: Could you (just for safety) still try to do the "safe mode" thingy? Just to completely rule out the possibility of 3rd party stuff? If not, I have some more things we could try left in my Toolbox ;)
Ohh wait, a friend of mine sent this to me : http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1435570 I tried it and my client finally is in patching!! Yeaaah... I hope I didn't mess anything with the game files, did I? EDIT: ofc I typed EUNE instead of EUW in region
: Hey FNC BoL! It sounds like this is either an issue with 3rd party software on your pc, a wrong setting or something with your router/modem/ISP. To rule out the "3rd party software" option, could you try starting your pc in safe mode? * Restart your pc * While the pc is restarting, keep F8 pressed * A back screen with white letters should now appear (if you see the normal windows logo startup, retry) * Select the option "safe mode with networking" Your computer should then start up without any 3rd party programs active. Are you able to run League of Legends now?
Hello there, because the problem lasted long, i actually did a complete format and installed everything from the beginning, without installing any 3rd party program. I seriously don't know what to do, the issue is still here, after format :( Thanks for the reply, please tell me you have more solutions to offer me.
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SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?
Idk about you guys, but for me the game is over already. I have been playing since season 1 and I understand the game changes and etc, but a game should change to something better, not something worse. I literally enjoy watch videos more than playing league in preseason 6. Game is done for me, and it's probably the same for those that play since season 1 or season 2. The quality of the game is just crap right now, both the community and the gameplay itself. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Main Role: Mid Champion Pool: I play many champs on mid lane. Such as - Lux. Ahri. Ori. Cass. Veig. Malz. Brand. Annie. Karma. Fizz. Kat (depends on who is with me and who is against me). Le Blanc. Viktor. Velkoz. Zyra. Ziggs. And for the AD Mid - Talon & Zed. I stated a lot of champs. because I can play them all very well. I have high standards from my self. so I wont say best EUNE. while others with same skill lvl will call them self "Vikor only" for example. Division: Daimond V. was IV but dont think it matters so much. I wont mind getting tested at the specified champs. If you guys are serious as u say u are. ill be glad to join a commited team and go far. my goal is LSC. I belive I can make it there. only need to find 4 more who thinks the same ;) Nice: Job 4 A Cowboy Server: Eune
Hey I am sorry, but if you checked, I mentioned we are looking for every role except Mid Lane {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Rioter Comments
: You say mages are the most gankable because of the position. I feel a new meta! ALL GO MAGES TOP! I'll go Irelia mid then.
Mages are weak in bot and top, because simply enemies got bushes there, so they can use it to their advantage as melee ad assassins to farm and then hide safely and always put pressure upon you even though you are ranged.
: This patch is an insult to mages and mages mains.
Hello there, I have been a mage since I started league in season 1 and I believe that Riot tried to make mages' items somewhat the same price with marksmen's items, but they do not realize that an adc can farm till min 10-20 since that's their only job, they don't have to roam, they don't have to ward for themselves (since supports will do that) they will not have to recall that much (because many supports have heals) and they can just stay in lane for long, especially now with the new masteries that provide tons of sustain. So basically : {{item:3001}} : -100 gold (ok that's good, it probably is the best core item at the moment for mages) {{item:3165}} : +250 gold, ohh so kind of you Riot, one of the most common core items on mages that provided what they needed during mid game is now more expnsive, you might say 250g is not much but it actually is a lot, around 13 minions, if you consider that almost every item is 13 cs more, well with 5 ap items you would need an extra 65 cs of what you needed. {{item:3174}} : Hey , get up to 2800 gold, because come on, why not make core ap items as expnsive as ADC ones? After all mid laners "don't have to ward, don't have to roam, don't get poked, don't lose cs because they might be zoned out, they keep farming all game of course because they never force fights with their junglers, they never get ganked since no one ganks Mid lane, it's so hard to gank it" {{item:3089}} : A major late game item for almost every mage, hey +300 g, go up to 3800 g price, because why not? More expensive than Bloodthirster which provides like 2x better stats for ADCs, since it gives SO MUCH lifesteal +75 ad + a shield , while Rabandon's just gives 120 ap and bonus ap based on your ap) {{item:3191}} : Less armor , less AP, yeah ok.. why would you even do that? its not like mages ever stomped ad assassins in mid, gp was always viable, zed too, talon too, yasuo too and so on. Not to mention they were actually stronger