO that corresponds, add base S4 ELO (lolking score for that would be 1250) and divide the result with 2 = your placement staring ELO at 0 games. So should be around S1...G5. I don't know exactly how much, but I know that those 10 games impact your ELO much more than regular ranked matches. Might have been the situation that every loss took approximately same ELO away as 2 wins gave you combined (as it often happens in regular ranked) and you finish in approximately same spot where you "started" or slightly below it = Silver 1. If you were P4 you shouldn't really have any problems climbing up through the low ELO scrubs tho {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Actually I started season 5 from Silver 5 :) . My problem is not the Silver 1 placement , i ll get out of silver in one day or maybe just like 5 hours kappa...My problem is that I cant understand the way RIOT places us ... My gameplay was nearly perfect (9,2-5,2-7,9) with a decent KDA of 3,3...And thats where they think I should be placed ? I mean ... I was matched with G1-P3 goddamnit !
innated (EUNE)
: Riot messed up. I know what u feel man, they're just trolling
It's just...Uh...What the hell ...
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UK Arrow (EUW)
: Ryze is broken
My best friend just found the solution to his prob called Diamond 5...And it's...Ryze...The way out easily...{{champion:92}} {{champion:13}}
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TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Anyway ... Thanks mate :) {{champion:68}}
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Do u know when can we join mate ? I mean on the eune server
BtwRant (EUNE)
: Ranked disappared
+1 boyz ! I m here for that too
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: oh got fixed on my acc ^^ you just need to w8 like 10-15 mins :D
Hope so ! GL mate :)
: same here,any luck yet on fixing it??
No bro...No luck at all...I logged in again and its still the same situation
Trollism (EUNE)
: Can't connect to games after loading screen.
What about me ? I finished the game , took my LP but it still tells me to recconect on a finished game :S What's goin on ?
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duckarp (EUNE)
: Can't login
No LoL for us here in Greece too ! Greetings Summoners :) ISP:OTE

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