: FPS drops still happening between minute 5 and 10
i have the same problem .. did you solve it ?
: so? one week left and this problem still there, after 10/15minutes of match fps drops to 50/60 and is unplayable.
well i got 10-15 fps u still better than me :(
: I have the same exact issue , usually i play with 120 FPS plus, but now i get a max of 90 fps and in teamsfights it drops to like 40 wich never happened before.
hope they fix it next patch :(
: From 120fps to 60 and finally 10 and pc crash wow
i sent them a ticket again hope they will fix it soon :(
iZouritre (EUW)
: ***
lol what ?
: Aloha {{sticker:galio-happy}} Information on a technical problem from Riot: > **Just checked in with some colleague and seems that this issue is affecting a lot of players that use dual core CPUs and it seems that it spreads to some quad core CPUs, we notified the responsible team but it will take a bit of time to fix it and we don't have set in stone ETA of when this issue will be fixed. ** Patience. Stay cool.
so they are working on the issue now ? because the game is unplayable now
: the same thing here and i feel like i can't play the game anymore i
me too i cant play the game anymore :(
Dejvík (EUNE)
: i have same problem, last 1 year i have stably 60fps a now i have some drops. In teamfights my fps drops on 30-40fps.
did you solve the problem?
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