than mages anyway, they are assassins after all. {{item:3157}} : THERE YOU GO! This is the major reason I am mad at Riot, the ONLY defensive ap item we had to survive teamfights and attacks from assassins was Zhonya's Hourglass and now it gives less armor and also costs 500 GOLD MORE!! just wow.. Zed Meta INC, mages can't protect themselves anymore, since it's gonna take at least 20 mins to rush this item, not to say 25 mins , considering you also build a core item for mid game (e.g. Morello/athene's). {{item:3003}} : A pretty rare item that is only built on certain mages. Riot Logic : We are bored, let's make it 100 gold more expensive , EVEN THOUGH people only build it on Ryze/Anivia and etc champions that farm all game and need a good mana pool. {{item:3027}} : +20 AP . YEAAAAAAAAAAH ohh wait.. that 20 ap will also mean +300 g, so that means that you will start stacking RoA's passive later in the game => you will get 10 stacks later => you will have a pretty weak early and mid game , not to mention this item used to be the core item for many champions (e.g. swain), well too bad, now you will need 3000 gold just to get an item that barely gives any stats and it actually needs stacking to become worth. {{item:3116}} : Uhmm why not +200g? JUST WHY NOT? Rito Logic {{item:3136}} : Why not +100g? I see no reason why not. {{item:3151}} : Why not also +100 g? {{item:3152}} : Ohh boys! HEY MAGES MAINS! We got something positive on one item, what item? what item? Ohh ofc.. WotA, an item for Vladimir mostly, ok Rito.. and it's great -200g. Cool so 2 items that give no mana or anything related with it become cheaper, Akali/Vladimir/Kennen and etc champions, your time starts now, you just got a huge advantage over every else mage. Their core items are at least +200g while yours are -200g, so that makes you a profit of 400g, which is even more than a kill, so it's like you start 1/0/1 every game with kennen/akali/Vladimir, since you will have your core item 400g sooner than enemy normal mages. {{item:3041}} : Ohh finally a cool buff, maybe now Mejai's becomes the basic item for APCs or what? seems more worth than everything else LOL xD. Something good finally, but it's not enough to compensate for everything else. {{item:3135}} : +150g, because why not? {{item:3101}} and {{item:3115}} and {{item:3100}} : All buffed, because Kayle meta INC, now that mages can't rush zhonya's fast either, kayle is just the best pick, her main items got buffed and she got her ult to counter assassins, unlike almost every other mage now that zhonya's costs 500g more. And that's how.. someone stops being a Mage main after so many seasons... Every single Mage item got nerfed and every single Marksman and Marksman's Item got buffed. Pretty fair huh? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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xHemH (EUNE)
: Add Champion Mastery in 3v3 Ranked and Normal
Seriously.. that's ridiculous Riot. There are so many players that have tons of ranked games with some champions but 0 champion mastery with them. And not just that.. you don't even take the time to check this discussion or at least respond if you have checked it.
: On korean servers those from "adult" server as well as high elo players like you said diamonds/masters/challenger are allowed to switch between the servers at will,because they are considered mature enough to be on "adult" server
: Follow Korean Footsteps ( better game matchmaking )
Seems good tho.. it should either happen with an option or not at all. Like.. there are many teens around 15-17 who are diamond/master/challenger, no reason for them be cursed to play with the rest of their age who are still in plat gold silver and bronze , not to mention that their queue times will be a lot higher. but if it happens with an option most kids won't go, but meh.. who knows.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey xX HiDrOM Xx, This issue normally means the client is unable to reach the server - this doesn't seem to be a widespread issue (just tested a few times), so I think it's something local to you I'm afraid! Would you mind going to [HERE](http://textuploader.com/) and uploading your "RADS_USER_KERNEL.log" from C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS? I'd advise setting it to expire in a day or two, just so it's not hanging around forever ^_^ Once uploaded, please link to it here. Thanks!
Hello Riot EAMBO.. uhmm I sorry to disturb you but could someone check a discussion many 3v3 players have opened since 2 patches ago? We really need champion Mastery in 3v3.. many of us are challenger with like 100+ games with some champions but have 0 champion mastery because it's not added in 3v3 yet.. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/3ajsuhUl-add-champion-mastery-in-3v3-ranked-and-normal Thanks in advance
xHemH (EUNE)
: Add Champion Mastery in 3v3 Ranked and Normal
Can a Rioter please check this? It's been 2 patches since I wrote this thread and still no Champion Mastery in 3v3. PLEASE RIOT! Stop ignoring your second main map, there are people who like it, unlike you!
Cypherous (EUW)
: This isn't a forum, bumping doesn't work if you use the default sorting :P
xHemH (EUNE)
: Riot, have you forgotten you got a game mode called "Twisted Treeline"?
