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: We already have incredible armor penetration in the same meta (plus pre-S6 is giving us more, but that doesn't count atm). The fact that she has so much mobility/self-peel (movespeed towards enemies, tumble, condemn) makes her unfair. Then you add the % Maximum Health *True* Damage Passive, which is still **a percentage of your maximum health** no matter how squishy you are. Say that she did 10% Max Health True Damage Flat. No add damage from the passive (which in live there is) and no damage coming from her build or natural stats (which again, there is) is taken into consideration. She would still kill someone with 1000MHP and someone with 4000MHP in 10 hits. I know that she may not deal 10% but if you add in the other damages I took out early, it becomes quite brutal. She should have far less impact on squishy targets. Maybe, the percentage True damage should be **0.5% for every 500MHP the Target has? **
i wish i coudl somehgow send u a picture of talon oenshoting em with just the q he was the smae lvl as me
Styre Storm (EUNE)
: No idea why people whine about Vayne. Yeah, she's a beast. Yes, if you crush her in early, she can still get back in mid game. Yes she can 2v1 if fed. **IF FED** But you can easily outdamage her and put her to grave, duh. For noobie examples 1. If you need to harass Vayne in early, take Miss Fortune. If she tries to get to you "E" and slow. If she hides behind minions "Q" her. 2. If you want to outdamage Vayne take Jinx. Vayne may have better postion, since her range is 550 and Jinx's 525, but Jinx as DPS adc can take her on, you just need to practice a little. 3. Tristana can make her go boom in few shots + crit. Leave a bomb, go away, enjoy hearing the explosion. Even if Vayne is fed, you can take her on. People whine about Vayne - but have you faced Tristana?? It's darn hard to face Tristana. Her changing range, damage, escapes, resets on jump. Dang, if you can complain about a champion - do it about her.
Unmandao (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=w1ldan,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UprELtyq,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-02T22:32:23.470+0000) > > almost evry tank counters her. Its the other way round, she is a tank destroyer
How about u try to fight a 450 armor ramus with over 4k hp and enough damage to leave you twitching on the flor
: "Highly Skilled" - Bullshit. You tumble away from Danger, you knock them against something to stun and then right-click them to death "Weak Early Game" - Bullshit. She has her true damage passive + the ability to engage when *she* wants to and disengage at any other time "Gets Bursted Easily" - Yeh, so does every other ADC. Every other ADC doesn't have % Maximum Health True Damage, Multiple Disengage/Re-engage tools and a Pursuit AD Steroid Ultimate "Diana, Rengar, Leblanc" - Oh, V champion isn't overpowered, just use X, Y, Z champions _who are also overpowered?_ Hm, that doesn't disprove that Vayne is overpowered, it just means that there are worse targets out there. **You can't say a turd isn't a turd by showing people a bigger turd.** "Almost Every Tank Counters her" - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeh, Percentage Maximum True Damage + Self Peel Tools? You must be joking. "{{item:3075}}" - Yep, fuck off Riot. Changing this was an obvious aim to fuck up any way of stopping AD AA Champions with AP On-Hit Damage from fucking Devourer. Done. :3
Not as easy as u think it is .. Try palying vayne lategame don't cry when the rengos start jumpin out of bushes.UR talking about something u never experienced.
EDYinnit (EUW)
: + Not a high skill floor. A high skill cap. It's easy to do reasonably well with Vayne, but while difficult to absolutely master, gives you so much capability she's practically unplayable against unless significantly behind. + Not weak in the early game. With the help of her support, Vayne still deals plenty of damage and scores kills. Her "bad early game" consists of the time she takes to buy {{item:3144}}. At that point, she's at least par, then she scales into oblivion once she finishes {{item:3153}} and starts building more things. + Vayne can more easily dodge and survive ALL of the above compared to most other carries, by having a 2 second cooldown mobility spell AND a strong displacement self-peel and potential stun ability. She won't be hit by Diana's Q, so she can't be QRR'd. She'll dodge Leblanc's W damage and E, so she has to die from just QRQ. Rengar won't stay in longer than the initial Q because Condemn; she can even snipe him out of the air if she's quick enough. + "Every tank counters her"... i'm not even going to entertain this literal anti-truth. + Thornmail: {{champion:67}} <(Yeah, you go ahead and deal 150 damage _before my MR mitigation_ for every time I hit you for 1000 damage. I have 12% lifesteal or greater, so I'm healing 120 of that 150 back anyway. GG!)
maybe in early game u have decent damage at lvl one, even if her ad was nerfed , she gets focused hard by EVRYONE in alte game. U dont notice this myb bcs u never experienced hwat being an adc lategame feels like.Bcs if u amke that one mistake use e to knock one of you the next thing u know the rengo jumps you and does XXXXXX damage. She is strong AS fuck, but she also gets killed very easely. ALL u need is a veigar ult or something.
: Troll post, right?
Bruh i play vayne for 2 and a half years now, i know evrything there is to know.
xMidnight (EUW)
: Whar adc doesnt get bursted easily by any of those? The tankiest/most likely to survive option would be Urgot/Graves
Vayne gets killed by burtst for example graves, she can get raped if she gets stuned.Evryone focuses you (late game mostly)
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