: See, you just admitted to have broken the rules. As nothing justifies breaking the rules, you got banned. The ban was justified. Get it now?
since you're only player I dont need you no more to discuss * after more than 7 years of playing LOL they g took my acc where I paid for the skins * for who? I'm gonna sue the RIOT owners! ..Get it now?
ubi stoku (EUNE)
: yes my acc is stolen
like one acc before 2years...i had acc with 100.000ip and they stole it from me..and write some1 report me for what?* because some kid troller who have score 0/11/0 (i write he will be reported probably for that trollig) in game and he write report* and RIOt acept that what he write ******?? thats why i will now sue RIOT for both Acc!
: Nobody is stealing your account though.
: want me to quote the exact parts of their Tos that might interest you good sir?
that means you are one of the responsible persons who want to steal my acc*
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Nobody cares pf thoose guys. You were rude, got punished. Wrong boards btw.
and ofc i didnt wanna play no more whit those kids so thay report me... but when we finish...i get bann that i need to agree!???? and i couldnt report them after that RIOT bann???? ... who did that to me*? brainles RIOT Supports who dont see what other players do in game*
: "My teammates played badly hence i can break the rules" Riot didn't ban you because of trollers who ignored teamplay, riot banned you because you broke rules.
they reported me because i said i dont wanna play no more with trollers,and i stay in base and write about that...
: Oh you want to sue them? Go ahead. You agreed to their terms when creating the account and with every patch again. You dont own the account or anything on it.
i agree to play and respect that..but i had trollers in team who didnt wana stop trolling...and i write in game to RIOT(hope they can see that) .. and i write in game that he will get report if he dont stop trolling,but he ignore that and other kids (maybe his premade) and his friend approved him...on end game this kid had 3/14 ruin Ranked gameplay...and i get report from those kids??? how RIOT can take this and approve this? second game... i ping to top lane and bot lane to watch map and i ping danger...but nobody listen* (Its Ranked) we had a fight near Drake..and our teamates on bot lane stay and do nothong * only watch on minions and ignore pings.. so we lost drake and die for nothing because our bot lane ignore pings and dont watch map.. after a while again enemis are going to take Drake and i ping and ping again,only kid from mid come to help ...bot lane ignore pings, and we lost another drake and we die again because bot lane kids ignore us(on RANKED)...so i stay in base and i write to RIOT ..that i cant play like that,because other kids ignore pings and play alone* on this TEAMGAME", and i dont wana play like that no more... and after that game ... riot give me bann (because off trollers who ignore teamplay)
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