CarryAll (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Syndra Scripts,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=bPlEkRHj,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-20T11:57:41.980+0000) > If you play a normal game, even if you are challenger or diamond or master or even have the rank 1 team in 3v3 you will still get matched with unranked or even players below level 30 and not to mention with tons of Silver-Platinum players. Please note that normal has a separate ranking from "ranked". You are being matched with weaker players since you didn't play enough in normal. If you keep playing (and winning) in normal your hidden ranking in normal will get higher and you will start being matched with players suitable to your skill level.
that's bad, I am not gonna waste time in normals when they are completely useless, i got all runes, 20 rune pages, all champs. All I could get from 3v3 normal games could be practice and meet new members but since the matchmaking is crap and there are no bans, 3v3 normals are barely enjoyable.
Ichinose (EUW)
: I think new 5v5 maps should added to game. In example , **Heroes of the Storm** has a LOT OF maps to play and every of them are fun :)
Or.. they could make an MMO based on League of Legends world. Take place in Runeterra, have world bosses such as baron/dragon/cho gath or like dungeons with bosses, rek sai in an underground dungeon and etc. Having to choose from classes like Yordles and stuff like that. Would be epic imo
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: I'm kinda confused about Aatrox's current state.
I believe that what Aatrox needs are: 1. Put ad scaling ratio on E and R , instead of AP scaling ratio. 2. Make E a bit easier to lane. I believe that, it's pretty easy to dodge if you know how to dodge, and his current E actually throws 2 lines that deal damage, would be better if the whole E made damage, not just the lines, but also the space between the lines. 3. His HP costs are huge.. Q costs like 10% of current hp I think.. which basically , assuming that you get Q at lvl 3 , with an average of 800 hp at that min, if you use Q to engage you lose 80 hp. How is that even worth? 80 hp is too much to lose from just 1 ability, then comes E and his Offensive stance of W. If you agree with my feedback, please upvote :)
xHemH (EUNE)
: Add Champion Mastery in 3v3 Ranked and Normal
xHemH (EUNE)
: Add Champion Mastery in 3v3 Ranked and Normal
Bump, Riot notice us please!
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SirZeros (EUW)
: [URGENT] Don't ignore the "Unable to reconnect"-bug! [Please Read]
I am also experiencing this problem a lot for the past 2-3 patches, started since patch 5.13 as well. Dunno how to fix it but almost 1 out of 3 games I get that issue. Did Sir Zeros and MuffyKing find a solution yet? I am not a MAC user.
Melonizer (EUW)
: The silver border while in Diamond is good though, you can show that you improved ALOT :)
Someone might not want to show it though, I am just asking for the option to have it on or off, nothing else.
: Thank you for your comment, I carrefully rode (and played) Fiora's kit before posting :). It however shouldn't.... Summoner's spell are what they are, instants cast with a long CD and a crucial importance in TFs. Not a single champion is able to counter (not dodge) a summoner spell except this spell. It is way overrated and I am prety sure Riot didn't intended to bring that spell (W) to this level of dueling. Best, VR
Buy QSS= You dodge Exhaust, fair enough. Shields counter ignite and etc. There are many things in the game that counter summoner spells, new fiora clearly depends on her W for hard matchups, don't make them nerf her, it's your fault if you exhaust or ignite before her W, or she is really good with fiora to dodge them. That's all. It lasts 0.75 sec only.
: [BUG] - Fiora's W and Summoner's Spells
read fiora's W description, any immobilizing effect (exhaust) is denied to her for the duration of W and also takes no damage (ignite) nothing wrong with it.
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Emillie (EUW)
: Also add champion mastery level 6 and 7!
Nope xD, champ mastery 5 is infinite so no reason for another champ mastery
iHeyt (EUNE)
: Good idea, just less mastery points, same grades. For example: SR = 100% TT = 80% DO = 50% ARAM = Duh.. 20-30%
I don't think there should be champ mastery for aram and dominion, they are not serious game modes, they are just to chill and have fun.
: People just say ff at 20? I bet that it's less than 20% of games actually surrender at 20 minutes, Riot say that the average game length on 5v5 is 30-45 minutes and 3v3 is 20-30 minutes. It's relevant because it's relevant. If a game finishes early you get less IP and mastery points so yes, you will get less mastery points on 3v3, that's a fact.
-__- Okay you have beaten me.
: I agree, but I think it should be less than you'd get in a 5v5 match as the 3v3 games don't last as long.
tbh I dont think thats relevant.. in 5v5 people just say ff at 20. in 3v3 most teams dont surrender at 15 . 3v3 games last about 30 mins each, that's enough imo.
