Frozen379 (EUNE)
: It would be good if player is not allowed to afk either (esc -> exit is frozen too) and if they disconnect then they get worst leaverburster suspension ever, I know some things like premades reporting person who has a bad game would still happen so it's not flawless.
no they wont cause if someone have bad early or even mid or late game he doesnt troll and game is winable.. if he struggle late game why would we freeze him and lose 4 vs 5 we can win with him he is not a troll he deals dmg take hits
Frozen379 (EUNE)
: _*Yeah I totally would love to get frozen by 4 premades every time I don't do what they tell me to do.*_
dude it is just an idea of a direction to solve the problem,not the final solution.. just an idea form the top of my head since i play this game since the beta and had witness it going down the drain one flame after another -maybe if negative kda in game so far would be one of the criteria for a vote -maybe flame keywords and negative kda -or something else idk.. just a direction to solve the problem cause even if the tribunal system becomes(cant happen) flawless in the future,it doesnt solve my problem now(i have a troller now cont care if he get banned tomorrow i have to tolerate 40 min of troll or i get ban if i leave) one of 2 things would happen -troller would leave the game cause he dont wanna wait for freeze to end -- ok..we have better chance without the troller even in 4 vs 5 situation some of my best and most fun games were 4 vs 5 and we won.. or he would come to conclusion after few freezes that trolling just deprives him of playtime and would stop doing that,or at least troll less just an idea to deal with the troller live in game..
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Najns (EUW)
: Some people consider "trolling" if you give first blood to the enemy or if you have a bad game. People would abuse this and mark everyone as "toxic trolls"
thats why sistem dissregards best 2 and worst 2 or something like that if the game was good no one remembers fb or will hold grudge till 30 min game.. more detail battle report by us the 10 players who just finished the game is only way to mak this community batter remember the ppl back in 2010..everyone was great and friendly this is just worst than bad
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