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: Free Skin Contest nr 29
{{champion:91}} --> The rework is just amazing , jumping over the walls gives him a "so hard" mobility and makes it enjoyable . {{champion:35}} --> From the preseason his ultimate is much more "joke" than always . Funny to play u' know ?! {{summoner:11}} {{champion:427}} --> He is so unique , i think there are no one who doesn't enjoy playin' him .
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: Free Skin Contest nr 27
{{champion:11}} --> Every year he is changed but literally he needs a rework to renew this champ . {{champion:35}} --> Not many players played him , that's sad because he has potential . {{champion:107}} --> if he gets some kills early game , he will be the nightmare of the ad carry , no chance for him even tho he had a good support .
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: Free Skin Contest nr 26
TOP - {{champion:17}} - He is so fluffy JUNGLE - {{champion:17}} He is so fluffy MID - {{champion:17}} He is so fluffy ADC - {{champion:17}} He is so fluffy SUP - {{champion:17}} HE IS SO FLUFFFFFYYYYY
: Let me understand, so you had 1 router or 2 routers connected one after another? Or you're saying you removed the only router you had and plugged the cable directly in your pc?
Don't know how to explain ... i have one small white box (not like a router) . In this white box enters two cables ( one goes to my telephone and one to my router[wifi] ) and from my router[wifi] one cable goes to my pc . Now i removed my wifi-router. I put the cable from the white box in my computer . I had four games yesterday , and i didn't meet any kind of problems . Something like [THIS]( i think , but instead of modem i had a netis-wf2411 wifi-router . p.s. :if soon i'll have again same problem i will reply in this post
: Well you can but I won't be there, atm I'm pretty busy as you can see from the late reply, I haven't been playing lol for quite a while, I haven't even updated the last 3 patches or so because I don't have time to play.
Ok , i just removed my wifi router to see how it works now and first two games went good . Thanks for all , by the way i send a tiket .
: Ok so are you using a VPN? or a proxy? because that seems to be the root of the problems, describe to me please how your connection works, so the cable goes into your router what's after that? if you have something in between the router and your PC, that's the problem if your PC is connected directly to the router then there's some software like a VPN or proxy that is the problem. Additionally for the type of problem you're having, if the above mentioned things are not true then you have to investigate it further, you can do that by making a MTR, a MTR is usually a software that instead of tracing a route once or pinging something a couple times and returning the result it constantly pings and traces and provides you with info. In order to pinpoint your problem this would be the solution, to constantly monitor your connection to the servers and have enough info to say with certainty where the problem lies. One such MTR program, which is also free is [winMTR](, give that one a try.
Can you add me in game dude ?
: Well sorry for the delay but I was asking @ to see if someone sees something different than I see, and from the looks of it that trace is fine, the 3 columns you see with ms are 3 packages sent, the first one looked like it had problems in your router, the next 2 were ok from this noting can be concluded. You should try to record more data, each time it happens and then maybe something will show up, you should also use the second ip from the KB support site: for the trace. The problem here and why I can't give you an answer is because there are many answers to this; so if I were in your situation I'd start by looking at what programs are consuming resources, like torrents, windows updates, antivirus updates etc. then I'd look at who else is on the same network as me and if they have the above mentioned resource consuming stuff opened.
Another one [HERE]( from a today game .
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: I am the one ?
Someone will help me ? Or i'm really the one who meet this problem ?!
: Hi there, If you want to find out where the lag is coming from you should trace your connection when you get those lag spikes using [this guide]( If you are not familiar with reading a trace you can trace when you have the problem and then post it here and I'll take a look at it for you.
[HERE]( is a screenshot , just take a look , right now i lost a game because after 25 minutes of normal playing , 200+ms just came through.
: Hi there, If you want to find out where the lag is coming from you should trace your connection when you get those lag spikes using [this guide]( If you are not familiar with reading a trace you can trace when you have the problem and then post it here and I'll take a look at it for you.
I'll come with a reply next time when i get those lag spikes
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: Hey Recently players have been having some ping issues and for now theres no official info about what causes it but to be on safe side that you are having the same problem, please troubleshoot by following [this ]( Let me know if it fix'd the problem or not.
I send a tiket 1 month ago , they told me to follow those steps 3 times :| and another bunches of steps . After that they can not told me what is happen . They only said "Go to a technician ! "
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Slow response from the server
I am so disappointed guys , i expect a reward for entire platform . By the way better to post something once in a while to keep us informed RIOT !
: Ever played on EUW?
Actually , i don't speak about EUW platform , i speak about all . And yes i played a bit on EUW , not many games only 200-300 .
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Slow response from the server
Why always on the EUNE platform ? I mean EUNE had always much more issues than other platforms . I'm kinda upset :( ...
xtimigui (EUW)
: What is your favourite old game in your childhood?
Hello , Walking through the past , i can remind me when i was a child without the games of today . I liked to play "Jazz Jackrabbit 2" , " Fifa 2003" and " GTA Vice City " :P . Oldies but goldies. xd //xDirtýBöy
: Favorite champions
Hello , Design : {{champion:136}} Fun : {{champion:35}} Skin : {{champion:12}} * I don't know why but i like "Golden Alistar" xd The champion with a good design ,good skins and also funny to play is ( 100% sure) "the scouter" TEEEEEEMOOOOOO. {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} //xDirtýBöy
Maluber (EUW)
: Champion mastery rank 6 reward idea
Riot said will find another use for the blue essence , so let's wait and see what happens ! By the way your idea sounds great !
Izickeran (EUW)
: I did a thing ;33 check it! ♥
There are not easy champions in this game , even yi requires skills , nice play !
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: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:83}} --> This champion was popular one i see him once in thousand games...He deserve a buff or a rework . {{champion:421}} --> Not played at all because he can be destroyed so easily . {{champion:126}} --> A champion with a high potential but he isn't played anymore ...
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: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:6}} -> Urgot is one of my favorite champions because he looks so nice and cute . {{champion:48}} -> i like to play Trundle , he is one of the dirty/nasty champions i ever seen in this game !! {{champion:29}} -> He smells so good , kinda stinking sometimes but i'm not a racist so i have to play him everyday to prove that .
Solash (EUW)
: I've just realized something about Rammus.
: Your S6 rank (after 10 provisionals)?
1. After 6 wins from 10 , i was placed in silver 1 from plat i'm gold 3 {{champion:32}}
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Aydeloy (EUNE)
: Looking for new fun champion
You want fun ? Buy Shaco and play him ! {{champion:35}} >> He is a joke xd <<
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: Free Skin Contest nr 21 Music Special
Diffrent tastes here xd


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