: ...is it just me or is this normal?
If you have 0 LP and you dodge a champion select, you lose 3 LP, doesn't matter if you have 0 lp, you will go -3. If you win next game , if you were to get +20 for example, it will be +20 -3 = 17 LP instead. Glad I could help
xHemH (EUNE)
: Add Champion Mastery in 3v3 Ranked and Normal
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xHemH (EUNE)
: New HUD: Suggestion to make it as convenient as the old one!
KamburoV (EUNE)
: Come here if you dont like the new hud ! if we get enough people we can make a difference !
Make [this](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/EVuKGiil-new-hud-suggestion-to-make-it-as-convenient-as-the-old-one) apply and we don't need the old HUD
xHemH (EUNE)
: New HUD: Suggestion to make it as convenient as the old one!
xHemH (EUNE)
: New HUD: Suggestion to make it as convenient as the old one!
: Remove the surrender button
People just give up too easily and click surrender to start another game quickly. Because of the surrender button people have lost the will and desire to tryhard to climb the ladder and they just give up immediately once they get the chance and queue up again just to find an easy game. To conclude, they just want easy wins and are not willing to tryhard to achieve something good so we end up seeing people in many divisions, having 2000 games and being there not because they achieved it but because they played too many games and they got there with the "easy" games. Most people's logic is: Min 20 - Kills Difference - Farm Difference= We are not ahead? Surrender We are ahead and suddenly we start losing fights? Surrender (instead of grouping/finding a solution to win)
xHemH (EUNE)
: New HUD: Suggestion to make it as convenient as the old one!
Bump, please a Rioter read this, just let us have the option, doesn't matter if many use it, just even for a minority that might need it please make it real, it's a really small change.
PsyKzz (EUW)
: It's normal that you'd see both servers, I agree it can be a little confusing in the Recruitment section, but I believe we can't have it separated for one and not for everything.
I wouldn't say it has to be separated, just an option like "Recent" or "New", have an option: "EUW", "EUNE", "Both Servers".
PsyKzz (EUW)
: The boards are already separated into different languages, maybe suggest using a convention? [LFG] vs [LFM] - Searching and Recruiting respectfully.
But, something that I have to mention is that in boards if you go to team recruitment it will show you posts both from EUNE and EUW, is it just happening for me? Shouldn't we be able to choose which server we wish to see posts for? even if I change the server from EUNE to EUW or from EUW to EUNE I still see both servers' posts. Don't you think we should be able to choose , so it would be more convenient for us to go through the many posts of people looking for teams or recruiting members? Thanks in advance
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candoodle (EUW)
: hackers should be perma banned I'll admit i didnt read it all, but getting real tired of the "defending myself" and "human nature" as excuses to flame Do unto others as you WOULD HAVE THEM do unto you NOT Do unto others as they did unto you no exceptions. I dont think people should be perma banned for flame but drophackers? F those guys- seriously besides it's not a permanent ban really, it just means they have to lvl an new account to 30, which is them getting off easy imo
Lajneen (EUW)
: Rengar is the second easiest champ to counter
Just by calling low elo players scrabbies I can see you are one yourself. these items you just mentioned fit to a tank and not to an adc.. you are just too stupid to understand the potential of a good rengar to instakill the adc or apc and then have a 5v4 fight for his team. Better go back to the elo where the "scrabbies" belong.
SnS PepSi (EUW)
: [PROPOSE] LP modification for Ranked
Sorry this idea is bad for many reasons.
levys (EUNE)
: Bad Ranked Team matchmaking system
When you queue up as a team your team's MMR will count in order to be matched with a team that has about the same MMR with your team. According to that you can be matched against any unranked team while you are still unranked and playing your placement games. There is the possibility that you will get matched with a ranked team which already has a division and that will affect your team's MMR heavily. Your soloQ divisions also affect the MMR of your team dramatically. A team made by 5 Challengers soloQ players has 0 MMR untill it gets ranked or the first game is played, so they start earning MMR. That means than even 5 Bronze V players can be matched vs 5 Challenger soloQ players that have an unranked 5v5 team without previous MMR records (last seasons). Let me also mention that what affects your team's division and tier after placements is the team's members' MMR and not their Division.
: Brutalizer
I also used to build brutalizer first item on j4 since it makes his passive deal insane damage but now I dont even bother building it since yommu's is not that worth on j4, there are better options. I totally agree that we need 1-2 new items that build from Brutalizer
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